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Masters In Public Health In Canada for Indian Students


Master's in Public Health or MPH in Canada is a graduate degree that focuses on Canadian public health conditions and working on public health-related policies. Alongside the political system to spread awareness and promote various health policies and programs. MPs generally focus on filling the gaps in skills required for the health workforce in Canada.

Masters in public health in Canada

Many recent surveys conclude that there has been an acute demand for efficient public health professionals. The public health field in Canada is growing as there is an increase in the ageing population, not restricted to Canada, but globally. Many universities in Canada equally use the program in many disciplines, getting students involved in public health. So yes, many schools offer master's degree programs in public health, and you will love the experience of studying there.

Why study master's in public health in Canada?

In Canada, there has been a very rapid expansion of programs and schools of public health in response to several crises or emergencies that they have experienced in the past few years. Countless studies and investigations underlined essential deficiencies in the institutional capacity of the public health system and the need to develop the training of public health professionals and managers on a large scale. This encouraged students to learn more about the MPH degree in Canada and advance their careers in public health. So, do you desire a master's degree in public health? Then keep enjoying reading!

Universities in Canada offering Masters in public health

Canada is often considered to offer world-class MPH programs with some of its prestigious universities. Health-related master's programs here in Canada are among the finest and best globally and are frequently overlooked by international students. Universities in Canada that offer public health degrees are frequently praised for their strong emphasis on education and relevant research for improving global health. Here we would list your top 10 prime universities to review, and doing MFH in each of them would build your career in health science and other related courses.

University Name

Course Name

Cost/year in CAD

Application Deadline

Western University



February 15, 2023

University of Toronto

Social Dimensions of Health


January 10, 2023

Queen’s University

Occupational Therapy


February 1, 2023

University of Victoria

Population and Public Health


January 31, 2023

Ryerson University

Environmental Studies


January 18, 2023

Simon Fraser University

Public Health Sciences


January 8, 2023

University of Guelph

Health Administration


February 1, 2023

Saskatchewan University



February 5, 2023

Brock University

General Public Health


February 15, 2023

University of Alberta

Public Health


February 1, 2023

Masters in public health course in Canada

The Masters in Public Health focuses on bringing the most in-depth experiential training in health science via its well-curated courses. An MPH degree program comprises a five-semester offering tailored-made subjects based on students' interests. An undergraduate degree in public health includes applied research, epidemiology, infectious disease and outbreaks, and many more. Based on the curriculum you choose, the Masters in Public Health program provides professional experience relevant to the job market. Hence, through the programs that cover the following courses in a PG in public health, the student's goal is to find the right course where their interests are pooled and nurtured.

  • McGill University - MSc of Public Health
  • The University of Victoria, British Columbia – MSc in Social Dimensions of Health
  • University of Toronto - MSc in Public Health Science
  • Simon Fraser University - MSc in Public Health Sciences
  • The University of Alberta - MSc in Public Health
  • York Universities - Masters in Environmental Studies
  • University of Western Ontario - Masters in Public Health: Nursing Specialization
  • The University of British Columbia - Master of Public Health (MPH)

Masters in public health Canada requirements 

Students who seek to pursue an MPH in Canada always seek a better job market while searching. However, it is also crucial to understand the job market's worth and the requirements to be a part of the public health program. Each university or college in Canada follows its system to recruit international students. Want to know more about the list of prerequisites before applying? The answer is here:

The essential requirements and documents required to apply for a Master's in public health course in Canada

  • The mark sheet of all the individual semesters of the undergrad course completed.
  • TOEFL or IELTS scorecard
  • According to the university requirements, GRE scores are required to pursue a master's degree.
  • Proof of funds
  • Passport copy
  • Any gap year is valid proof of it.
  • Some universities might require a letter of SOP (Statement of Purpose).

Admission Process for Masters in Public Health in Canada

The admission process for an MPH in Canada is broken into two phases for international students. International students must fulfil the eligibility criteria before proceeding with the application and supporting documents. Admission to the program is based on aspirants' performance on the relevant entrance exam. Some popular colleges also offer direct admissions based on a merit list.

Eligibility for Masters in Public Health in Canada

Most Canadian universities require substantial knowledge and have proven academic scores or grades for their Bachelor's degrees. Candidates from any of the same colleges need 16 years of education – a four-year Bachelor's degree. Such a degree must be in health sciences categorized under any of the following courses: MBBS, BDS, Nursing, Biomedical Engineering, and other professional health science courses. Usually, a minimum overall average of at least 70% is eligible to apply for an MPH degree. The applicants who are international students whose primary language is not English must be required to take the English language proficiency examination as part of their application. These tests demonstrate they must be proficient in English with the TOEFL, GRE, and IELTS Academic. Please review the specified requisites for applicants who are looking to apply for a Master's in Public Health below:


Eligibility criteria


Overallaverage of a minimum of 65%


Minimum of 60% in four-year under-graduation degree


Marks - 92/120

with a score of 21 on each of the individual skill areas


Marks - 61/90

with a minimum band score of 60


A minimum score of 550


Marks - 7/9 at least 6 on each band

Cost of Studying Masters in Public Health in Canada 

If you are looking for a master's in public health in Canada, the fee structure would be more pleasant. So now the best part is that it will cost you relatively less than in other world countries, no doubt. Most Canadian universities have their fee structure, and it again varies based on the university you select. The PG in public health courses typically have a 1–2-year term, and the average cost to complete the Master's degree in public health may range between $15,000 and $60,000. It comes with a national average of $46,000 per year for the whole program. The cost incurred by the student apart from the tuition fee may differ based on many other factors, such as lifestyle, support from family members, and the program to which the candidate was admitted. All these costs are not limited to the cases mentioned earlier. Before applying for the program, it is vital to go through the list we prepared related to the course fees and other expenses over degree completion.

Expected Costs/Expenses


Tuition Fee


Room & Board




Books & Supplies


Personal Expense


Health insurance


Student services fee


Masters in public health in Canada with scholarship

Fortunately, many Canadian universities and institutions give the best possible scholarships for students who require financial needs. Several governing bodies offer scholarships to meet the tuition requirements or, in part, to students who find it difficult to pay. Most of the scholarships are aimed to bring down the student's burden by providing 900 USD to 17,000 USD per year. These scholarships are even given to any international student wishing to pursue a full-time Master of Public Health degree in Canada.

If you are seeking a scholarship to take up a Master's in public health in Canada, then you may need to go through a few tips below that will help you have a scholarship for sure:

  • Be prepared to face academic challenges and work hard to have a better chance of winning the scholarship.
  • Do not lose hope that your application might be the pick of the evaluator, so strive for the best.
  • Be ready to take advantage of every single opportunity that comes your way to have a volunteer scholarship.

So, although there are many scholarships available in the field of public health, we have picked the top 5 among them. All of which offer students who are willing to carry out a Master's degree in public health in a successful way.

Name of the Scholarship

Fund offered/Year

Professor Margaret Page Graduate Award


University of Victoria Graduate Award


Foster G. McGaw Scholarship


Special Graduate Entrance Scholarship (SGES)


Isabel Loucks Foster Public Health Bursary


Masters in public health in Canada salary

Have questions like, "Will pursuing a Master's degree in public health help my career?" The answer is a big yes. The Masters in Public Health holds most of the jobs in the health sector in Canada. Plentiful job opportunities and fulfilling careers are waiting for you all there. As a career seeker, one can get a handsome salary if one pursues a public health degree. Some candidates, like you, may even wonder if the educational journey is worth the reward for public health professionals. Yes, pursuing a Master's in Public Health (MPH) in Canada will be worth all your effort and time, with incredible salary potential and job security. An MPH gives you an edge over the demand in the health sector, and it would be a significant next step for you in your career. So, without a second thought, go for the Master's in public health in Canada.

So once after completion of your MPH degree, you are damn open to some well-paid jobs in health education under different roles and titles, including health promotor, epidemiologist, health service manager, and many more. Here is a list of salary ranges you can expect after being worked for a year:

Job role

Salary range

Health Services Administration






Clinical Research Worker


Environmental Health




Health Education


General Public Health Practice


International Health instructor


Executive Director


FAQs About Masters In Public Health In Canada

How many years is a master's in public health in Canada?

A master's degree in public health in Canada typically lasts 18 to 24 months. For admission, applicants must score 75% in their undergraduate courses while also submitting their IELTS and GRE scores.

How much does a masters in public health cost in Canada?

The average master's in public health in Canada fees for tuition range between CAD 3,903-34,349

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