Earn While You Learn

The primary concern of a student planning to study abroad is to manage finances accordingly. Overseas education is an exciting step filled with myriad of opportunities. However, these opportunities do come at a cost.

For students or their parents, one prime concern, apart from getting into a good institute, is the planning of the required finances and how to reach the target. A simple point to be kept in mind is that planning expenses and budget of overseas education need not be a harrowing experience. There are lots of ways in which a student can plan his finances and work towards a robust budget.

One way how students plan on tackling financial issues is by taking up part time jobs. Working side by side, while studying is a culture that is followed in almost all western countries. Students from India who go abroad to study also engage in part time jobs as it helps them earn money, and thereby bringing down their dependency on financial support from parents. In addition to that, working gives a student a hands-on experience with real life situations which then augment a student’s learning experience from an education abroad.

Working conditions vary from country to country, and also depend on different criteria laid down by the country as well as on local work culture in the area where the institute is located. For example, international students studying in Australia are permitted by Australian student visa provisions to work throughout their study period. Students can start working and earning from the moment their courses commence. Work hours are in accordance to visa conditions and subclass that a student holds. Generally, the permissible limit is 40 hours in a fortnight, i.e. 14 days. This can be both paid and unpaid part time work as well as full time work. Other countries too have similar conditions that vary according to their rules and regulations.

Hence students planning to study abroad need not worry excessively over their finances, because once they reach their destination, they will get ample opportunities to earn while they learn.