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Masters In Physiotherapy in USA For Indian Students


You can expect to receive physiotherapy education of exceptional quality if you study in a nation known for its high standards in healthcare. Indian students choose to study in the United States because it provides the high-quality education acknowledged by many countries worldwide and first-rate infrastructure. One of the quickly expanding medical specialities is physical therapy. Many Indian students who wish to pursue higher education overseas choose to do so through the Masters in Physiotherapy program in USA for Indian Students.

Indian students must look at the best institutions and colleges in the USA for master's degrees in physiotherapy because attending school there is expensive. Physiotherapy is a distinct field of medicine that uses physical activity to treat illnesses or disabilities. The best medical care is provided to patients through the rehabilitative, therapeutic, and integral program. The majority of education in the United States is delivered by the public sector, which is overseen and funded at three different levels: local, state, and federal, in that order.

Your admissions essay (also known as the statement of purpose or personal statement), transcripts of records, recommendation/reference letters, and language tests are typical prerequisites for higher education in the United States.

Why Study Masters Physiotherapy in USA for Indian Students?

There are many benefits to studying physiotherapy in the United States. They consist of:

  • Vast Career Possibilities

Physiotherapy is a lucrative and satisfying profession. People with degrees in physiology (from BPT to PhD) go through an extensive program of practical and theoretical sessions, preparing them to begin their career path. Holders of a physiotherapy degree might work in various settings, such as medical and athletic facilities. Physiotherapy is viewed as a rewarding and successful international career option in the USA.

The pay for physiotherapy graduates is excellent and only increases with experience and seniority. While there is a lot of job satisfaction, there is a steady rise in the need for trained, competent, and experienced physiotherapists. Therefore, physiotherapy is a fantastic career choice, and depending on the student's aptitude and interests, it may give rise to other professions like neurological or pediatric physiotherapy in the USA.

  • Well Respected Profession

Physiotherapists use their in-depth understanding of the industry to help people find relief from pain and improve their overall health. Simply because it serves the most fundamental human need—that of maintaining health—this profession is regarded as noble.

  • Decent salary

Compared to an employee with a regular graduation degree, the typical income of a physiotherapist is significantly higher. A BPT graduate can find employment in the public and private sectors and earn a respectable salary. Even more, money may be made if you run your physio practice.

  • Transformative Power

People who are in pain can change their situation with the aid of physical therapy. Physiotherapists make people feel better by easing their discomfort and assuring them that they will recover quickly. They merit the title of "transformers" due to their ability to transform.

  • Safe and Trusted Profession

People believe in physical therapists. What could be a more enormous plus than the fact that physiotherapy professionals make people's lives more comfortable and improved by assisting them in getting rid of the pain? Overall, physiotherapy provides excellent educational value, and those who earn a BPT or MPT degree are rewarded with a wide range of employment opportunities. When it comes to offering education to students interested in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Courses, MMDU distinguishes itself apart from the competition.

The institution strongly emphasises providing its students with a skill-centric education that will enable them to master the practice of physiotherapy with the help of qualified professionals. Consider enrolling in physiotherapy to follow your passion and have a successful future.

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Best Universities in USA for Masters in Physiotherapy

Among the top 10 colleges in the USA, the University of Southern California is ranked #1 for physiotherapy, followed by Pittsburgh, Washington, Delaware, and the University of Lowa. The top ten US institutions are listed below, along with a breakdown of their acceptance rates for master's degrees in physiotherapy:


University Name

QS Ranking 2022

Course offered

Tuition fee 



University of Southern California


Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

38.1 Lakhs/Yr


University of Pittsburgh


Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology 

17.9 Lakhs/Yr (minimum)


Washington University in St. Louis


MSc in Physical Therapy 

40.3 Lakhs/Yr


University of Delaware


Doctor of physical therapy

42.1 Lakhs/Yr


University of Iowa


MS in Physiotherapy medicine

44 Lakhs/Yr


US Army-Baylor University


MS in physiotherapy medicine

39.5 to 53.7 Lakhs/Yr


Arcadia University


MS in physiotherapy

34 Lakhs/Yr


MGH Institute of Health Professions


Master in physical therapy

40.3 Lakhs/Yr


Northwestern University


Masters in physiotherapy

43.3 Lakhs/Yr


University of Miami


MS in physiotherapy

36.6 Lakhs/Yr

Masters in Physiotherapy in USA: Eligibility

Some specific prerequisites/eligibility guidelines are widespread among institutes, although individual universities have varying admission requirements.

  • A bachelor's degree is earned at an American or international university. If the bachelor's degree is in a different field, most universities require a GPA of 3.0 on a scale of 4.0.
  • English language proficiency can be proven for international students. IELTS and TOEFL results can be shown by students. Certification of at least 25 hours of voluntary or paid labour in PT.
  • GRE scores LORs
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP)
  • Online application through the Physical Therapy Centralized Application Service (PTCAS).
  • Official transcripts from each college or university attended.

Masters in Physiotherapy in USA: Admission Process

  • Check the requirements for the specific course and university before applying.
  • Have all the paperwork and transcripts available.
  • Students can apply to most colleges using PTCAS. You must use your email to register and establish a profile for that.
  • You can do that on the Physical Therapist Centralized Application Center's website (PTCAS).
  • To submit your application, fill out the needed fields, upload the necessary files, and pay the fees.
  • You'll get an email from the relevant university if you're chosen.
  • Students who have been selected may proceed with their visa applications.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Documents Required for Masters in USA Admission

The application procedure is highly tedious for MS admittance to the United States. International students must submit a series of documents to be considered for admission. The following documents are required for MS admissions in the United States:

  • Transcripts: Placed in a sealed envelope with the appropriate HOD or Principal's stamp and signature. Mark sheets from prior institutions attended, certified by the HOD or Principal.
  • CV: An updated CV that follows the proper format must be submitted. The amount of research done and work experience must be included.
  • Statement of Purpose: The SOP for the MS program should be prepared in advance and submitted with the application. It must contain information about the candidates, their objectives, and what they hope to gain from the course.
  • At least two to three letters of recommendation (LORs) must be provided. Depending on the method of application submission, they may be submitted online or offline.
  • Accounting Statement: A bank statement that is no older than three months and demonstrates that there are enough finances for at least a year of education is required.
  • Health insurance is necessary if a candidate requests admission to the USA.
  • For visa purposes, identity proof is a passport.

These documents must be kept available before submission to prevent rushing at the last minute.

Cost of Studying Masters in Physiotherapy in USA

Although it is difficult to predict the precise cost, you should plan to spend about US$40,000 on your tuition at prestigious universities. It comes to about 29–30 lakh Indian rupees. Living costs are around US$15,000 or INR 11–12 lakh, while airfare is about $700 or 50–52,000.

Degree Level

Tuition fee (INR)

Master of Arts for Physical Therapy

40.1 Lakhs/Yr

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

38.1 Lakhs/Yr

Master of Science in Clinical Exercise Physiology

17.9 Lakhs/Yr (minimum)

Master of Science in Kinesiology & Exercise Science

43.3 Lakhs/Yr

Job Salary After Masters in Physiotherapy in USA

Physiotherapy graduates have excellent work opportunities in the USA. An MS in physiotherapy can lead to several options in government and private enterprises, wellness facilities, educational settings, and private practice. Depending on their preferences, some graduates choose to specialize in pediatric or even neurological physiotherapy. In the USA, entry-level physiotherapist positions pay around $56,200 or INR 41.76 lakh per year, but senior physiotherapists can make up to an astounding INR 84.21 lakh per year or $113,340 per year.

The starting base pay for a physiotherapist in the United States is typically around USD 40 per hour. Some more occupations with a comparable salary structure are as follows:

Job Roles

Salary (USD)

Massage Therapist

40/hour USD

Nurse Assessor

39/hour USD

Disability Assessor

32/hour USD

Occupational Therapist

41/hour USD

There are many excellent physical therapy programs in the United States. Indian students might be willing to foster their ambition and secure a physiotherapy or healthcare job in the US by completing a physiotherapy qualification there. The need for physiotherapists in the area has been growing and will continue to do so. Additionally, the field is growing and pays well in the nation. The colleges listed here are among the best in the US and provide a variety of valuable Masters in Physiotherapy in USA For Indian Students. Each of these will, in some way, advance your career in physiotherapy.

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FAQs About Masters In Physiotherapy in USA

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