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UK Universities Accepting Backlogs


Before writing about the universities in UK accepting backlogs, it is essential to understand what a backlog is? If a student is missing from an exam that does not count as a backlog, a backlog is often referred to as an exam that was taken but could not be cleared in an attempt.

A backlog is generally counted by the number of attempts taken to clear a particular subject. In no way a backlog that is still active can be considered as criteria for admission anywhere abroad. The UK has similar standards for the application process. One needs to have a backlog certificate if you have had backlogs in the past. This certificate needs to be issued by the college/ university that the student graduated from. 

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List of UK Universities Accepting Backlogs

Below is the list of colleges in UK that accept backlogs alongside the QS world ranking. However, the UK has limited the backlog intake. Your acceptance gets more manageable if you have an excellent overall academic performance and a good GPA.

A maximum of 15 backlogs are allowed in the Universities in the UK.


QS World Ranking 2022

Brunel University


Coventry University


Kingston University


Middlesex University,


Swansea University


University of Bradford


University of East London


University of Greenwich


University of Lincoln


University of Portsmouth


Nottingham Trent University


Queens University Belfast


Birmingham City University


Leeds Beckett University


Below is a little brief of the top universities in the UK that accept backlogs. Although many universities in the UK accept backlogs, the chances of a visa getting approval also depend on the backlog and admission process when one applies to a university in the UK.

This visa approval procedure becomes more accessible when the student gets an acceptance letter from the university. The history of backlogs will not affect the chance of getting approved.

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1. Bath Spa University

One of the known universities in the UK that accepts backlogs is the University of Bath. It was established in 1852 due to the Great Exhibition in 1851. It is a public university that caters to higher education, including research. Holding around four campuses, the main university campus is in Newton Park. The eight schools of Bath Spa University offer both full time and part-time courses at both graduate and postgraduate levels.

2. Brunel University

Brunel University was established in the year 1966. It is located in the Uxbridge town of West London and offers many undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Brunel is known for its impact on research, engineering, sports science, public health and art design.

3. Cardiff Metropolitan University

Established in 1865, Cardiff University was earlier known as the University of Wales. Offering many courses in disciplines like Arts, Communication, Business, Fashion and law, the university partners with many international universities like City Union College, Beacon International College and Arab Academy of Science and Technology, having an identity globally.

4. Queen's University Belfast

One of the UK's oldest universities, Queen's University, was established in 1845. It has been a member of the intensive universities list of the Russell Group of UK research. The university gives options of many courses in different disciplines at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible and apply to the universities in the UK that accept backlogs,

Below are the documents you will have to have to be considered for admission.

UK Universities Accepting Backlogs: Admission Process

Every university has a different process of application in the UK for both graduation and post-graduation. For any student who wishes to apply for an undergraduate course, admission occurs through the Universities and Colleges Admission System, also known as the UCAS.

This admission system is responsible for receiving the applications students send worldwide and then forwarding them to the respective colleges and universities. UCAS gives the students the liberty to send an application to 5 colleges with the help of a single form.

If a student is applying for a post-graduation degree, they are supposed to apply to the individual university by filling out an application form that the college/university itself releases.

Generally, there isn't a deadline for submitting applications; you must ensure that the submission is made as early as possible. This will make your application stand out, increasing your chances of receiving an acceptance letter.

You need to ensure that your Statement of purpose, recommendation letters, IELTS or other language proficiency test scores, and your updated resume and backlog certificate are ready when you fill out the form.

Many universities in the United Kingdom accept backlog. Still, one must ensure the number is not more than 15, preferably in an unrelated subject and inactive status. Ensure that you take care of the application procedure when you want to pursue your further education in a country like the United Kingdom.

Also, having a good GPA, excellent work experience, co-curricular activities, letters of recommendation, internships and more makes your application more potent and harder to reject. 

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How many backlogs are accepted in UK?

A total number of 15 backlogs are accepted in the UK.

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