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Scholarships for MS in the UK


Embarking on a Master's Degree in the UK is an exciting venture, often accompanied by concerns about funding. This guide simplifies the pursuit of scholarships for MS in the UK, transforming your aspirations into achievable targets.

We focus on the best scholarships tailored for Indian students, covering everything from university-specific MS scholarships to extensive Master's Degree funding opportunities. Whether you are seeking Graduate Scholarships, International Student Scholarships, or comprehensive Financial Aid for MS programs, our guide offers a clear pathway through the diverse scholarship landscape in the UK.

Take Raj's story, for example. A bright Computer Science graduate from Hyderabad, Raj faced the steep challenge of funding his MS in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh, costing over £30,000. Despite boasting a remarkable 3.8 GPA, the financial aspect was daunting. However, with AECC's expert guidance, Raj unearthed the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarship – a prestigious award offering full tuition coverage and a £15,000 yearly stipend. His meticulously crafted application, highlighting his award-winning AI project, not only won him the scholarship but also exemplified the power of resilience and expert advice in realising educational ambitions.

Popular Scholarships for MS in the UK for Indian Students

Discover our handpicked selection of 10 outstanding scholarships for MS in the UK, designed to open up opportunities at Britain's prestigious universities. These scholarships provide much more than just financial support; they are stepping stones to academic and career success, particularly for students from India. Each one is a gateway to enriching educational experiences in the UK, offering both financial assistance and a platform for professional growth.

  1. Chevening Scholarships
  2. Commonwealth Master's Scholarships
  3. Rhodes Scholarships at the University of Oxford
  4. University of Sussex Chancellor's International Scholarships
  5. Gates Cambridge Scholarships
  6. Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships
  7. University of Manchester President's Doctoral Scholar Awards
  8. Imperial College London President's PhD Scholarships
  9. University of Birmingham International Postgraduate Scholarships
  10. University of Bristol Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships

Each of these scholarships is a gateway to unparalleled academic and professional advancement, specifically catering to the ambitions of students from India and beyond. They not only offer financial support but also a platform to excel in one of the world's most revered educational systems.

University-Specific MS Scholarships in the UK

The UK boasts some of the globe's most distinguished universities, each offering unique Master's Degree Scholarships. These specialised scholarships provide not only Financial Aid for MS Programs but also enrich your academic journey with a blend of cultural and research opportunities. Here is a detailed breakdown of these scholarships, focusing on their types, amounts, and eligibility criteria.

University Name

Scholarship Type



University of Oxford

Clarendon Scholarship

Full tuition + stipend

Outstanding academic merit

University of Cambridge

Gates Cambridge Scholarship

Full cost of studying + discretionary

Academic excellence, leadership potential

Imperial College London

President's PhD Scholarships

Full tuition + living stipend

Exceptional academic achievement

University of Edinburgh

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships

Tuition fee difference

High academic merit, research potential

University of Manchester

President's Doctoral Scholar Awards

Tuition fees + annual stipend

Excellent academic track record

University of Birmingham

International Postgraduate Scholarships

Up to £10,000

Academic excellence

University of Bristol

Think Big Postgraduate Scholarships

£5,000 - £20,000

Outstanding academic achievement

London School of Economics

Graduate Support Scheme

Up to £20,000

Financial need, academic merit

University of Warwick

Chancellor's International Scholarships

Full funding for PhD

Outstanding research potential

University of Leeds

Leeds Doctoral Scholarships

Full tuition + stipend

Academic excellence, research capability

These scholarships represent the Best Scholarships for MS in the UK, offering students from India and other nations the opportunity to pursue their Master's degree in an intellectually stimulating environment. Each university has its unique ethos and strengths, making these scholarships not just financial aid but pathways to exceptional academic and professional growth.

For instance, the Clarendon Scholarship at the University of Oxford is renowned for its comprehensive coverage and the vibrant academic community it fosters. Similarly, the Gates Cambridge Scholarship at the University of Cambridge is highly sought after for its prestigious reputation and holistic support beyond just financial aid, including leadership development programs.

Students looking to embark on a Study Abroad Scholarship for a Master's Degree in the UK will find these university-specific scholarships invaluable. They not only cover significant portions of the tuition and living expenses but also offer a network of support, including access to cutting-edge research, distinguished faculty, and international peer groups.

In essence, these scholarships are more than just Funding for Master's Degrees; they are investments in the future leaders and innovators of the world.

Don't let financial barriers hold you back. Reach out to AECC for comprehensive support in finding the perfect UK MS scholarship.

How to Apply for Scholarships for MS in the UK?

Securing a Master's Scholarship in the UK necessitates strategic planning and a methodical approach. Our step-by-step guide simplifies the scholarship application process, boosting your chances of securing Funding for Master's Degrees in the UK.

Step-by-Step Guide to Scholarship Applications

Research and Selection: Begin by identifying the scholarships that align with your academic profile and career aspirations. Websites like AECC Search provide comprehensive listings of UK Scholarships for MS, including International Student Scholarships and Graduate Scholarships in the UK. Pay close attention to criteria like nationality, subject area, and university preferences.

Understanding Deadlines and Requirements: Each scholarship has its unique application timeline and requirements. For instance, the Chevening Scholarships usually open for applications in August and close in November. Similarly, the Rhodes Scholarships have varying deadlines depending on the constituency. Gather this information well in advance.

Preparing Your Documents: Most scholarships will require academic transcripts, a Statement Of Purpose or personal statement, Letters Of Recommendation, and a CV. For research-focused programs like the Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships, a detailed research proposal is also a necessity.

Writing a Standout Personal Statement: Your personal statement is your chance to shine. Tailor it to reflect how you meet the scholarship criteria, focusing on your academic achievements, leadership qualities, and future aspirations. For example, applications for the Gates Cambridge Scholarships highly value demonstrating a commitment to improving the lives of others.

Seeking Recommendations: Letters Of Recommendation should ideally come from academic mentors or professionals who can vouch for your academic abilities and character. For the Imperial College London President's PhD Scholarships, recommenders should comment on your research potential.

Final Submission and Interviews: Once your application is complete, review it for accuracy and submit it before the deadline. Some scholarships, like Rhodes and Gates Cambridge, also have an interview process as the final stage of selection.

Your aspiration for an MS in the UK is closer than ever, thanks to a plethora of scholarship opportunities. Whether you are exploring Scholarships for MS in the UK or seeking comprehensive Financial Aid for MS Programs, AECC is your guiding light. Contact us for personalised assistance and let us embark together on your educational journey to the UK.


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