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PTE Accepted Countries & Universities

On the ride of a study abroad journey, one of the main questions most students feel perplexed about is which standardised English language proficiency examination to take. One of the comparatively new exams in English language proficiency testing is the Pearson Test of English (PTE).

Do you know about the PTE exam, PTE-accepted countries and universities, and how to prepare for this exam?

The exam has no restrictions in terms of age or academic qualification. Anyone can appear for the PTE exam irrespective of age or educational qualification. The only condition is that applicants under 16 must submit a parental consent form for registration. Also, you can appear for the exam innumerable times, but within a gap of five days.

This blog will helps you explore everything you need to know about PTE. 

What is the PTE Exam?

The Pearson Test of English is a computer-based English language proficiency test for international students who wish to study or immigrate to English-speaking countries. This test is of 3-hour duration and consists of essay writing, multiple-choice questions, explaining, paraphrasing, and more. The exam pattern is quite simple, with questions based on the general English language. The exam format is designed in such a way that it tests the two skills together - reading and speaking or listening and reading.

Although the test is comparatively new, it has gained worldwide popularity and is accepted by most universities, colleges, professional associations, and governments. The good news for candidates is that Pearson PLC Group - the conducting body of the PTE exam, has launched PTE at Home. So candidates who want to register for the PTE test can check the official website of the PTE and book a test centre near them. Also, the PTE exam offers complete flexibility as candidates can book the test 48 hours in advance, attempt it any number of times, and reschedule as per their requirements.

What are the Countries Accepting PTE Exam For Higher Education?

Currently, 74 countries accept PTE worldwide, including all popular study-abroad destinations. The number of universities that accept PTE differs. Some of the top PTE-accepting countries are given below.

List of All PTE Accepted Countries

Most countries accept PTE scores for both study abroad and migration purposes.

Here is a list of countries that accept PTE academic scores.


South Korea


South Africa







Hong Kong








Saudi Arabia




Sri Lanka













PTE Accepted Universities in the USA

If you plan to pursue your higher education in the US, you can apply for PTE. There are over 1200 universities in the United States of America that accept PTE scores, including the top universities such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale, UPenn, and Columbia.

Here we have listed some of the universities in the USA that accept PTE scores.

Auburn University

East Carolina University

American University

Florida International University

University of New Haven

George Mason University

Baylor University

Hofstra University

University of Arizona

University of West Alabama

Arizona State University

University of Colorado Denver

University of South Alabama

Kansas State University

Auburn University at Montgomery

Pace University

Colorado State University

Duke University

University of Alabama at Birmingham


Northern Arizona University


Drew University


University of North Alabama


PTE Accepted Universities in the UK

In the UK, around 450 universities accept the PTE scores, including some of the top prestigious universities such as Warwick, Bath, East Anglia, and London Business School. However, to get admission to a top-ranking university in the UK, the scores required in the exam are higher than the minimum set criteria.

Here are the universities in the United Kingdom that accept PTE scores.

The University of Adelaide

University of Brighton

Flinders University

Manchester Metropolitan University

University of South Australia 

University of Essex

Torrens University Australia

University of East Anglia

University of Tasmania (UTAS) 

University of Leeds

Bournemouth University

University of Manchester

Durham University

University of Nottingham

Kingston University

University of Warwick

Coventry University


PTE Accepted Universities in Canada

Most of the universities in Canada accepts the PTE score. So, if you would like to study in Canada, you can appear for PTE and boost your scores.

Universities in Canada that accept PTE scores.

Sprott Shaw College

Georgian College

University of the Fraser Valley

York University

Vancouver Island University

Fraser International College

Trent University

Western University

Canadore College

McGill University

Capilano University

University of Saskatchewan

Concordia University

University of Manitoba

Dalhousie University

Ryerson University

University of Victoria


PTE Accepted Universities in Australia

In Australia, around 400 universities accept PTE scores currently.

It includes the top universities such as

Deakin University

Monash University

Australian National University

University of Queensland

University of Melbourne

University of Adelaide

University of Sydney

Apart from this, the Chartered Accountancy institute also accepts the credibility of this test in Australia and New Zealand.

PTE Accepted Universities in Germany

In Germany, the number of universities accepting PTE scores is quite less. One of the reasons behind this could be the number of universities in Germany having a medium of instruction as English.

Among these, some top universities are given below.

GISMA Business School

IU University of Applied Science

Macromedia University of Applied Sciences 

Berlin School of Business and Innovation 

Steinbeis University


However, many prestigious German universities continue to reject PTE as a valid exam for assessing language competency skills. In this case, consider other exams like IELTS and TOEFL.

PTE Accepted Universities in New Zealand

In New Zealand, all the universities accept PTE scores for study visas. Also, for immigration purposes as well, the exam is accepted. All the universities, including the institutes such as private training establishments, polytechnics and institutes of technology, accept the PTE scores in New Zealand. In New Zealand, test sessions are usually available daily for the PTE exam, depending on the city.

Other countries and Their Universities That Accept PTE Test Scores

Some universities in Ireland and France also accept PTE results. PTE results are taken into account by the Indian School of Business (ISB). Apart from these, colleges in Africa, Central Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the South East accept PTE test results for English proficiency test scores.

Before signing up for an exam, always review the official website pages of the colleges where you want to study to learn about the suggested English language exams for the study program you wish to pursue.

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