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MBA in Digital Marketing


Were you thinking about enrolling in a Masters in Digital Marketing program as part of your higher education? So, you want to get your digital marketing MBA from a prestigious university? Then this is the most excellent place for you to learn what an MBA in Digital Marketing entails for many people.

An MBA in Digital Marketing is a two-year post-graduate program widely considered the specialist course for students interested in dealing with the diverse aspects of digital media, channels, and platforms in the marketing field. Digital marketing in an MBA is a sought-after PG program that focuses on providing candidates with technical skills for a career in the marketing field. The marketing field is experiencing a vast shift from conventional marketing to digital marketing. So there would be a great demand for graduates who have completed an MBA in digital marketing. This has created an abundance of career opportunities in product and service-based companies.

MBA in Digital Marketing Highlights

An MBA in Digital Marketing is currently an aspiring course for students who have completed a three-year UG. Below are some excellent highlights of an MBA in Digital Marketing in India and abroad:

  • The digital marketing course has become the best pick as it plays a vital role in the digital world revolution.
  • The MBA in Digital Marketing paves the pathway through a dynamic approach to producing future marketing business leaders.
  • This course gives the ultimate experience of how digital and social media platforms work and how you can use them to improve marketing efforts and techniques.
  • With an estimated 3 lakh jobs in digital sales in India and abroad, candidates have outstanding opportunities to prove their marketing skills with advanced strategies.
  • Unlike other PG courses, the 2-year digital marketing program offers you a placement worth a better package offering.

Why Study MBA in Digital Marketing?

Before the advent of the on-demand course, digital marketing courses had never been so enthralling. Earlier, marketing was a difficult task and faced several challenges due to the severe competition to sell or market. But as the whole world is now taking a swift path toward digital expansion, marketing via digital channels has become a convenient place for businesses to sell their products and services over the internet. 

Today, globally, 4,205,824,815 internet users have access to the online world. Well, that is a considerable number. The Internet penetration is 60.45%, growing by 745% from 2000 to 2021. Not so surprisingly, since people are moving online, the career prospects in the digital marketing industry are increasing too. So now, many conventional MBA offering universities and colleges have started imparting digital marketing as a part of the curriculum. 

This is to provide an in-depth study of the subject to learn and develop marketing experience with digital methodologies.

  • Digital Marketing is the Future of Marketing.
  • It's easy to learn, develop, and implement marketing strategies.
  • Huge space to explore distinct sectors.
  • Stand ahead of the curve among your peers.
  • High growth rate due to the massive demand in the market with short supply.

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MBA in Digital Marketing Syllabus

The first year of the MBA Digital Marketing curriculum comprises essential management topics such as corporate and business management, accounting, human resources, economics, and much more. Specialization commences in the program's second year with a keen focus on digital marketing and its concepts. 

Here's a consolidated list of four-semester subjects and modules, which includes the basics, core, electives, and project in the digital marketing course:

MBA in Digital Marketing Subjects - Year Wise

MBA in Digital Marketing Subjects: First Year

Semester 1

Semester 2

Foundations of Management and Organization Behavior

Financial Management

Accounting for Managers

Product and Brand Management

Managerial Economics

Consumer Buying Behavior

Quantitative Techniques for Managers

Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

Marketing Management

Integrated Marketing Communications


Website planning and structure

Lab for Microsoft Office

Business Research Methods -Workshop

Personal Development, Communication, Teamwork-Workshop

Communication and Leadership Development Workshop

MBA in Digital Marketing Subjects: Second Year

Semester 3

Semester 4

Search Engine Marketing & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Services Management

Social Media Marketing

Strategic Management

Content Marketing

Personal Selling and Sales Management

Digital Entrepreneurship

Project Management for Digital Marketing Firms

Lead Generation and Marketing Automation

Affiliate Marketing and Google AdSense

Email marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Video Marketing

Analytics-Web and Google


Creative, Design Thinking, and Skill Development

Summer Internship

Placement Training and Project Work

MBA in Digital Marketing: Eligibility and Requirements in India and Abroad

The admissions requirements for a digital marketing MBA in India and abroad are somewhat lenient. Any candidate who meets the following criteria is eligible for admission:

  • Students must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum of 3 years in any stream, such as BBA, BA, B.Sc., B.Com, or BCA, from any recognized university, college, or institute in any discipline.
  • In addition, the candidate must have a minimum CGPA or equivalent of 50% in aggregate.
  • Candidates must pass any national entrance exams required by the university, such as the CAT, XAT, MAT, GMAT, etc.

MBA in Digital Marketing: Application Process in India & Abroad

If you want to do an MBA in digital marketing in India, most universities use a similar admissions process. There are only minor alterations based on educational and institute policies and a 5-step admission procedure. A few of them are discussed further down.

  • Candidates must take and pass the entrance exams with qualifying scores.
  • The cut-off marks set by the college are utilized to determine who is shortlisted.
  • Candidates who have been shortlisted must then go through the college's selection process.
  • A written test, GD, and PI may all be part of the selection process.
  • Based on class 12th grade merit, several colleges grant direct admission to private seats.

Also, suppose you're actively looking to secure admission abroad MBA in Digital Marketing. In that case, you should check with the required steps to follow a few things and what you take up in Indian universities before applying.

  • Bachelor's Degree: The candidate must hold a bachelor's degree in any field, with a minimal percentage for abroad universities.
  • University-based Entrance Examination: Several institutions may require you to submit the score obtained in like exams as criteria to get into preferred universities.
  • Proficiency Tests: Students applying to study at foreign universities must present paperwork or proof of their English proficiency to verify that they possess excellent communication and English skills to comprehend the academic curriculum. Some widely acknowledged English Proficiency exams, including IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, PTE, CPE, MELAB, and others.

Top Universities in Abroad for MBA in Digital Marketing

Pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing course in another country will help you advance your career. So, here are a few universities that you should consider attending.



Fees Structure per Year

Melbourne Business School


INR 50.32 Lakhs

Nottingham Trent University


INR 25.6 Lakhs

York University


INR 62.50 Lakhs

Oregon State University


INR 78.20 Lakhs

Coventry University


INR 28.1 Lakhs

Curtin University


INR 35.60 Lakhs

Pace University


INR 55.4 Lakhs

Schulich School of Business


INR 64.17 Lakhs

University of Canberra


INR 27.91 Lakhs

Laval University


INR 31.50 Lakhs

Top 10 Colleges in India for MBA in Digital Marketing

Some well-known colleges that offer an MBA in Digital Marketing in India are listed below:

College/University Name


Fees Structure Per Year

ISTTM Business School


INR 4.5 Lakhs

RVS Institute of Management Studies and Research

Tamil Nādu

INR 3.85 Lakhs

SGT University


INR 4.50 Lakh

Suryadatta Institute of Business Management and Technology


INR  5 Lakhs

Xavier Institute of Management and Research


INR 5.20 Lakhs

RIMT University


INR 3.97 Lakhs

JK Lakshmipat University


INR 6.54 Lakhs

Integral University

Uttar Pradesh

INR 3.60 Lakh

RNB Global University


INR 4.10 Lakh

Centurion University of Technology


INR 5.15 Lakhs

Scope of MBA in Digital Marketing Abroad

As previously stated, there is no denying that the growth of the digital marketing field is on the rise. The trend has now developed a new pattern in the new work scope, which is impressive. Put, without a doubt, the scope for an MBA in digital marketing looks assured and gleaming. More and more opportunities will keep coming in, and thus, being a creative and innovative marketer, you can shine with these newly formed demands. An indispensable takeaway from all this is that the future of the careers of digital marketing graduates is in safer hands, and now is the right time to seize the opportunities to your advantage. Hence, the scope of digital marketing for MBA graduates will reach new heights and keep expanding in the future. The highlights of doing it abroad will accompany the following.

  • It helps businesses to market their products to the global market.
  • Resource and maintain the identity and determine market competition.
  • Endorse the business's image and sustain an online presence.
  • Concern about cross-border service promotion
  • Involve in consistent branding and promoting global trade. 

MBA in Digital Marketing: Jobs & Salary Abroad

Countries like the UK, the USA, Canada, and a few other countries stand out for their innovative progression in digital marketing. The era of advanced technology has arrived, so the demand for digital marketing experts has been raised, particularly for those who have completed Masters. There are a lot of openings for work, and the requirement for a digital marketing executive is in full swing. Most countries search for digital marketing MBA graduates to push their businesses beyond the boundaries. Thus, we can deliberately say there is massive scope for candidates under various job roles and salaries. Here are some popular job profiles that an MBA in Digital Marketing graduate can work on after course completion.

Designation/Job Profile

Salary Per Annum

Social Media Manager


Digital marketing manager


SEO Manager


Digital Campaign Manager


Content Managers & Strategists


CRM Marketing Manager


Email Marketing Specialists


Inbound Marketing Manager


MBA in Digital Marketing: Top Recruiters

The way we all access information and communicate with others has changed how we do things forever. As half of the world is now using the internet, it's no wonder why the demand for candidates with an MBA in Digital Marketing has spiked. So, the demand for highly skilled digital marketing professionals is growing along the way. For digital marketers and marketing graduates, many global IT companies, product-based companies, and other digital firms are actively looking for fresher MBA graduates in digital marketing. They have proven skills needed most around the globe. 

To get the most out of their business, the following companies pick the right candidates for their firms. Still, you're not convinced by what we said? Please look at the list we prepared to understand how huge the demand for digital marketers is in the private sector, which has a massive gateway globally. So, where does a digital marketing graduate's hard work pay off? And where are the MBA-trained digital marketing professionals placed? Who are their top recruiters?

  • Sony
  • Amazon
  • J.P Morgan Chase & Co
  • IBM
  • HP
  • Vodafone
  • Hindustan Unilever
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions
  • Capgemini
  • Deloitte 

So, you're serious about pursuing an MBA in Digital Marketing, but don't know where to start? Don't worry; AECC is one of the world's leading educational consultancies with protean experts who are ready to help you get admission to top universities to achieve your goal.

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