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OET Exam Fees


Embarking on the journey of overseas education, one crucial query that often surfaces among students is, "How much will the OET exam set me back?" Understanding OET Exam Fees is not just about numbers; it's about charting the course of your academic voyage. The OET Exam stands as a gateway for healthcare professionals dreaming of an international career. However, the path is sprinkled with financial considerations - from OET Exam Registration Fees to rescheduling and cancellation costs. This article, tailored for aspiring students from India to Indonesia, breaks down these costs, not just in figures but in a context that aids your planning. We'll navigate through the intricacies of OET Exam cost and beyond, ensuring you're well-informed and prepared. So, let's dive in and unravel the financial aspects of your dream, making the OET Exam Fees a stepping stone rather than a stumbling block in your educational journey. 

Did you Know 💡:“Meet Priya, a determined nursing graduate from Bangalore, who dreamt of working in Australia. Faced with the challenge of the OET's cost, Rs. 31,917 for all four sub-tests, she meticulously saved from her salary, allocating Rs. 5,000 monthly. Her disciplined approach extended to self-study, utilising free online resources. This strategic planning and dedication not only enabled her to cover the OET fee but also to achieve remarkable results, opening doors to her dream career in Australia.”

What is the OET Exam?

The OET Exam, or the Occupational English Test, is a specialised language test tailored for healthcare professionals. This assessment, pivotal for those aiming to work or study in healthcare sectors abroad, evaluates English language proficiency in a healthcare context. Designed specifically for 12 healthcare professions, including nursing, medicine, and dentistry, the OET ensures that practitioners can communicate effectively in their respective fields.

Key to understanding the OET Exam Fees is grasping the exam's structure. The test comprises four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, each mirroring real-world healthcare scenarios. The Listening and Reading sections are standard for all professions, while the Writing and Speaking tests are profession-specific.

As of 2024, the OET Exam cost in India is approximately INR 32,900. This fee includes all four test components, making the OET Exam Fees a comprehensive package. However, it's crucial to note that the fees can vary slightly depending on the test centre and the country.

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OET Exam Registration Fees

Understanding the OET Exam Fees is essential for candidates planning to take the Occupational English Test (OET). The fees vary depending on the number of sub-tests a candidate chooses to sit for. Below is a detailed table that outlines the OET Exam Fees in Indian Rupees, including the online booking fee:

OET Sub-tests Included

OET Exam Fees (AUD)

OET Exam Fees in INR (Approx.)

All four sub-tests

AUD $587.00

Rs. 31,917

Three sub-tests

AUD $477.50

Rs. 25,963

Two sub-tests

AUD $339.00

Rs. 18,432

One sub-test

AUD $200.50

Rs. 10,902

OET Rescheduling Fees

Rescheduling your Occupational English Test (OET) can be a critical decision in your test preparation journey. Knowing the OET Exam Fees for rescheduling is essential, especially when unforeseen circumstances necessitate a change in your test date. The rescheduling fees differ based on the OET format (paper-based or computer-based) and when you submit your request. Here's an updated look at the specifics:

OET on Paper

Rescheduling the paper-based OET exam involves certain fees, depending on when you submit your request. Here are the details:


Rescheduling Fee (AUD)

OET Exam Fees in INR (Approx.)

Up to the booking close date

AUD 120

Rs. 6,566 (AUD 120 x 54.67)

After the booking close date

AUD 200

Rs. 10,934 (AUD 200 x 54.67)

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For OET taken on a computer, the rescheduling fees are:

Listening, Reading, and Writing Sub-tests


Rescheduling Fee (AUD)

OET Exam Fees in INR (Approx.)

Up to 7 days before the test

AUD 120

Rs. 6,566 (AUD 120 x 54.67)

Less than 7 days before the test

AUD 200

Rs. 10,934 (AUD 200 x 54.67)

Speaking Sub-test


Rescheduling Fee (AUD)

OET Exam Fees in INR (Approx.)

Up to 7 days before the test

AUD 30

Rs. 1,640 (AUD 30 x 54.67)

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OET Cancellation Fees 2024

Cancelling your OET exam involves understanding the OET Exam cost associated with the process. Whether you're taking the paper-based exam or the computer-based test, here are the details you need to know:

Refund for OET on Paper

Test Sections

Before Booking Date Closing (AUD)

After Booking Date Closing (AUD)

OET Exam Fees Refund in INR (Approx.)

4 sections

AUD 460

AUD 380

Rs. 25,148 - Rs. 20,774

3 sections

AUD 350

AUD 270

Rs. 19,134 - Rs. 14,760

2 sections

AUD 212

AUD 132

Rs. 11,589 - Rs. 7,215

1 section

AUD 73

No Refund

Rs. 3,989

Cancellation fees for OET on a computer at a venue or OET@Home are


Cancellation Fee (AUD)

Refund Amount (AUD)

OET Exam Fees in INR (Approx.)

Up to 10 days before the test

AUD 127

AUD 460

Rs. 6,945 - Rs. 25,148

Less than 10 days and up to 2 days

AUD 207

AUD 380

Rs. 11,319 - Rs. 20,774

Less than 2 days before the test


No Refund


Both sections are designed to provide comprehensive information on OET Exam Fees for rescheduling and cancellation, ensuring students are well-prepared and informed about potential costs. Remember, How much the OET exam fees can vary based on timing and the type of test, so planning ahead is key.

In conclusion, understanding OET Exam Fees and related costs is a pivotal step for healthcare professionals aspiring to work in English-speaking environments. This article aims to provide comprehensive insights into OET Exam Costs, rescheduling fees, and cancellation charges. It's essential for students to be well-informed and prepared financially for this journey.

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