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STEM Courses in UK for Indian Students


STEM courses have become one of the most sought-after courses in the world. Courses once popular in the USA can now be obtained in many other popular study destinations. A STEM course is a course that includes the study of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. These STEM courses are created for students interested in these subjects and who want to pursue a career in any field. Studying STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is way more important for a young person than it's ever been before.

STEM offers our kids new careers, meaning more money and improved job satisfaction, as well as preparing children for the challenges they will face in life. This blog is here to provide you with information about the Best STEM courses in UK for Indian Students.

What is a STEM Course?

  • STEM courses are a popular degree choice among students pursuing higher education.
  • STEM courses are a type of higher education course based on the STEM acronym. The acronym stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  • STEM courses are essential because they allow Indian students to explore their interests in these fields and learn about things like robotics, data science and aerospace.
  • The idea behind STEM courses is that they offer an opportunity to study subjects that can lead to a career in one of these fields.
  • There are many STEM courses available at colleges and universities worldwide.
  • Although it's not unusual for students to select degrees that suit their interests, STEM courses offer practical and valuable skills that enhance employability, opening doors to lucrative careers.
  • The UK country is the best option for STEM Courses.

Why Pursue STEM Courses in UK?

  • If you're considering STEM courses in the UK, you're likely thinking about exploring a career related to one of these four fields.
  • The United Kingdom is regarded as one of the best study abroad locations since it provides world-class facilities, experienced instructors, and excellent placements to extraordinary campus life and overall personality development.
  • Universities in UK are renowned for providing students with an efficient and immaculate educational curriculum that prepares them for employment.
  • Many universities in the United Kingdom are among the top 100 institutions globally, with a reputation for innovation, creativity, and a positive learning environment.
  • There are highly experienced faculty in major UK institutions who have perfected the art of encouraging innovative learning and scientific thinking among their students. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics courses and degrees abound at UK universities.

STEM Courses in UK Highlights

Course Name

STEM Course

STEM Acronym

Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics

Course Offered destinations

USA, UK,Australia, Canada

Graduation Level

UG & PG Course Available

Eligibility Criteria

Bachelor's - 10+2 in Science Stream

For Masters - Bachelor's degree in a relevant field

Admission Test

For Bachelors - SAT or ACT

For Masters - GRE

Course Tuition Fees in UK


Average Salary in UK

Up to £51000 

Job Prospects after STEM Courses in UK

Software developer, medical scientist, Researcher, Design Engineer, Robotics Engineer, AI Engineer, etc.

Top Universities in UK for STEM Courses

The UK has many universities that offer STEM programs. The top universities in the UK for STEM are the University of Oxford, University College London, Imperial College London, King's College London, and Cambridge University.


Subject-Wise QS World Ranking 2021

University of Oxford

Engineering & Technology: 6

Mathematics: 5

University of Cambridge

Engineering & Technology:3

Mathematics: 4

Imperial College London

Engineering & Technology:7

Mathematics: 11

The University of Manchester

Engineering and Technology: 45

Mathematics: 51- 100


Engineering and Technology:39

Mathematics: 49

The University of Edinburgh

Engineering and Technology:66

Mathematics: 36

King's College London

Engineering and Technology: 145

Mathematics: 51- 100

University of Bristol

Engineering and Technology: 106

Mathematics: 51-100

The University of Warwick

Engineering and Technology:164

Mathematics: 62

University of Glasgow

Engineering and Technology: 188

Mathematics: 101- 150

How to select UK Universities for STEM Courses?

Multiple universities in the United Kingdom offer a variety of STEM degree programmes. Candidates may find selecting the best university to be a difficult task. Strategic planning and the processes outlined below, on the other hand, can assist a student in choosing the best university and course for them.

The University's Research: Before applying to a university in the United Kingdom, it is good to perform some web research on the institution. A student must examine some factors, including the university's reputation, the recognition of courses provided, the fee structure, and the university's atmosphere.
Explore the Campus: Candidates can go to the university's official website and digitally tour the campus's facilities and infrastructure. In addition, most colleges enable students to visit the campus before applying for admission. If feasible, you should visit the campus to look around the laboratories, computer labs, and other amenities.
Investigate the STEM Courses Available: Each institution in the United Kingdom provides a variety of STEM courses. You should choose a method you are interested in based on your interests and the career you plan to follow. Candidates are urged to carefully pick a STEM degree programme because it will define their future profession.
Analyse Admission Requirements: While learning about the institution and the programme is vital, you should also consider whether your academic achievements and qualifications are sufficient to secure a place at one of the UK's prestigious STEM universities.
Career Options After Graduation: Career opportunities after graduation are an essential consideration for any ambitious STEM student. Examine the pages of alumni members to learn about the student and career support services available to international and domestic students.

Eligibility for STEM Courses in UK

Aspirants must meet the STEM eligibility criteria to study a STEM course at one of the top UK universities. It should be mentioned that the eligibility criteria will be determined by the universities based on the course and student requirements.
Academic Requirements: Applicants who apply for the STEM programmes offered by UK universities must have finished their high school studies in science. Physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics are required for STEM admissions in the United Kingdom.
Non-academic Requirements:
There are other non-academic prerequisites that you, as an international student, must meet to enrol in the institution of your choice. Among them are the following:
  • Relevant Work experience: Depending on your chosen level of education, specific colleges may ask you to show documentation of relevant work experience.
  • Statement of Purpose: Most UK institutions will require you to submit a Statement of Purpose describing your reasons and motivations for choosing a specific programme and university.
  • Most universities will need you to submit letters of recommendation from teachers, professors, or tutors familiar with your academic abilities and skills.

Application Process for STEM Course

  • Find the desired UK Universities admission requirements.
  • Fill out the application details from the official universities website.
  • Submit LOR with the application details.
  • After approval from the university, arrange student funds, visa process.
  • To study in the UK, students will need a Tier-4 UK visa.
  • Secure Language Test (SEL Test) approved by UK Visa.

And also, keep the following Documents for the Application process,

Top STEM Degree Courses in UK

This table will give you the brief explanation about the STEM degree courses in UK and their job growth in 10 years.

Name of STEM Course

Average Salary

Projected Job Growth Rate (10 years)

Civil Engineering

87,060 GBP per annum



1,05,940 GBP per annum


Forest Engineering

1,46,219 GBP per annum


Surveying Engineering

66,440 GBP per annum


Geographic Information Science & Cartography

65,470 GBP per annum



1,14,000 GBP per annum


Mining and Mineral Engineering

98,420 GBP per annum


Computer Software Engineering

1,11,620 GBP per annum



1,05,830 GBP per annum


Computer Science

1,11,780 GBP per annum



1,04,870 GBP per annum


Network and System Administration

87,070 GBP per annum



67,760 GBP per annum


Plant Sciences

70,630 GBP per annum



1,22,220 GBP per annum


Petroleum Technology

1,37,720 GBP per annum


Ocean Engineering

98,970 GBP per annum


Nutritional Sciences

61,270 GBP per annum


Nuclear Physics

79.970 GBP per annum



95,380 GBP per annum


Mechanical Engineering

93,540 GBP per annum



92,040 GBP per annum


Forensic Science & Technology

62,490 GBP per annum


Chemical Engineering

1,14,470 GBP per annum



1,11,090 GBP per annum


Agriculture Engineering

79,090 GBP per annum


Cost of Studying STEM Courses in UK

In the United Kingdom, STEM courses are in high demand. STEM Courses have an average annual tuition expense of £9000-£38000. (INR 9,27,00 to 39,14,000). Other costs, such as accommodation, living, and other expenses, range from £12000 to £15000 (INR 12,00,000 to 15,00,000) per year.

STEM Course Scholarships in UK

In the table below, we have compiled a list of the best STEM scholarships to study in the UK, along with information on eligibility requirements, minimum award amounts, and scholarship providers for your reference.

Name of the Scholarship

Provided by

Minimum Scholarship Amount


GREAT Scholarship

UK Government

GBP 10,000 tuition fee

Be a citizen of India, Good academic record, Meet English requirement

Commonwealth Scholarship

UK Government


Be a citizen of commonwealth country, Completed an undergraduate upper-class degree

British Council Scholarship for Women in STEM

British Council


Be a citizen of India, being from a STEM background, Must enrol in the proposed degree programme in the selected universities

Erasmus Mundus Joint Master’s Degree Scholarship

European Union


Pursue a joint master’s degree affiliated with the European Union, Apply within the scholarship

Scope After Studying STEM Courses in UK

STEM graduates in the United Kingdom land some of the highest-paying professions. The following are some of the best-paying STEM courses in the UK, along with their salary ranges:


Average Salary in GPB

Aeronautical Engineering


Civil Engineering


Computer Science Engineering


Chemical Engineering


Life Sciences




Mechanical Engineering


Electrical Engineering


This blog was everything about STEM Courses in the United Kingdom. Are you ready to begin your study abroad adventure? Contact AECC immediately if you have any questions about STEM admissions in the United Kingdom. Throughout the procedure, our professionals will assist you.

FAQs About STEM Courses in UK

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