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MSc Bioinformatics in the UK for Indian Students

Master's in Bioinformatics in the UK is popular among Science students. A few decades ago, Computer Science and Biology were two separate disciplines. Biology was the study of living beings, and computers were the study of underlying theories. These two fields, however, have now emerged, resulting in the rise of Bioinformatics. It is an interdisciplinary field that creates software tools and methodologies for understanding biological data. Students interested in Science and Computers can pursue an MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK because this will allow them to be recognised for their contributions to their field.

MSc Bioinformatics in the UK is a Postgraduate course that offers students the opportunity to study Biology, Genetics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics. Because of the increasing need for research on diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and influenza, the role of Bioinformatics is inevitable. Students who study Bioinformatics in the UK will have a 96% employment rate after graduation.

Do you want to study Bioinformatics at the best universities in the UK? Let's get into it, and we can guide you through the process. 

Why Study MSc Bioinformatics in the UK?

Bioinformatics skills are in high demand in the biotechnology, life sciences, and pharmaceutical industries. Managing, analysing, integrating, and visualising large amounts of data using technologies such as Python and R is helpful in various fields such as software development, data analytics, and finance.

Here are the reasons why the UK is the best choice for a Bioinformatics course.

  • Because of its rich culture, history, and ease of access for international students, the United Kingdom is the best place to work in Bioinformatics research.
  • Compared to other countries, the UK provides a much higher quality of education. Furthermore, the degree you will receive from a UK university is globally recognised, in addition to many other benefits.
  • Academic excellence is widely recognised at UK universities such as the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge.
  • According to the QS World University Ranking 2023, the UK is home to 89 of the world's 1300 universities, indicating the quality of education in the country.
  • The course duration for a Master's in Bioinformatics in the United Kingdom is only one year (except for a few courses).
  • The ranking of universities in the United Kingdom also affects individuals' salaries. The average salary of a Bioinformatics professional is estimated to be GBP 39,000, with a GBP 50,400 increase in 10 years.
  • Many other jobs are available to international students after completing an MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK, like Proteomics, Bio-Analysts, Pharmacologists, Computational Chemists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Informatics Developers etc.
  • Furthermore, job opportunities in biomedical sciences, biotechnology, research institutions, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, and many other related institutions require bioinformatics experts.
  • After completing the degree, there is a 96% employment rate.
  • Two years of post-study work allows for the development of outstanding careers.
  • Scholarship programs are available in a variety of forms.

MSc Bioinformatics in the UK: Courses Overview

Course type


Course name

MSc Bioinformatics 


1 - 2 years


Minimum 70 - 75% (CGPA 8.0 - 8.5) in Bachelor’s

English proficiency

IELTS 6.0 overall and TOEFL 79

Course fee

GBP 32,500 per year

Average salary

GBP 39,000 to GBP 50,400 per annum

Job position

Proteomics, Bio-Analysts, Pharmacologists, Computational Chemists, Clinical Pharmacologists, Informatics Developers

Top recruiting companies

CircaGene, Juno Bio, MultiplAI Health, InsideDNA, Mawell, and Matrix Science

Top Universities to Study MSc Bioinformatics in the UK

If you wish to make a difference in the world with your skills in advanced science, study at the best UK universities. The table will give you insights into the Bioinformatics course in the UK.


QS Ranking 2023



Tuition Fees / Year (in INR)

Imperial College London


MSc in Bioinformatics and Theoretical Systems Biology

1 year

INR 31.5 Lacs

University College London (UCL)


MSc in Genetics of Human Disease

1 year

INR 31.6 Lacs

University of Cambridge


MPhil in Computational Biology

1 Year

INR 26.8 Lacs 

University of Oxford


MRes in Molecular and Cellular Medicine

1 - 3 years

appx. 32 Lacs per year

Queen Mary University of London


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 26.2 Lacs

University of Manchester


MSc in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology

1 year

INR 25.3 Lacs

Cranfield University


MSc in Applied Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 21.8 Lacs

University of Bristol


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 22 Lacs

University of Edinburgh


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 34.6 Lacs

University of Glasgow


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 23.4 Lacs

University of Nottingham


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 22.4 Lacs

Newcastle University


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 25.2 Lacs

Cardiff University


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 22.3 Lacs

University of Aberdeen


MSc in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 23.8 Lacs

Queen's University Belfast


MSc in Bioinformatics and Computational Genomics

1 year

INR 17.9 Lacs

University of West London


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 13.4 Lacs

University of Birmingham


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 24.8 Lacs

University of Leicester


MSc in Bioinformatics

1 year

INR 21 Lacs

Teesside University


MSc in Bioinformatics (with Advanced Practice)

20 - 24 months

INR 14 - 15 Lacs

University of Leeds


MSc in Biosciences

1 year

INR 25 Lacs

MSc Bioinformatics in UK: Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for MSc Bioinformatics in the UK differs from university to university. To be admitted to Bioinformatics in the UK, you must meet the entry requirements, which include qualifications such as

  1. Minimum Honours degree or any overseas equivalent in subjects such as Physical Sciences, Medical Sciences, Biological Sciences, and Computing Science.
  2. Some institutions may consider students with less than 60% if they have relevant research or professional experience.
  3. English Proficiency test scores.
  4. Statement Of Purpose (SOP).
  5. Letters of Recommendation (LOR).

English Language Requirements

international students must fulfil the English language requirements for a Master's in Bioinformatics in the United Kingdom, which is one primary requirement. Students must demonstrate this using an approved and secure tested system. Every international student must provide English language proof as part of the English language requirements for an MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK. A score of 6.0 overall in IELTS and 79 in TOEFL are required in most cases.

MSc Bioinformatics in the UK: Admission Process

Universities in the United Kingdom strictly adhere to a bi-annual admission process for Postgraduate courses. Similarly, candidates for the MSc Bioinformatics in the UK course are accepted for two sessions: Autumn and Spring. The former begins in January, while the latter begins in September.

In the UK, the admissions process for MSc Bioinformatics begins several months before the target intake date. Applying early is preferable because universities stop accepting applications once all seats are filled.

How to Apply: Universities in the United Kingdom accepting applications for MSc Bioinformatics typically require applicants to complete an application form available on their official website. Personal, educational, and professional information and supporting documents are requested on the registration form. After completing the application form, candidates will receive a confirmation email at their registered email address. The next step is to wait for the admission committee to review the candidate's profiles and decide whether or not to admit them.

MSc Bioinformatics in the UK: Documents Required

You have to submit a few documents while you apply for an MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK. Though there can be changes in a few documents in them based on the university you choose, a few of them will be asked by most UK universities. They are given below.

  • Academic transcripts
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  • A research proposal
  • Letter of Recommendation (LOR)
  • Work experience for 1-2 years is very important for particular courses
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Portfolio
  • Good Performance in the interview
  • Minimum 6.5 in IELTS or 90 in TOEFL
  • Valid passport

Cost of Studying MSc Bioinformatics in the UK 

The cost of Bioinformatics in the UK is another major concern for international students, and most international and top-ranked universities offer expensive courses. MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK will cost approximately GBP 32,500 per year, but this will vary depending on the university to which you apply.

The fee covers computational expenses, administration expenses, and course tuition. Self-funded applicants can also apply for the course and must pay a deposit of approximately GBP 1000, which is refundable if the immigration permission is denied.

You should also check your university's website for any additional costs. This information is available on the website's policy page.

Students can also get discounts on the tuition fee for Bioinformatics in the UK with the help of scholarships and other plentiful rewards and funds. Scholarships and funds may cover your entire tuition fee or other factors that reduce your academic cost.

  • Tuition fees - GBP 24,100 to GBP 38,500 per year.
  • Students planning to study MSc Bioinformatics in the UK will incur an average of GBP 140 per week if they choose to live in university dorms.
  • Outside accommodation in a more affordable city like Manchester, on the other hand, will cost GBP 148.66 per week.
  • Standard utilities like electricity, water, heating and cooling – GBP 181.29.
  • Internet connection with 60 Mbps or above speed – GBP 30.20.
  • Monthly transportation pass – GBP 65.22.

Scholarships for MSc Bioinformatics in the UK

When it comes to scholarships, funds, and rewards, international students will have plenty of options. Scholarships for Bioinformatics in the UK will assist students in mitigating the impact of rising tuition costs. The good news is that almost every school has at least one. College and university students with exceptional academic abilities are given funds. Tuition fees are a major concern for students who could be more financially capable but have enormous potential. Scholarships for MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK can alleviate the financial burden on students' families.

Name of University

Name of Scholarship


Keele University

Chevening Scholarships, Commonwealth Scholarship

Fully funded

University of Kent

International Scholarships for Taught Masters Students

Fully funded

University of Nottingham

UK International Postgraduate Excellence Award


University of Nottingham

South Asia Postgraduate Excellence Award


University of Sheffield

International Merit Postgraduate Taught Scholarship


University of Sheffield

International Postgraduate Scholarship

Fully funded

University of Sheffield

Chevening Scholarship, Commonwealth Scholarship

Fully funded

Keele University

Keele International Excellence Scholarship (PGT)


Jobs & Salary After MSc Bioinformatics in the UK

Salaries after Bioinformatics in the UK range from GBP 39,000 to GBP 45,000, depending on various factors. Some factors include the company hiring you and locations such as London, where your average salary in the UK after completing a Master's in Bioinformatics may be GBP 55,000 or higher. Your expertise and experience are also essential factors in determining your salary package. You must check the salary package online using filters to get a clear picture depending on where you want to work. The salary of a Bioinformatics graduate in the United Kingdom rises with experience.

Job Title

Average Annual Salary (in GBP)

Global Bioinformatics Manager

GBP 45,632

Research Associate

GBP 38,598

Computational Biologist

GBP 44,037

Data Scientist in Healthcare

GBP 44,292

Clinical Scientist

GBP 46,067

Graduates can also secure research assistant roles at notable universities in the UK and amass experience before shifting to industrial positions.

Top Recruiters for Students Pursuing MSc Bioinformatics in the UK

Bioinformatics graduates are in high demand, particularly because Postgraduate studies expose students to both practical and theoretical aspects of the subject. As a result, top pharmaceutical and technological companies hire graduates.

Among the notable names are

  • AstraZeneca
  • Google
  • GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)
  • Aridhia
  • Amro Partners
  • European Bioinformatics Institute

The MSc Bioinformatics curriculum prepares students for these roles, and companies provide additional training.

We hope that we have covered all information you need to know about pursuing an MSc in Bioinformatics in the UK. You can get in-person assistance from AECC counsellors if you wish to know more about the course. You can also read our blogs to get additional information on the cost of studying and living in the UK, scholarships available, visa procedures etc.

If you want to get a Master's degree in Bioinformatics in the UK, you can contact AECC experts who can help you find a university that will give you the skills and exposure you need to start a great career in Bioinformatics and Bioscience. From researching the best universities to visa guidance, we offer all our services for free. Don't hesitate to contact us!


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