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Public Relations (PR) Courses Abroad

The Public Relations or PR Manager is the most significant person who runs any organisation with the mindset and skills to close the communication gap and keep the public informed. In our new media, communication, IT, and information era, the value of PR and PR expertise cannot be disregarded. It offers integrated communication essential in our ever-evolving world of communication platforms and technological advances.

Do you know which are the best PR courses abroad? This blog has some details that you do not know about. Do read further and find out.
Public Relations (PR) is a multidisciplinary area that combines marketing, advertising, and other communicative efforts. The PR programs and courses aim to help the students understand the skills and techniques needed to assist individuals and businesses connect with the media, a specific market, or a society. So, if you want to dive deep into the world of PR, we bring you this blog. It is about exploring PR courses abroad. This blog will offer important details regarding the best universities and colleges in the world, offering popular courses related to PR.

Top PR Courses Abroad

Public Relations is a broader field than most students think. It has a wide range of courses and specialisations available, which students can opt to make diverse careers. To help you choose a program, we have listed the best Public Relations or PR courses available abroad.

1. Public Relations and Marketing
2. Advertising
3. Media and Public Affairs
4. Event Management
5. Organisational Leadership
6. Communication
7. Business or Corporate Communications
8. Advertising, PR, and Media
9. Organisational Management
10. Public Relations and Digital Marketing

Top PR Courses & Universities in Australia

Public Relations is a creative and evolving sector in Australia. As per our findings, the perspective of the Australian government's Job Outlook Service shows significant and robust demand for marketing and advertising experts over the past five years or so. So, opting for these courses in Australia is a great way to make a fantastic career. Furthermore, the unique education system of the nation allows you to get more practical knowledge, which adds to your portfolio. Here are the top PR courses and universities in Australia.



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in AUD)

Australian National University

Master of International Relations

49,330 AUD

University of Queensland

Bachelor of Communication in Public Relations

27,748 AUD

University of New South Wales

Master of Public Relations & Advertising

27,360 AUD

RMIT University

Bachelor of Communication (Public Relations)

36,480 AUD

Deakin University

Graduate Diploma of Public Relations

23,600 AUD

Curtin University

BCom in Public Relations

30,076 AUD

Griffith University

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism, Communication, and Public Relations

12,500 AUD

University of Newcastle

Public Relations Major

34,430 AUD

University of Adelaide

Master of Media (Strategic Communication)

40,000 AUD

Top PR Courses & Universities in Germany

Germany is another great country to pursue a degree in Public Relations, especially International Relations since Germany has always treated internationals as equal and benefits from fair social policies. An advantage is that almost all public universities provide free education to all overseas students. With the great employment opportunities, it's another great destination to study this program.



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in Euros)

Nürtingen-Geislingen University

MSc in Sustainable Motilities

3000 Euros

The Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

MSc in International Media Cultural Work


Top PR Courses & Universities in the USA

The USA is another excellent nation to start your career as a PR expert. With its great demand for international professionals and students, America is another top nation for Public and international relations.



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in USD)

New York University

Master's (MS) in Public Relations and Corporate Communication

USD 42,915

University of Southern California

Master of Arts in Public Relations and Advertising

USD 44,382

University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science in Public Relations

USD 19,929

Top PR Courses & Universities in the UK

Completing a PR degree, especially a Postgraduate one in the United Kingdom, will be highly beneficial to you as the practical and analytical skills you will master will be advantageous in the strategic communication you will have in your career. Here are the top PR universities in the UK.



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in GBP)

London Metropolitan University

MA in International Relations

GBP 16,004

Leeds Beckett University

MA in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

GBP 13,679

University of Stirling

MSc in Public Relations and Strategic Communication

GBP 19,645

University of Leeds

MA in Corporate Communications, Marketing and Public Relations

GBP 27,500 

University of Westminster

MA in Public Relations

GBP 17,000

Top PR Courses & Universities in Canada

If you have planned to study Public Relations in Canada, then you have made an excellent choice since it generates around 775 million CAD every year and employs more than 6000 graduates and professionals.



Average Annual Tuition Fees (in CAD)

Fanshawe College

Graduate Certificate in Public Relations – Corporate Communications

15,192 CAD

Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology

Graduate Certificate in Public Relations – Corporate Communications

15,386 CAD

Humber Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning

Graduate Certificate in Public Relations

18,058 CAD

Conestoga College

Graduate Certificate in Public Relations – Integrated Communications (Optional Co-Op)

14,935 CAD

Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology

Diploma in Public Relations

26,539 CAD

We hope that you got at least a rough idea regarding the best PR courses in top study abroad destinations like the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada and Germany. You can get more details on the cost of living and studying, scholarship options, student visa guidance etc., from our respective blogs.

Still, have any doubts while looking for the best college or university abroad to study Public Relations? Then, connect with AECC. You will get expert guidance from our professionals. We will help you choose the correct country, university, and course per your career goals and requirements. So, fulfil your study abroad dreams with us.

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