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PG Courses in Canada for Indian Students

PG Courses in Canada have a high value and are a perfect choice for students who seek practical knowledge about an education stream. The PG Courses impart essential skills and professional expertise in students, helping them be job-ready in 1 - 2 years. PG courses' curriculum exposes students to the practical part of the course and the theories are only 20% taught. This method is followed so that students can learn the working process of a field instead of learning just theories for their entire study period.

A Post Graduation in Canada is often studied as a Diploma course, not a degree course. The PG Diploma is introduced in the country to aid students finish their studies soon and establish their careers at the earliest. This helps students to be financially secure and more independent at a young age. More importantly, international students pursuing PG Courses in Canada are eligible to receive a work permit to work in Canada. The duration of the work permit depends on the course duration.

If students choose one-year PG Courses, they can work for one year. If they choose 2-year PG Courses, they can work for two years. But students choosing two-year PG Courses in Canada have the benefit of applying for a permanent residence permit to stay back in Canada and receive Canadian citizenship.

Why Study PG Courses in Canada?

The solid reasons to pursue PG Courses in Canada are listed below:

  • Affordable - PG Courses in Canada cost less to study compared to Master's. Indian students have to invest only INR 7 to 15 lakhs to study PG Courses in Canada. This benefit allows them not to incur huge debts by taking education loans.
  • Part-time Work Options - International students are eligible to work part-time while pursuing their PG Courses. The requirement is they must have chosen a full-time course. A part-time working student is paid well in Canadian cities.
  • Placement Opportunities - PG Courses in Canada provide students with the benefit of getting placed at the right time. They have the opportunity to opt for Co-op (Co-operative education positions) work or do internships in companies during their PG program. Both are full-time paid jobs in Canada.
  • Attract Better Work Opportunities - By pursuing PG Courses in Canada, international students can attract suitable and better work opportunities. They will also be paid high for their substantial practical knowledge and expertise.
  • Apply for a Permanent Residence Permit - International students have the major benefit of applying for a permanent residence permit to avail Canadian Citizenship by pursuing PG Courses.

Top 10 PG Courses in Canada

The listed courses are the top and consistently popular courses to study for their PG Diploma in Canada.

  • Business Management - Business Management is studying the processes of planning, organising, directing and controlling the operations of a business or organisation to achieve its goals and objectives. Business Analyst, Business Consultant, Management Analyst, Operations Manager and Project Manager are the popular roles offered for Business Management graduates.
  • Hospitality Management - Hospitality Management is a diverse field that teaches students to learn administrative, operational and commercial activities of hospitality businesses. Hotel Manager, Event Manager, Chief Concierge, Public Relations Manager and Housekeeping Director are some of the high-paying jobs in the Hospitality Management Sector.
  • Health and Medical Sciences - This course is the study of medical science subjects like Anatomy, Physiology, Pathology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Molecular Biology and Genetics. Students can seek Hospital Chaplain, Medical Physicist, Nurse Practitioner, Pathologist' Assistant, Health Information Manager and Physician Assitant job roles after graduating.
  • Science and Engineering - Science and Engineering is the study of the Physical world and the technologies to transform the world into a more convenient place to lead our lives. Physicist, Chemist, Astronomer, GeoScientists, Data Analyst and Atmospheric Researchers are the in-demand jobs for Science and Engineering graduates.
  • Information Technology - IT is the study of software and technologies to support businesses in their need for software services. Web Developers, Network Administrators, Software Engineers, Computer System Analysts, Information Security Analysts and Database Administrators are the popular jobs in IT. 
  • Web Development - Web Development teaches students to design and develop various kinds of websites to support businesses in their need of web services. Web Developer, UI Developer, Web Designer, Web Programmer, and UX Developer are the preferred job roles by Web Development graduates.
  • Supply Chain Management - Supply Chain Management is the study of managing the flow of goods, data and finances regarding a product or service. A Supply Chain Manager has the responsibility of supervising the whole production of a product from its initial to the final delivery. Logistics Manager, Logistics Coordinator, Operations Manager and Transportation Analyst are the high-paying jobs for SCM graduates.
  • Predictive Analytics - Predictive Analytics is a latest course equipping students with the knowledge and skills to assess historical data, explore patterns, analyse trends and utilise the derived information to predict future trends in Businesses. AI Programmers/Engineers, Blockchain Developers/Engineers, Business Intelligence Analysts, Cloud Specialists, Data Specialists and DevOps Engineers are some of the in-demand professions in the field.
  • Financial Management - Financial Management is learning of the Strategic Planning, Organising and Directing financial undertakings to handle and manage the finance department of a Business effectively. Some of the renowned jobs in the Finance sector are Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Public Accountant, Certified Financial Planner and Financial Risk Manager.
  • Network Security - Network Security is the study of protecting the network and data of your organisation through technological advancements. Systems Security Manager, Security Architect, Data Security Analyst, Network Security Engineer and Systems Security Administrator are the most sought job roles in the field.

Universities Offering PG Courses in Canada

PG Courses in Canada are mostly offered by Community Colleges. But few universities offer PG courses at an affordable cost.

The information is tabulated below for students' reference.


University Name

Course Name

Course Duration

Tuition Fee in CAD


University of Winnipeg

Human Resource Management, Web Development, Financial Management, Network Security and Project Management.

1 - 2 Years



Thompsons Rivers University

Supply Chain Management, International Business, Tourism Experience Management and  Architectural & Engineering Technology.

1 - 2 Years



University of Alberta

Education, Engineering, Kinesiology, Sports and Recreation, Law, Medicine and Dentistry, Native Studies and Nursing.

1 - 2 Years



Humber College

Applied Technology & Engineering, Business & Accounting Management, Creative Arts & Design and Community and Social Services.

1 - 2 Years



Fanshawe College

Marketing Management, Architectural Technology, Building Renovation Technology, Business Administration and Leadership and Management.

1 - 2 Years



Centennial College

Baking and Pastry Arts Management, Business Management, Culinary Management, Fashion and Business Management and Financial Services.

1 - 2 Years



McMaster University

Technology, Business Management, Marketing Management and Human Resource Management.

1 - 2 Years



Algonquin College

Advertising and Marketing Communications Management, Aircraft Maintenance, Architectural Technician and Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety.

1 - 2 years



Durham College

Early Childhood Education, Interactive Media Design, Photography, Police Foundations, Video Production and Biomedical Engineering Technology.

1 - 2 Years



Niagara College

Computer Programming, Carpentry and Renovation Technician, Community Pharmacy Assistant, Computer Engineering Technician and Photography.

1 - 2 Years

$18, 546

Difference between Master's and PG Courses in Canada

Post graduation and Master's courses are post-undergraduate courses, preparing students for their career establishments. But they have major differences between them.

The differences are tabulated below.




PG Courses


Course Definition

Thesis-based courses to train students to do independent research in the chosen field

A diploma course instilling specific skills and knowledge in the chosen field.



1 - 2 Years

1.5 -  2 Years


Tuition Fee

Approximately CAD 20,000 per year

CAD 30,000 per year


Post-study Work Permit

Work Visa for One Year for One-Year courses.

Work Visa for Two Years for Two-Year courses.

Work Visa for Three Years.




High Value


UG Requirement 

3 - 4 years UG study

A 4-year UG study


Offered by

Community Colleges and a few Universities

Only Universities

PG Courses in Canada - Eligibility

Indian students wishing to pursue PG Courses in Canada can find the eligibility requirements below.

  • A Bachelor Degree - Students must have completed a Bachelor's degree from an accredited educational institution.
  • Work Experience - Students must hold 1 to 2 years of work experience to be eligible for admission at Canada's Community Colleges.
  • Proof of English Language Proficiency - Students must have scored a band of 6.0 in IELTS and above or a minimum score in any English Language Proficiency test, and the score must be valid during the application period.
  • GMAT or GRE score - Students wishing to pursue Business Management courses need a GMAT score. They might need a GRE score for other specific study programs.

PG Courses in Canada - Admission Requirements

  • Completely-filled Application form.
  • Academic transcripts.
  • Recent educational certificates of post-secondary education.
  • Statement of Purpose (SOP).
  • Letters of Recommendation (LORs).
    • 1 - 2 Academic LORs.
    • 1 - 2 Professional LORs.
  • A valid English Language Proficiency Test score certificate.
  • Passport's Scanned copy.
  • Canada Student Visa.
  • Recent passport-sized photographs.
  • Updated CV or Resume.
  • Proof of Funds.
  • Proof of Work experience.

Jobs and Salary after PG Courses in Canada

PG Courses in Canada make international students highly eligible to seek high-paying jobs in the country.

The popular jobs and the salaries provided for the role in Canada are given below.



Avergae Salary in CAD

Average Salary in INR


Business Analyst


Rs. 43,92,707


Public Relations Manager


Rs. 46,24,215






Software Engineers


Rs. 61,15,902


UI/UX Developer


Rs. 7,30,055


Data Analyst


Rs. 39,03,582


Logistics Manager


Rs. 42,16,421


Data Scientist


Rs. 54,87,943


Chartered Public Accountant


Rs. 39,03,762


Systems Security Manager


Rs. 71,14,561

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