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Study MBBS Abroad for Indian Students

Do you wish to study MBBS abroad? If your answer is Yes, then we are sure you will have several doubts in your mind regarding your journey abroad. Worry not, as this blog has a complete list of everything you need to know about studying MBBS abroad as an Indian student. MBBS is one of the top courses chosen by students in India and abroad. The increased number of top-ranked universities, scholarship options, and improved standard of life have all contributed to this popularity that the countries abroad enjoy. 


  • Do you know that around 18,000 Indian students got enrolled in Medical universities abroad in 2023?
  • The average cost of studying MBBS abroad ranges from INR 15,00,000 to INR 60,00,000. However, the fees for MBBS abroad vary depending on the university and country you choose. The syllabus will be more beneficial for those of you who wish to specialise in Anatomy, Biochemistry, Community Medicine, Dermatology, Pharmacology, Physiology etc. You can expect an average annual starting salary of INR 1,70,00,000, depending on a few factors. You can read the blog further if you wish to learn more about studying MBBS abroad for Indian students.

    Study MBBS Abroad: Highlights

    Course Level


    Examination type


    Admission process



    Completed grade 12 with Biology as a main subject & NEET/MCAT score

    Top countries

    UK, USA, Australia, Canada

    Average annual tuition fees

    INR 15,00,000 - INR 60,00,000

    Average annual salary

    INR 40,00,000 - INR 1,70,00,000

    Top recruiters

    Biomedical companies, clinics, health centres, hospitals, nursing homes, pharmaceutical companies

    Top positions

    Doctor, Junior Doctor, Junior Surgeon, Physician, Researcher, Scientist

    Why Study MBBS Abroad?

    The reasons to study MBBS abroad are endless. We have clubbed a few of them below for your reference:-

    1. The quality and reputation of your degree will be higher if you study at a university abroad.
    2. You will have various specialisations to choose from.
    3. Among the 17,000+ doctors practising in New Zealand, 40% are from outside the country.
    4. An MBBS degree from a university abroad will look good on your portfolio.
    5. You will gain better exposure and have a wider network by studying abroad.
    6. You will get to understand different cultures.
    7. The career growth for surgeons and physicians in countries like the USA is expected to be 7% from 2018 to 2028.
    8. Among all doctor specialities, the number of job opportunities is expected to increase for psychiatrists, followed by family and general practitioners till 2028.

    Top Universities to Study MBBS Abroad

    The USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, Germany etc., are some of the top countries to study MBBS abroad. We have given a table below that contains details about the top universities to study MBBS abroad.

    Name of University

    QS Ranking 2023

    University of Oxford


    University of Cambridge


    Harvard University


    Imperial College London


    Stanford University


    University of Toronto


    University College London


    Yale University


    King’s College London


    John Hopkins University


    Eligibility to Study MBBS Abroad

    You are required to satisfy a few eligibility criteria to study MBBS abroad. Though there can be slight differences in this based on the university you choose, we have given a few general criteria below.

    1. You should have completed 10th and 12th from a recognised board.
    2. If you apply to countries like the USA, you will also need a Bachelor's degree.
    3. English proficiency test scores like IELTS and TOEFL.
    4. You should have studied Physics, Chemistry and Biology at a higher secondary level.
    5. MCAT, NEET or other country-specific test scores.

    What Are the Exams Required to Study MBBS Abroad?

    You are required to take a few tests and achieve acceptable scores in them, to study MBBS abroad. In March 2019, the Medical Council of India (MCI) made it mandatory that all students who wish to study MBBS abroad should qualify for the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET). No General candidates should be above 25 years of age, and no SC/ST/OBC candidates should be above 30 years of age. You should also get an acceptable score on the English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

    Documents Required to Study MBBS Abroad

    While you apply to any university abroad, you will be required to submit a few documents. Though there can be changes in it based on the university you choose, a few documents should be submitted in all cases.

    1. All academic documents
    2. English proficiency test scorecards
    3. Scorecards of NEET/MCAT.
    4. Letters Of Recommendation (LORS).
    5. Valid passport and visa.
    6. CV/Resume.
    7. Statement Of Purpose (SOP).
    8. Record of a clean criminal background.

    Admission Process to Study MBBS Abroad

    You can follow the admission process described below to apply for MBBS at any university abroad.

    1. Shortlist the universities: The first step is to shortlist the universities you prefer to study at. You can then check the eligibility and make sure that you can get admission.
    2. Arrange the documents: You will be asked to submit a few documents while you apply to universities abroad. We have given a document checklist above. You can have a look at it and ensure that you have them all.
    3. Apply: You can apply for MBBS abroad from the official website of the respective universities. You can create an account, fill in the necessary details, upload the documents, pay the application fee, and submit your application.
    4. Await the response: The last step is to await the response to your application from the university. Generally, you will receive an official email from the university if your application is accepted.

    Cost of Studying MBBS Abroad

    The cost of studying MBBS abroad can vary based on the university you choose. The average expense can range from INR 15,00,000 to INR 60,00,000. The table below shows some of the top universities and their tuition fees, among other things.

    Name of University


    Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)

    Laval University


    INR 14,92,000

    Yale University


    INR 58,40,000

    University of Oxford


    INR 20,00,000

    University of Melbourne


    INR 30,00,000

    University of Auckland

    New Zealand

    INR 21,20,000

    Scholarships to Study MBBS Abroad

    You will find a few scholarships to fund your studies abroad. Financial aid is available in the form of scholarships, fellowships and others. The eligibility criteria, award value etc., depends on the host institution, like universities, government and other private institutions. We have given a table below that contains details about a few popular scholarships.

    Name of Scholarship

    Average Amount (in INR)

    Go Clean Scholarship

    INR 2,64,000

    Australia Awards Scholarship

    Variable amount

    QS Scholarships

    Variable amount

    Debesh Kamal Scholarship

    INR 1,05,329

    Heinrich Boll Scholarships

    Variable amount


    Jobs After MBBS Abroad

    It is a well-known fact that you will get a well-paid job after completing your MBBS abroad. Apart from being a doctor, you can work as a medical college professor, surgeon etc. The average annual salary after completing your MBBS abroad ranges from 40,00,000 to INR 85,00,000. The table below helps you understand better.

    Job Role

    Average Annual Salary (in INR)


    INR 60,00,000 - INR 85,00,000

    Family and General Physician

    INR 45,00,000 - INR 65,00,000

    General Pediatricians

    INR 40,00,000 - INR 55,00,000


    INR 50,00,000 - INR 80,00,000

    General Internists

    INR 45,00,000 - INR 65,00,000

    MBBS is undoubtedly one of the best courses you can pursue abroad. The better quality of education and wider career opportunities abroad have made Indian students study the course abroad. If you have any doubts, you can read our blogs on the cost of living and studying at top destinations, scholarships, visa procedures and everything else. You can also contact AECC's counsellors to get individualised information on everything you need to know to study MBBS abroad.

    AECC has expert counsellors to guide you through the entire process of studying abroad. From researching the best universities and courses to visa guidance, we will help you on every step of your study abroad journey. Don't hesitate to contact us to get free assistance!


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