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Masters in Public Relations Ireland for Indian Students


The Masters in Public Relations in Ireland is another course that attracts both the young and the old. It is a communication science involving marketing, advertising, and business and is highly utilized by both organizations and individuals. Both entities require the skills of public relations specialists to maintain their public image, control their reputation and effectively promote themselves, their products, and services to their desired audience. Hence the high demand for such skills in the labour market globally.

The scope of the Masters in Public Relations in Ireland allows students to explore many jobs currently in high demand where they can positively impact their communities and the world at large. A few compelling reasons to study for the Masters in Public Relations in Ireland are listed below.

Why Study Masters in Public Relations in Ireland?

The reasons listed below make Ireland a beautiful destination to pursue a Master's in Public relations.

  • Ever since 500 AD, the country Ireland has been well reputed as a prime learning centre in Europe, famous for its monasteries and erudite monks. It has maintained this rich tradition for years.
  • It is one of the safest countries and is also internationally recognized for its excellence in this particular field of education.
  • Ireland is home to some of the best Business Schools and colleges worldwide, with an excellent learning environment and creative culture.
  • Ireland is also home to some of the biggest global brands, such as Facebook, Apple, Pfizer, Intel, Google, etc., so the possibilities of getting fantastic jobs post-graduation are enormous.
  • Business schools in Ireland focus on students' development of specific skill sets such as analytic prowess, writing abilities, and critical thinking, amongst others, to enable graduates to become the first choice of any organization.

Masters In Public Relations Ireland: Course Highlights

  • Permanent residency in just two years
  • It is a one-two year full-time program
  • The demand for public relations has increased with brands like Apple, Google, etc.
  • Applicants can choose from five courses from four top Universities
  • Students learn to maintain learns of communication between organizations and the public
  • Graduates enjoy a 98% employability rate
  • According to statistics, PR jobs in Ireland are on the increase by 23% year on year
  • Attractive career options for graduates to delve into

Top Universities to Study Masters in Public Relations Ireland

As mentioned earlier, Ireland is well reputed for housing some of the best Business Schools in the world that instils its students with the requisite theoretical and practical skills to thrive in any chosen field of endeavour. Studying in Ireland allows applicants to select from World-class colleges, degrees, and certificates. Below are some top universities to pursue the Master in Public Relations in Ireland.


Qs Ranking

Course Offered

Tuition Fees (Usd)

Technology University Dublin


Ma Public Relations


Munster Tech University


Ma Public Relations With New Media


Dublin City University


Msc Public Relations And Strategic Communications


Cork Institute Of Technology


Ma Public Relations With New Media


Griffith College 


Ma Journalism And Public Relations


Masters In Public Relations Ireland: Eligibility Requirements

To successfully gain admission into the Masters in Public Relations course, applicants must complete a four-year undergraduate degree. Selection for this course is also highly competitive as applicants need good academic grades to be selected. Appropriate combinations of professional qualifications and experience can be accepted as equivalents to a bachelor's degree by the relevant regulations of the university of choice. This applies to applicants who have work experience in advertising, media of public relations.

Additionally, successful admission is usually based on an interview conducted by the applicant's university of choice. Listed below are the university-specific grade requirements.


Course Offered

Entry Requirements (Percentage/Cgpa)

Technology University Dublin

Ma Public Relations

60/6.0 Cgpa

Munster Tech University

Ma Public Relations With New Media

60/6.0 Cgpa

Dublin City University

Msc Public Relations And Strategic Communications

60/6.0 Cgpa

Cork Institute Of Technology

Ma Public Relations With New Media

60/6.0 Cgpa

Griffith College 

Ma Journalism And Public Relations

57/5.7 Cgpa

English Language Requirements to Study Masters in Public Relations Ireland

Applicants must obtain the minimum English Language requirements to secure admission for the Masters in Public relations in Ireland.

Listed below are the University-specific English language requirements.

























Master's In Public Relations Ireland: Admission Process

Universities in Ireland have the Autumn (semester 1) and Spring (semester 2), which begin in September and January of each year. The application deadline for Autumn intake is in June/July, while the Spring intake is in September/October. Applicants are required to access the online application portals of their chosen Universities and apply.

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here 

Master's In Public Relations Ireland: Required Documents

The following documents must be submitted to gain admission into the program successfully

  • Scanned copy of passport
  • All relevant academic Transcripts, I.e., proof of bachelor's degree, any other relevant certificates showing academic merit.
  • English language proficiency test score
  • Other aptitude test scores
  • Statement of purpose
  • A financial statement which may include bank balance statement, proof of loan sanction, income tax return papers
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Passport-sized photograph

Cost of Studying Masters in Public Relations Ireland

Tuition fees for the Masters in Public Relations in Ireland usually range from €11,500 - €20,000 per annum. A breakdown of the university-specific tuition fees can be found in previous paragraphs. However, additional living costs such as accommodation, transportation, utilities, entertainment, feeding, etc., vary depending on the applicant's lifestyle. It could range from €650 - €1000 per month. Students who live alone can pay as much as €427 per month.

If the student lives with a partner, it could go up to €470 per month. Also, living on campus would cost around €300- €600 per month.

Scholarships for Masters in Public Relations Ireland

Students who need financial assistance to complete their Master's degree in Public Relations in Ireland can apply for one of the many scholarships available. Those willing to apply can get up to €10,000. Some of the scholarships are listed as follows:


Name Of The Scholarship


Dublin City University

Dcu International Merit Scholarship (Fullbright)

Up To €2000

Dublin City University

Dcu Taught Masters Scholarship Award Fullbright 

Up To €15,000


Dcu Merit Scholarship

Up To 25% Of Tuition Fee


Vv Giri Global Excellence Award Scholarship

50-100% Of The Tuition Fee

Technological University Dublin

Centenary Scholarship Program

Up To 50% Of Tuition

Technological University Dublin

Academic Scholarship

Up To €1000-€ 2000 

Munster Tech University

Eolas Scholarship

Up To €3000 Or 25% Of Tuition For All Years Of Study

Munster Tech University

International Scholarship 

15% Of The Tuition Fee

Jobs And Salary After Masters in Public Relations Ireland

Graduates of the Masters in Public Relations in Ireland experience minimal difficulty securing employment in respectable positions in leading companies and agencies. Entry-level positions usually start at €50,000 per annum, while more experienced hands make €77,944. The job roles secured by graduates are listed below:




Communications associate

Assist the communication specialist in preparing


Communication specialist 

Deals with all communication materials/issues of an organization


Director of Communications 

Oversees brand communications of an organization


Government relations officer

Maintains lines of communication in government agencies


Head of Public Relations

Oversees all PR functions in an agency


Investor relations officer

Maintain lines of communication between an organization and investors


Media relations specialist

Deals with media relations


Meeting coordinator



Public relations manager

Manages PR team and its duties


Public relations officer

Handles lines of communication between an organization and the public 


Public relations practitioner

Same as above


Public relations specialist

Specializes in PR practices


Relationship management officer

Manages customer relations


Ireland Student Visa

All students who plan to study in Ireland for over three months would require a student visa. The documents listed below are required to obtain one.

  • Filled and signed application form
  • A copy of a current passports
  • Letter of application with contact details
  • Letter of acceptance from college
  • Proof of educational history
  • Proof of fee payment
  • Language proficiency test score
  • Financial statement
  • Private Medical Insurance
  • Birth certificate if under eighteen
  • Verification of consent from guardians if under eighteen
  • Proof of accommodation if under eighteen

All documents would have to be translated into the English language before submission.

As more organizations go global, the need for cross-border public relations expertise has never been more crucial. Pursuing the Master's in Public Relations in Ireland would tutor students about diverse cultures and demographics. As a result, you would improve your talents and obtain a worldwide perspective.

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FAQs About Masters in Public Relations Ireland

Is a masters in public relations worth it?

Students who earn a master's degree in public relations are prepared to manage press and media relations for both individuals and enterprises and corporations.

Is public relations a high paying job?

PR professionals earn an average of $61,150 per year, or $29.40 per hour, making it one of the more profitable careers to pursue in the modern world.

Are public relations jobs in demand?

These are the best places to start because there is such a huge need for PR experts that tiny businesses scarcely care about experience. Independent PR agencies have expanded as a result of the growing demand for PR specialists.

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