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Sandwich Course in UK for Indian Students

  • A sandwich course is a curriculum that allows you to get at least one session to intern/work in a particular industry with your study program. These placement sessions are known as a filling of the sandwich.
  • The duration of the placements depends on the course duration. It can be for an entire year or lesser (9 to 12 months).
  • The Sandwich courses originated in the UK in the 1950s and eventually became common everywhere.

What is a Sandwich Course in the UK?

A Sandwich Course in the UK is a degree program where you work on project/internship/study abroad placement with your studies. Usually, these programs are divided into two parts - studies in the beginning and final years and work/internship between these years.

For instance, the undergraduate sandwich program in most UK universities is of a 3-year duration in which you study for 2 years and work on a project/internship/study abroad placement in the 3rd year (before joining the final year). The internship must last at least nine months.

The period of the sandwich course is longer than the usual courses in the United Kingdom. However, these courses are exceptionally advantageous as you get the placement and work experience, which is highly beneficial for a fresh graduate looking for a job.

The next best part is that some of the universities in the UK allow, aside from gaining valuable experience, you will be required to stay in the nation for an additional year. The concept, however, is limited to a few programs.

Types of Sandwich Courses in the UK

There are two types of sandwich courses in the UK: Thick and Thin Sandwich Courses.

  1. Thick Sandwich Courses consist of one year of internship or work experience in a company. In these courses, you first study for two to three years and take up the placement in the third year.
  2. In Thin Sandwich Courses, you get two to three internships in different years. For instance, there will be 6-months of industry experience in your first year and then another 6-months in your third year. 

Difference Between a Sandwich Course and a Full-time Course

The main difference between a sandwich course and a full-time course is work experience and placement opportunity in the former.

The duration of sandwich courses is longer than a full-time course. It helps you get dedicated work experience along with your studies. So, if you don't want to spend time gaining work experience after your studies, you must enrol in a full-time sandwich program. Many universities in the United Kingdom also offer mandatory placements for certain subjects like psychology, engineering, business, and design. 


Eligibility Criteria for Sandwich Courses in the UK

The eligibility criteria for Sandwich Courses in the UK are the same as other programs in the UK.

Here are the main requirements to study in the UK.

Sandwich Courses in UK Universities

Many universities in the UK offer sandwich courses across various disciplines, such as Engineering, Psychology, Business Maths, and Computer Science.

Here is the compiled list of a few Universities that do sandwich courses at UG and PG levels.


Study Program

Course Duration

Placement Duration

Manchester Metropolitan University

Banking and Finance (BSC Hons), International Hospitality Business Management (BSC Hons)

3-years full-time


Kingston University London

Masters in Business Administration (MBA)

2-years full-time


University of Bath

Architecture (BSc Hons)

4-years full-time


Leeds Beckett University 

Accounting and Finance (BA Hons

3-years full-time


Staffordshire University

Mechanical Engineering (Bachelors and Masters), Cyber security (BSC Hons)

4-years full-time


Middlesex University

Fashion Design (BA Hons), Business Management (BA Hons)

18 months and 24 months

6-weeks or 1-year

Cost to Study Sandwich Courses in the UK

  1. The tuition fee for students pursuing sandwich courses in the UK is less than the full-time tuition fee.
  2. Not only this, as you have to pay the price at a reduced rate, you are also eligible to apply for a Tuition Fee Loan to pay this fee.
  3. Unfortunately, not all universities offer sandwich courses. Then it also depends on your program of study if your university offers the opportunity to do a placement in that particular program.
  4. Check with your university and faculty to discover what choices are available.

Benefits of Studying Sandwich Courses in the UK

There are numerous benefits of studying sandwich courses in the UK. A sandwich course can add a lot of value to your CV.

  • Sandwich courses offer you hands-on experience to gain insights into an industry with practical knowledge.
  • You are also entitled to financial benefits as a part of the sandwich course.
  • You gain an edge over other students by acquiring new skills to adjust to the corporate environment.
  • You build a great network of community, which helps you get multiple employment opportunities.
  • You can also get a pre-placement offer, provided you performed well in your internship.

The Student Visa Process to Study in the UK

Applying for UK Student Visa is straightforward and processed within three weeks after applying. Here are the steps you must follow:

Step 1 - Qualifying criteria

You need to prove that you are eligible for the student visa. For this, you need to have:

  • confirmation of acceptance for studies (CAS).
  • Enough money to cover your academic fees and living expenses in UK.

Step 2 - Getting all the documents ready

Step-3 - Apply online and create an account on the official UK Visa website.

Step-4-  Book the online appointment at the visa application centre once you complete your online application.

Step-5 - Pay your application fee. You can pay your visa application fee in a variety of ways.

Step-6 – Visit the visa application centre on the appointed date to submit your application, photograph and fingerprints.

Careers After Sandwich Courses in the UK

  • Sandwich courses offer a great advantage to students by being more skilled at work than in conventional study courses.
  • It helps to gain an edge when applying for jobs as these courses prepare you for the actual work. So, there is no doubt that the career opportunities after sandwich courses in the UK are phenomenal.
  • If you have done the internship well, there are high chances that you will get the pre-placement offer from the same company.
  • Even if you miss the offer or you don't wish to join the particular industry, you will still have the option to apply for other big giants.

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 FAQs about sandwich course in UK

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