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Management Information System or MIS is a computer system developed to study people, tech organizations, and the connections among them. MIS offers selected decision-driven information that the management requires to schedule and examine the firm's activities. That is why the information system has become one of the brightest sectors. So, what is MIS, you ask? It is a graduate-level degree.  Furthermore, the United Kingdom acts as a prominent place for students for a degree in MIS because of the state-of-the-art education system and quality of education. If you wish to learn more and are interested in pursuing MIS in the UK, this blog is for you.

Benefits of Studying MIS in UK

  • The United Kingdom helps you pursue a degree in information systems from one of the best schools in the world.
  • If you pursue MIS in the UK, you will be prepared for research designations and management and consultancy careers.
  • The student population in the United Kingdom is diverse, which helps you make networks. In return, you learn about the different cultures.
  • You will find some of the best research facilities in the United Kingdom. 

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MIS Course in UK

  • MSc Management of Information Systems & Digital Innovation.
  • MSc Management and Information Systems.
  • MSc in Information Management.
  • MSc in Information Systems and Operations Management.

Best Universities for MIS in UK

  • The University of Manchester.
  • The University of Nottingham.
  • Warwick Business School.
  • The London School of Economics and Political Science.
  • Cranfield University.
  • The University of Glasgow.
  • The University of Southampton.
  • Newcastle University.
  • Aston University.
  • Queen Mary, University of London.

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Cost of Studying MIS in UK

We calculated the estimated average fees for an MIS in the UK. This average tuition fee falls around 18,62,000 INR for a full-time degree. However, you need to do a bachelor's in MIS first, which is estimated at INR 9,32,000 for costs.

Tuition Fees

Name of the University

Application Fees in INR (Approx.)

Tuition Fees in INR (Approx.)

The University of Manchester



The University of Nottingham

3984 to 4979


Warwick Business School

5977 to 7969


The London School of Economics and Political Science



Cranfield University



The University of Glasgow



The University of Southampton


1773060 to 2091814

Newcastle University



Aston University

1992 to 2589


Queen Mary, University of London



Cost of Living in UK

Kind of Expenses

Amount (in GBP) (Approx.)

Fees for Visa Application



500 Monthly


150 to 200 Monthly


150 to 200 Monthly

Clothing & Leisure

50 Monthly

Telephone & Mobile

50 Monthly

MIS in UK: Eligibility Criteria

  • To pursue an MIS in the UK, you must hold a bachelor's degree qualification from a recognized university in the related area with first division, which is 60 to 80%.
  • You need to submit your English language proficiency scorecard. These tests are usually IELTS or TOEFL. You must have a minimum of 6.5 in IELTS or at least 90 in TOEFL.
  • You also need to submit valid GRE or GMAT scores.
  • It is entirely optional, but if you have basic knowledge in Information Systems, IT, Business Administration, and Quantitative methods, your chances of getting selected are higher since universities prefer students with these skills. 

Exams Required to Study MIS in UK


Minimum Score Requirements









MIS in UK: Scholarships

Name of the University



Amount in GBP

The University of Manchester

Global Futures Scholarship

Academic excellence and quality of scholarship application


The University of Nottingham

Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

You must be an international student and have an offer to start a degree in engineering, medicine and health sciences, science or social science 

50 or 100% of tuition fees

Warwick Business School

High Potential Talent Scholarship 

You need to show excellent academic, extra-curricular and employability achievement 

10 to 50% of your tuition fees

The London School of Economics and Political Science

Anniversary Scholarship

You need to be a master’s student in any filed other than modular or executive programs

5000 to 25000

Cranfield University

Cranfield Scholarship

Show aptitude and ability for the chosen subject

Part of your tuition fee

The University of Glasgow

Adam Smith Scholarship

You must be an international student (national from an eligible nation),and have an offer to start a degree 

Part of your tuition fee

The University of Southampton

The University of Southampton – GREAT Scholarship 2022

Country specific 

10000 reduced from Tuition fees

Newcastle University

Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

You must be an international student (national from India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, or Vietnam),and have an offer to start a degree

4000 reduced from tuition fees

Aston University

Vice-Chancellor’s International Scholarship

Outstanding academic results and professional work experience, volunteering, extracurricular projects or activities 


Queen Mary, University of London

Queen Mary Global Excellence Scholarship (PG)

First-class bachelor’s degree, enroll in science or engineering,  and you must not be an applicant of another scholarship 


How to Apply for MIS in UK?

Completing MIS in the UK is an excellent way for you to make a career in management or the IT field. If you also wish to apply to MIS in the United Kingdom, please follow this section to learn what you need to do.

STEP 1: You need to have basic knowledge in these four areas known as information systems (process modelling), IT (data modelling and software development), quantitative methods (operations research and statistics), and business administration.

STEP 2: You need to know the admission requirements for your application. We have given them below for your reference. However, please see that some universities may have some additional criteria.

  • You need copies of official academic transcripts.
  • You must also submit copies of GRE or GMAT scores.
  • You must also have your official IELTS or TOEFL scorecard.
  • You need to either have a first-class bachelor's degree (where required) or merit of either 75% or an 8.5/10 CGPA.
  • You need to have a resume that contains your work experience and dates of employment.
  • You must also have two Letters of Recommendation from your previous college or university.
  • You must submit a personal statement, which will contain your career goals and how your MIS degree will impact them. In short, it is like an essay CV.
  • Finally, you need to have a completed graduate college application; it must also include the application fees.

STEP 3: You need to submit the following documents. Some universities might ask for fewer or more documents, so please check with your university for accurate and exact information.

  • You need a certified copy of the higher education entrance qualification and any relevant educational qualification. Please note that it needs to be in the original language of the course.
  • You will also submit a translated (in the English language) summary and the grades of your qualifications.
  • Submit your copy of your passport (personal information and photo identity) and your passport-sized photograph.
  • You need to submit proof of your expertise level in the English language. However, suppose you are proficient in German. In that case, you can pursue a course taught in German and can communicate better with the locals.

STEP 4: You need to submit your application before the deadline for the university. Each university in the United Kingdom has a specific last date for submission in the spring or fall intake. Research it online and submit your application on time. Some universities also take rollover admissions without any deadlines. However, we would advise you to submit your application still as early as possible.

STEP 5: You need to choose which intake you would like to apply in – spring or fall. Choose the date and submit your application for the MIS course you selected. We would advise you to apply to at least 5 to 6 universities to increase your chance of selection.

STEP 6: Wait for a decision. Each university receives more than 1000s applications each year, and processing them takes time, so whether you will receive your result early or late depends 100% on your luck.

STEP 7: If you are selected, you can prepare for college or university. However, if your application is rejected, you have two options.

  • You can try again next year or in the next intake. For example, if you applied in the spring intake, you can try again in the fall and vice versa.
  • You can plead the decision legally with the university if you think they made the wrong decision. There are chances that the university might change its decision, so never lose hope.

STEP 8: Done.


AECC Global can guide and assist you in selecting the right MIS course and university in the United Kingdom. Our expertise and experience in the study abroad area have helped many students achieve their study abroad objectives. So if you also wish to make this dream come true. Contact us today.

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