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Study in the UK Without IELTS as Indian Students

When considering studying in the United Kingdom, the first thing that comes to mind is that the student must pass an English language competency test, such as the IELTS. To enrol in universities and apply for a visa, candidates must score 6.0 or better. However, there are other opportunities for Indian students to study in the UK without taking IELTS.

Many universities in the UK enable international students to study without taking the IELTS exam. However, some institutions accept admissions without any test simply because most students score high in their school or study English as a major in intermediate, making them qualified.

So set away your presumptions about "Is IELTS required to study in the UK?" Continue reading to find out how to study in the UK without taking the IELTS exam. 

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a standardised language assessment examination used by institutions worldwide to assess prospective international students' language abilities.

This exam has four sections: reading, writing, listening and speaking. After completing the three-hour test, students will be given an overall score for all their essential English language abilities. In English-speaking countries such as the United Kingdom, exams like these are used to check your English language abilities.

Top Universities in the UK Without IELTS

Many universities allow students to study in the UK without taking IELTS, provided they have already finished their studies with English as the medium of instruction and can prove it. If you are from India, here are some universities where you can apply without IELTS results, where your language scores would suffice.

Universities in the UK without IELTS if one has 60% in English (in 12th)

  • Bedfordshire University
  • Cardiff Metropolitan University
  • Bangor University

Universities in UK without IELTS if one has 65% in English (in 12th)

  • University of Law
  • Chester University
  • Coventry University
  • London Metropolitan University
  • Middlesex University
  • Oxford Brookes University
  • Teesside University

Universities in UK without IELTS if one has 70% in English (in 12th)

  • Bath Spa University (CBSE only)
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • Bolton University
  • De Montfort University
  • University of Greenwich (CBSE & ICSE)
  • Hertfordshire University (CBSE & ICSE)
  • Sunderland University, London Campus
  • Sheffield Hallam University
  • Solent University
  • Birmingham City University (CBSE)
  • Wolverhampton University
  • University of West of England
  • University of West London (CBSE)
  • University of South Wales

Why Do Some UK Universities Not Insist on IELTS Scores?

Some UK universities that do not require IELTS will evaluate your X and XII English grades instead. UK universities frequently use the results of these exams to determine the language competency of international students. To have a high chance of being admitted to a UK-based university, you need to score at least 70% on these exams.

UK Universities have listed a sample conversion chart for Indian students:

% in English in CBSE or ISC Class 12th Exams

Equivalent IELTS Score







Eligibility Criteria to Study in the UK without IELTS as International Students

To study abroad, particularly in an English-speaking country, English proficiency exam results such as IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, or others are required as part of the admission process. Similarly, many academic institutions often require IELTS to study in the UK, but another option is to gain admission to an English university without presenting these scores.

Yes, it is feasible to study in the UK without IELTS if the following conditions are met:
  • Proof showing a grade point average of at least 70% in English in high school/classes XI and XII, or a transcript from a short-term English course.
  • Evidence proving English is used as the medium of teaching in your school.
  • Participate in a university-sponsored online interview.
  • A Bachelor's degree in English
  • Before beginning your program in the UK, take a Pre-sessional English course given by the university.

NOTE: English language proficiency is one of the prerequisites for obtaining a Tier 4, the most prevalent type of UK student visa. If your university waives IELTS test scores, you can get a document certifying you are eligible for a UK student visa.

How to Study in the UK without IELTS Process?

You should follow a few steps to study in the UK without taking an IELTS. The steps are given below.

Step 1: Application Process to Study in the UK without IELTS
Make a list of the courses and universities in the UK to which you want to apply.
Verify your eligibility to study at UK universities without IELTS. You may check university rankings in the United Kingdom and eligibility requirements on the university website.
Examine all UK institutions that do not require IELTS and select the one that is best for you academically and professionally.
You must apply online for the university or colleges in the United Kingdom you have chosen.

Step 2: Skype / Video Interviews
Once your profile has been shortlisted, video interviews are conducted to assess your English language proficiency. It also demonstrates your enthusiasm to be admitted to universities. To gain admission to a UK university that does not require IELTS, you must perform admirably in this interview.

Step 3: Tuition Fees and Other Study in UK Costs
If you pass your Video Interview, you will receive a letter of acceptance from the UK universities that do not require the IELTS you have applied to. It is a confirmation that you have been accepted into the program you want. The next step is to pay the tuition for your chosen program of study.

Step 4: Apply for Student Visa in the UK
The question now is whether IELTS is required for a UK student visa. If you have an admission letter from a university in the UK that does not need IELTS, you can apply for a UK study visa without taking IELTS. The application process can be completed online by submitting all required documents.

Documents Required to Study in the UK Without IELTS

  • Academic Transcripts (both HSC & SSLC)
  • Bachelor's semester marks sheet
  • Provisional certificate & consolidated marks
  • Medium of Instruction certificate (Depending on the senior year scores in English)
  • Valid Passport
  • Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)
  • Resume
  • Statement Of Purpose (SOP)
  • Offer letter
  • Work Experience letter (if required)

What are the UK Universities Offering Scholarships Without IELTS?

You might think we've gone insane, but a few top-tier institutions offer UK scholarship programs that don't require an IELTS score. These British scholarships range from fully to partially funded, so let's dive right into our list of the top ten scholarships in the UK that don't require IELTS.

  • Gates Cambridge University Scholarships
  • Rhodes Scholarships
  • Chevening Scholarships
  • Commonwealth UK Scholarships
  • Clarendon Scholarship
  • Reach Oxford Scholarships
  • Nottingham Developing Scholarships
  • GREAT Scholarships
  • Women's STEM scholarships

How to Get a UK Study Visa Without IELTS?

Candidates who furnish the immigration authorities with a letter from their university saying they are eligible for the visa can obtain a UK student visa without taking IELTS.

The documents they must provide to obtain a student visa are stated below.

  • Acceptance letter from a UK university.
  • A document attested by the university stating that they are eligible to apply for a UK student visa without IELTS results.
  • Without IELTS, the Secure English Language Test (SELT) stipulated by UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) can also serve as sufficient proof of English competency.

Can Indian Students Work in the UK Without IELTS?

You will be allowed to work lawfully in the UK after completing your degree without the requirement for IELTS. The British High Commission will usually accept students who have received a "Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies" (CAS) from a UK university to which they have applied.

If you are an AECC student with an offer letter from one of our United Kingdom partner universities, we can advise you on how to proceed with the application process. We'll keep you informed of the most updated visa criteria and restrictions and assist you in preparing the necessary documents for submission.

Our team of experts will direct you to official websites and authorised immigration representatives to ensure you receive the most recent application documents and information. We can also approve, translate, and courier your documents to save you time. If you are a student looking to study in the United Kingdom, please visit our website frequently. AECC is affiliated with the finest institutions in the United Kingdom and will assist you at every level of the international education process.

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