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Part-time Jobs in Germany for Indian Students


International students consider Germany the ideal study destination. It is not just because of their quality of education, infrastructure, and so on, but their appropriate part-time jobs for international students, especially Indian students. Today, part-time job opportunities have become a significant factor in foreign candidates' choosing a study destination. So Germany is one country where about 2/3rds of international students undertake part-time jobs in Germany while pursuing their higher education. Germany's average cost of living is considered affordable compared to other European Union countries. Yet, many Indian students do part-time jobs to compensate for their living expenses, which incur tuition fees and other expenses. Students who work 20 hours per week can earn up to €450 per month. 

That said, let's find the wide variety of part-time job options available for Indian students in this blog.

Part-Time Jobs in Germany: Rules & Regularizations

Before you start searching for any part-time jobs in Germany, you must be aware of the specific rules and regulations that every international student who is not a citizen of the European Union (EU), Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, or Liechtenstein needs to follow. However, international students should follow a set of regulations for part-time jobs in Germany, set up by the FEA; they are:

  • Special permission
Every international student who looks to work part-time should have a work permit with details of how many days or hours they will be working from the Federal Employment Agency(FEA).

  • Restricted employment:
You cannot do freelance or pick any of the self-employment works strictly.

  • Working hours:
There is a constraint on the working hours for the students as they can only work for 240 half-days or 120 full days per year.

  • Language courses:
Prior permission from the authorities is essential if you have taken specific language or preparatory courses.
If you violate any of these laws and regulations, you may face displacement from the university in Germany and the country.

Type of Part-Time Jobs in Germany

There are countless part-time jobs in Germany for English-speaking and international students, and it's vital to be aware of the benefits of working part-time in Germany. Let's check out the types of part-time jobs international students can find in Germany. 
These are three popular types of part-time opportunities that are popular among students in Germany:

  • On-campus jobs
  • Off-campus jobs and
  • Online jobs

On-campus jobs

Numerous on-campus job opportunities are available for international students on the university campus. If you are academically sturdy, then the possibility of finding on-campus jobs is pretty easy for you.

Below is a list of on-campus part-time jobs one can join at German universities.

  • Admin-Related and data entry Jobs
  • Academic and bookkeeping assistants
  • Research Assistants
  • Support Staff and class assistant
  • Education Instructors and student tutors
  • Personal trainers and attendants

Off-campus Jobs

According to the norms in Germany, it allows international students to work part-time jobs off-campus without any need for approval or a work permit. There are some famous off-campus part-time jobs available in Germany that pay high remuneration.

Below is the list of off-campus employment available for students:

  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Trade Fairs
  • Courier
  • Office document filing
  • Media (Students of Journalism)
  • Tutoring
  • Babysitter
  • Bartender
  • Cashier

Online Jobs

In the digital era, due to the emergence of multiple online processing, online job profiles have become an essential source of part-time jobs in Germany for international students that include:

  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing
  • Blog Writing
  • Website Content Writing
  • Jobs in Data Entry
  • Jobs in Language Translation
  • Online Sales & Marketing Jobs
  • Web Development

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How to Find Part-Time Jobs in Germany for International Students?

Wondering how to find part-time jobs in Germany for international students? 

It's not as tough as it seems; there are many opportunities open for you to choose part-time jobs in Germany for Indian students.

Here are some tips in this regard:

  1. Check for employers and recruiters who may post the job advertisement on both the offline and online channels.
  2. Checking the university bulletin board would be a great way to find the appropriate part-time opportunities available in your niche job in Germany. Students may find the flyers, bills, and prints on the bulletin board useful for finding jobs with more flexible hours and high salaries.
  3. The career center or placement cell in German universities is one of the most reliable sources to find several part-time job opportunities, which are mostly in close contact with a variety of employers and industries with up-to-date job offerings.
  4. Online job portals are popular, and students may find it convenient to search, sort, and shortlist their part-time job preferences in the country.
  5. A candidate can get a referral from a peer, fellow mate, or acquaintance to get the job opportunities, especially if you are a university student.

Pay-scale And Taxes for International Students in Germany

Germany has a set of standards that state that the minimum wage for international students who work part-time is EUR 9.80 per hour. As said before, it varies with the candidate's skill set, the industry they work in, and the work location. Sometimes students who study in cities in Germany like Munich and Berlin tend to earn higher minimum wages as the cost of living in these cities is relatively higher compared to other German cities. Coming to taxes, students earning up to EUR 450 a month are exempted from paying taxes.

The below table will provide detailed numbers related to the pay scale and taxes.


Tax class

Tax card

Earning less than EUR 450/ month in total

No taxes are deducted

No tax card needed

Earning less than EUR 9,000/ Year

Taxes will be from the salary.

Tax card needed

Earning more than EUR 9,000/ Year

Normal income tax class. 

Tax card needed

How Much Do Part-Time Jobs in Germany Pay?

On average, the students earn up to 24,560 EUR per year or 13.85 EUR per hour with their part-time job, whereas the typical national average wage for part-time in Germany is 12.35 EUR. Part-time jobs offer students flexibility and financial freedom via hourly wages. Candidates who study in Germany have a higher possibility of having a higher earning potential in terms of time. By using this information, find out how much you can earn while studying in Germany part-time. Students can expect at least a minimum wage of 10.45 EUR as the minimum salary, and even more, depending on the job, industry, and their own skills.


What is the Process of Finding a Job in Germany?

  • Finding part-time jobs that suit your interests and skills in Germany is one thing a candidate who is looking to study higher in Germany should think of.
  • Searching for the right fit in part-time jobs plays a vital role in having a high-paying job in hand.
  • There are plenty of part-time jobs in Germany for international students, with the minimum salary starting from 15 euros per hour to 20 euros per hour, depending upon your field and prospect.
  • There are many part-time job opportunities for international students who look to study in Germany.

Here are the five important steps to follow to find a part-time job in Germany.

  • Check out the available job market.
  • Apply for in-hand part-time jobs in Germany.
  • Make a good impression at the interview.
  • Take the part-time job opportunity.
  • Make use of the work permit after graduation.

If you put yourself in the right direction, the right opportunities are always waiting for you. If you have any doubts about part-time jobs for international students studying in Germany, drop us an email and our expert educational consultant at AECC will reach out shortly!!!

FAQs About Part-time Jobs in Germany

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