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Masters in Robotics in UK

To define robotics, you must first comprehend what a robot is and how it functions. Robots are programmable machines capable of performing a wide range of tasks. They're moveable items with a motor, a sensor system, a power source, and a computerised "brain" that functions like a human brain. Robotics is a specialised sub-field of science and engineering that focuses on developing programmable devices capable of performing various activities. Robotics is the science of creating, designing, manufacturing, and operating robots.

For people interested in pursuing a Master's degree in robotics, universities in the UK provide a very high quality of education and work opportunities for International students such as Indian students. In the United Kingdom, there are already over 100 universities offering MSc Robotics. The United Kingdom has more graduates in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) than any other country in Europe.

Masters in Robotics in UK: Course Highlights




Masters in Robotics 

Duration of the Course

1 year


UG IELTS 6.0 (5.5 minimum) PG IELTS 6.5 (5.5 minimum)

Entrance Exams


Tuition Fees

17,000 GBP


Robotics Engineer, computer scientist, mechanical engineer, etc.

Average Salary

100,000 GBP

Why Masters in Robotics in UK?

There are quite a few benefits of studying for a master's in Robotics in the UK. 

Here are some of them:

  • High educational standard: the UK is famous for its educational system. This is why students from all over the world go there to further their education.
  • Better job opportunities: A masters in Robotics in the UK offers graduates the best options to begin their career in high-paying Robotics-related jobs. The UK job markets have a great demand for them.
  • Learning about complex technologies: Even after years of being acquainted with technology, it has retained its enigmatic allure. Robotics courses are designed to give students an understanding of Artificial Intelligence while also allowing them to see the drawbacks of many technologies that have engulfed our current environment.

Who Should take this Masters in Robotics in UK?

Studying Masters in Robotics is open to students holding bachelor's degrees in engineering. Also, students who seek to further their knowledge in an enabling environment should choose the UK for their Master's in Robotics.

TOP Universities for Masters in Robotics in UK

University Name

QS World Ranking 


University of Edinburgh 



University of West London



Kings College London 



University of Central Lancashire



Manchester Metropolitan University



Coventry University 



Cost of Studying Masters in Robotics in UK

The cost of studying for a master's in Robotics in the United Kingdom varies based on the location of the university of your choice. Also, you will have to pay for items like student visa fees, application expenses, and more. Studying at a private university in the UK is more expensive for overseas students due to the exclusive and supplemental educational services provided by private institutions.

Tuition Fees

University Name



Tuition Fees in INR

King’s College London

MSc in Robotics 

1 Year

30.2 Lakhs

University of Coventry 

MSc in Robotic Engineering 

1 Year

27.1 Lakhs 

University of Southampton

MSc in Intelligent Systems and Robotics

1 Year

28.2 Lakhs 

University of Surrey

MSc in Robotics 

1 Year

26.4 Lakhs

University of Strathclyde

MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems

1 Year

24.7 Lakhs

Royal Holloway University

MSc in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

1 Year

26.9 Lakhs

Cost of Living in UK

The cost of living in the United Kingdom is higher than in most other countries. However, the cost of living in the United Kingdom varies by region.

A table outlining the cost of living in the UK is provided below:

Kind Of Expenses

Amount in GBP

Student accommodation


Internet cost




Transportation Fare


Restaurant meal


Eligibility Criteria to Study Masters in Robotics in UK

  • A bachelor's degree from a recognised university in Robotics, Engineering, or a related discipline is necessary.
  • If the individual has never studied at an undergraduate or postgraduate level in the United Kingdom before, the GRE is required by various universities in the United Kingdom.
  • If you are a non-native English speaker, you must verify your language skills by taking a language proficiency test such as the IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

Exams Required to Study Masters in Robotics in UK

Exam Name

Minimum Band Requirement 


6.5 to 7.0


600(paper-based test), 100(Internet-based test)

Scholarships to Study Masters in Robotics in UK

Name of the Scholarship



Amount in GBP 

Chancellor's Masters Scholarships

University of Sussex academic scholarship

Must be an international student 


British Council IELTS Award 

This is a partial scholarship awarded by the British Council 

Must be an international student 


Queen Elizabeth Commonwealth Scholarships

The Scholarship is awarded to students from the Commonwealth countries

Must be an international student 


British Chevening Scholarships

British scholarship for academic excellence 

Must be an international student 


Career after Masters in Robotics in UK

There are many jobs available to students who pursue their Masters in Robotics in the UK. These jobs are highly specialised, and there are many vacancies in several technology companies and other job sectors.

Job Profile

Salary in GBP

Robotics Engineer 


Remote Operator


Electromechanical technician


Software engineer


Computer scientist


How to Apply For Masters in Robotics in UK?

  • Accept your offer and pay any required deposits to the university for your course or housing. You'll get a unique Confirmation as Acceptance of Studies (CAS) reference number if you accept your offer.
  • In the United Kingdom, most universities that offer master's degrees in robotics begin classes in September. To ensure that their applications are filed on time, international students must consult the official websites of the universities.
  • Universities can take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to respond. Students can monitor the status of their applications on the application portal where they were filed.
  • After receiving an acceptance letter, applicants must pay registration fees to secure their university seats.

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