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Post Graduate Diploma In Psychology New Zealand


In today's stressed world, it's relatively typical to observe people getting sick mentally rather than physically. Most importantly, they need psychosocial counselling. Psychotherapy provides one or more consultations to a person, family, or group to help resolve social, emotional, or environmental issues that negatively affect their health and well-being. Therefore, the demand for a diploma in psychology is on the rise. New Zealand is a famous study abroad destination that offers a variety of postgraduate diplomas in Psychology. So, pursuing Post Graduate Diploma In Psychology in New Zealand is worthwhile.

The Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a professional credential. It has a significant practical component that aids in a more profound comprehension of functional aspects of theoretical details.

The details of the postgraduate diploma in Psychology in New Zealand are stated in the following sections:

Why Study Post Graduate Diploma In Psychology New Zealand?

Even though we are all aware of its beauty, there is more to New Zealand than its magnificent scenery. Indian students seeking to study abroad are swiftly rising to the top of the list. New Zealand seems to have a lot to offer, including a world-class educational system, international credentials, numerous research opportunities, and unrivalled quality of life. You can count on a warm community and excellent support system during your time as an international student here.

Globally recognised Universities:

All eight of New Zealand's universities consistently rank high in the QS and Times Higher Education rankings, and degrees earned at any of these institutions are recognised globally, providing access to opportunities everywhere. The New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) also provides that institutions are authorised to accept students from outside of New Zealand and that they follow qualification requirements.

Brilliant Pedagogy: 

The emphasis on research-based teaching in New Zealand, which is influenced by the educational system in the United Kingdom, ensures that you will learn how to deal with situations in an organised and systematic manner. You will understand how to operate independently and as a team at various levels. You will be encouraged to think critically and benefit from student-teacher interaction while you are a student here. You will also practice the concepts you learned in class and devise several problem-solving strategies.

Research Intensity: 

Students might find many chances for research in New Zealand. The country is proud of its highly qualified faculty, well-stocked labs, and access to the most up-to-date tools, resources, and opportunities. Due to its innovative attitude has become a destination for new technologies, research, and development in many sectors. The significance and scope of New Zealand's research are highlighted by the Nobel prizes that the nation has earned.

Quality of life: 

The tremendous multicultural atmosphere that New Zealand offers blends seamlessly with the country's active outdoor lifestyle. New Zealand exudes wanderlust with its abundance of diverse natural scenery, including undulating lush greenery, golden sand beaches, snow-capped mountains, volcanic volcanoes, and lush rainforests. Every international student who lives here has the opportunity to develop while experiencing the region's rich cultural diversity and breathtaking natural beauty.
Visas: The visa application process is quicker and doesn't last longer than 30 days compared to other nations, such as the USA.


The visa application process is quicker and doesn't last longer than 30 days compared to other nations, such as the US.

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Top Universities for Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand:

In New Zealand, you will get plenty of Postgraduate diploma courses in Psychology. The following table lists some of the top universities in New Zealand that provide highly regarded psychology diploma courses, along with those universities' global rankings:


QS Rankings 

Course Offered 

Tuition Fees 

The University of Auckland


Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology

31,000 NZD

Massey University


Postgraduate Diploma in Arts Psychology 

27,200 NZD

The University of Waikato


Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology 

22,300 NZD

The University of Otago 


Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology 

19,000 NZD

The University of Waikato


Postgraduate Diploma in the Practice of Psychology 

21,000 NZD

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand: Eligibility: 

The following section elaborates on the general eligibility requirements for several diplomas in psychology in New Zealand, although the requirements vary for different universities: -

  • Students must have earned a 5.0 GPA while completing their psychology master's degree.
  • Before applying, students must speak with faculty in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) about the prospective practicum supervisor and the 700-level courses they intend to take.
  • IELTS Academic: 6.5
  • When applying, students must include the proposed supervisors' signed consent.

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand: Admission Process:

The admission process for a Post Graduate Diploma in New Zealand may be summarised in the following points:

  • The application process for a PG diploma at a New Zealand institution is very similar to that for other programs there. After choosing the university, go to their website.
  • Complete the application form with accurate information.
  • Then, upload documents such as transcripts, SOPs, LORs, and other supporting documents.
  • Afterwards, you must pay the course fees to reserve your seat at the institutions. 

Want to know about the Application Process? Click Here

Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand: Documents Required:

Applicants for enrollment in Post Graduate Diploma in New Zealand must present the following documentation:

Transcripts: The candidate must submit academic records from each previous university where they received a degree.
Letters of Recommendation: It is similar to a reference letter in that the organisation uses it to explain how the candidate's educational background and professional accomplishments would benefit the organisation.
Proof of Language Proficiency: IELTS
Resume/Curriculum Vitae: A detailed CV with references that can vouch for the applicant's competence is essential during the application process.
Statements of Purpose or other Documents

Tuition Fees for Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand:

The annual cost of tuition will depend on the university you will choose. However, the tuition fees for a postgraduate diploma in psychology range from 31,000 to 44,500 New Zealand dollars. This is roughly equivalent to 15 to 22 lakh Indian rupees.

Below is a list of universities and corresponding tuition fees:


Tuition Fees

The University of Auckland

31,000 NZD

Massey University

27,200 NZD

The University of Waikato

22,300 NZD

The University of Otago

19,000 NZD

Scholarships for Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand

Tuition fees can be hard to afford for some students. So, various graduate scholarships are available to international students at universities who wish to pursue diplomas in New Zealand. The following is a list of well-known scholarships available to international students seeking Post Graduate Diploma degrees in New Zealand:

Name of the scholarship


New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships

Postgraduate diploma students with good bachelor’s academic records are eligible. 

New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)

The student should have a similar baseline GPA of B+ in their most recent degree.

International Excellence Scholarship 2022

Open to all international students applying for Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology. However, the students should have at least a 6 GPA in the last qualifying exam. 


Jobs & Salary After Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology in New Zealand:

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology will open up many career options that are paid differently depending on their area of expertise, level of experience, and job. During your diploma course, you will learn different skills like decision making, planning, problem-solving, and so on that employers look at most. Here is a list of job opportunities you will be eligible for upon completion of your course:

Job Role


Average Annual Salary


Uses talk therapy to solve people's problems 

42,300 NZD

Clinical Psychologists

Diagnose mental disorders clinically and provide therapy

58,200 NZD

Social Worker 

Identify the groups and individuals who need support and work with them providing adequate support 

50,000 NZD 


Counsellors help clients to achieve an identified goal in steps to solve emotional issues

60,000 NZD

Psychology Professor 

Teach students psychology 

65,000 NZD


The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Psychology program's graduates can look forward to completing the prerequisites to register as psychologists and beginning their careers in New Zealand. You can register with the Behavior Analyst Certification Board if applied behaviour analysis is your area of interest (BACB). Psychologists who possess this degree and have completed a Master's research thesis may enrol in a Doctor of Philosophy programme.

New Zealand Visa for Students: Process

Before you begin your application, you must plan your course of study, determine how you will support yourself while in New Zealand, and choose which documents you must provide. You can then proceed with your visa application. The procedure is as follows:

  • You can apply online. Go to the website of INZ. But apply at least eight months before your trip to New Zealand.
  • Create a New Zealand Government Realme account and provide the necessary details.
  • Send the passport to INZ and pay the visa fee.
  • Within one month, your visa will be ready.

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology New Zealand attracts students worldwide for its employment opportunities. The decision to pursue the course can be life-changing for you as it will make your future bright.

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FAQs About Post Graduate Diploma In Psychology New Zealand

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