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Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand for Indian Students


The 2-year PG Diploma in Interior Designing programme is intended to give students a comprehensive knowledge of interior design, encompassing everything from understanding floor plans to understanding design foundations to visualising space in three dimensions and delivering client presentations.

Science and art are uniquely combined in interior design. A graduate in interior design uses scientific ideas and principles to produce beautiful work. They improve building interiors by using their imagination to create various unique and avant-garde designs and ideas. There are both UG and PG programmes for interior design. Those who enjoy designing and have a talent for word art will succeed in the field of interior design. The candidates must be able to visualize their objectives and bring their ideas to life from simple drawings on paper. Let's review everything you want to know about interior design programmes in New Zealand. 

Why Study Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand?

  • New Zealand's programmes & courses are well respected on a global scale. Many are included in lists of top universities worldwide, such as the Shanghai Jiao Tong Top 500 and the Times Higher Education Top 500.
  • One of the most sought-after courses for students looking to study abroad in New Zealand is interior design. Prospects for students in New Zealand's internal design programme are up-and-coming.
  • According to the current rankings for studying interior design, New Zealand is one of the finest countries for Indian students to study abroad. The fact that half of the top 50 colleges in the world are located in New Zealand is among the strongest arguments for choosing it as a destination for interior design.
  • New Zealand provides an excellent environment for international students interested in learning interior design there. Additionally, tuition for studying interior design is generally reasonably reasonable in New Zealand.

Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand: Course Highlights

  • Students can master the evidence-based design process through the curriculum, grow as presenters, and learn critical professional practice skills.
  • Students will have the ability to create complex design concepts that highlight the three-dimensional richness of space produced via architectural detailing.
  • Graduates show an awareness of how people's behaviour, as well as the built environment, are related, as well as the consequences for developing design solutions.
  • Subjects including Design Theory, Design Communications, Design, Human Factors, and Material Culture are covered in the program's curriculum.

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Top Universities to Study Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand

  • Victoria University Of Wellington
  • Lincoln University
  • Waikato Institute Of Technology
  • Ara Institute Of Canterbury
  • Nelson Marlborough Institute Of Technology
  • Unitec Institute of Technology
  • Southern Institute of Technology
  • The Interior Design Institute, New Zealand

Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand: Eligibility


Post Graduate Diploma


Interior Design

Duration of the Course

Approximately 1.5 to 2 years


A bachelor's degree and scores on the TOEFL, IELTS, or a comparable English language competency test

Entrance Exams

TOEFL, IELTS, or a comparable 

Tuition Fees

Between 1211292 and 2085529 INR 

Other Requirements

You must hold a 4-year bachelor's degree that has at least a 3.0 GPA within the last Sixty credit hours or the equivalent to be capable of applying for a PG Diploma in Interior Design. However, depending on the university you choose, this standard may change.

IELTS, TOEFL, or scores similar must be submitted as evidence of your English language skills. Each university has different minimum scoring criteria.

Your chances of being chosen will enhance if you are proficient in Microsoft Word and Excel.

You can also upload a portfolio that displays your aptitude for creativity and fundamental drawing abilities.

Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand: Admission

Foreign candidates can apply to any programme on the university's official website for Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design study. For overseas students to begin their studies, universities mainly have two entries: fall admission and winter admission. To learn how well the admission process can be accelerated.

  • Compile your supporting documentation, including essays, certifications, LORs, IELTS, TOEFL, GRE, and GMAT scores.
  • Meet all application deadlines and begin the processes for requesting housing, a student visa, and scholarships or loans.
  • Receive the official offer and connect digitally with your professors, classmates, and housemates.
  • Get visa approval

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand: Documents Required

  • English language proficiency needed
  • Students must possess a 3- or 4-year bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Some programmes may demand GMAT or GRE scores.
  • CV/Resume/Essays
  • LORSOP Proof of Funds
  • a copy of the passport

Tuition Fees for Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand

In one year, a PG Diploma programme can be finished. After that, you can enrol in a master's programme in New Zealand or look for employment. However, PG diploma programmes in New Zealand cost between NZD 30,000 and NZD 40,280 (INR 15,61,053 and 20,96,529).

Studying in New Zealand might be expensive, depending on the courses and universities. Although in New Zealand, the cost of a postgraduate diploma is less than that of a master's degree. However, confirm that you are qualified to apply for the PG diploma programme.

Scholarships for Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand

International students will also have the chance to work part-time to lower their living costs, thus reducing the cost of living. Students from other countries can work twenty hours per week and full time on designated holidays. In addition to lowering their living expenditures, this part-time employment opportunity will allow students to develop valuable job experience in their preferred area. Like most colleges, international students can take advantage of the numerous scholarship programmes detailed on university websites. Students who plan to pursue higher study in New Zealand are eligible for various scholarships offered by educational institutions, the government of New Zealand, foreign governments, and private funding sources. These scholarship programmes aim to introduce and spread awareness of New Zealand's world-class educational system.

Jobs & Salary after Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand

Students with postgraduate degrees from New Zealand may be able to pursue a variety of employment options. Popular job descriptions include

Job Roles

Average Salary (INR)

Production Designer/Art Director 


Interior and Spatial Designers


Lighting Designers


Visual Merchandisers


Exhibition Designer


New Zealand Student Visa for Student Process

In the industry of your choice, there are many positions available. To be allowed to work in New Zealand, you must apply for a post-study work visa.

International students need to fulfil the following requirements to be given a New Zealand Student Visa:

  • A letter of acceptance or an offer from an NZQA-approved college or university.
  • If you are under 18, you must obtain a written guarantee that suitable accommodation is available from a person or organization.
  • A return ticket for your home country or financial paperwork proving your ability to buy one, as proof that you have enough cash to cover the duration of your journey to New Zealand.
  • 35 NZD is required to apply for a visa for a TB test (1725 INR).

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FAQs About Post Graduate Diploma In Interior Design In New Zealand

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