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Can an organization that chooses to ignore the data insights expect to diversify? The answer is most likely no especially in today’s competitive world where it’s tough to impress customers with traditional business solutions. Now a days, companies rely on data and various business analytical tools for data collection and collective intelligence.

Business analytics is one of the most effective business intelligence techniques in which companies collect all types of data and store, manage, aggregate, analyze and integrate all that data in a way that positively impact their strategy and performance. It plays an important role in generating new ideas, solving problems, distributing work in new and innovative ways and making more informed decisions about the future. Business analysis provides competitive edge to the companies and helps businesses run better by elaborating new set of business models and valuable customer insights.

Business analysis is vital for the growth and development of the industries in every sector like research, marketing, sales, customer service, production and so on. In the recent times, organizations are making huge investments in data analytics to accelerate the process of business goal fulfillment and decision-making.

Career scope of Data and Business Analytics in global marketplace

Career in business analytics is very rewarding because every organization wants to have a cutting-edge technology in their business. There are plenty of opportunities available in the market for data and business analytics professionals in various sectors and companies like:

  • Banking Sector
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Healthcare Industries
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Insurance Companies
  • Outsourcing Companies
  • E-commerce Companies

Data and Business Analytics professional perform various roles and job responsibilities in the leading corporates. Various career opportunities available for Data and Business Analytics professionals are as follows:

  • Data Scientist: Data scientists mainly focus on maths, statistics, understanding the trends, solving the complicated data models etc. They are responsible for dealing with data mining and analyzing large chunks of data extracted.
    Average salary: $120,931
  • Data Analyst: Business Analyst or the Data analyst need to build up the visual representations of the data and provide appropriate information to decision makers in the organization. A business analyst works on different tools and techniques to understand complex data models.
    Average salary: $65,470
  • Pricing and Revenue Analyst: A revenue analyst’s primary job is to analyse a company’s finances. Their insights on financial data will help boost revenue growth.
    Average salary: $58,540
  • Operations Research Analyst: An operation research analyst is responsible for helping the organisation in identifying and solving operational problems and making better decisions.
    Average salary: $68,571
  • Business Intelligence Analyst: Companies hire or consult with Business Intelligence Analysts, also referred to as BI Analysts, to help maximize the benefits of their data collection. Business executives depend on these services to make data-driven decisions for the company.
    Average salary: $79,613
  • Market Research Analyst: Market research analysts study market conditions and examine potential sales associated with a product or service. These essential professionals help companies understand the demands of their consumers, who will buy a product and how an item should be priced.
    Average salary: $60,429
  • Management Consulting Analyst: The management analyst is a consultant that helps businesses be better at what they do. Sometimes management analysts work for a consulting firm, but they may also work independently or start their own firms.
    Average salary: $75,091
  • Big Data Analytics Specialist: A Big Data Analytics Specialist manages the company’s big data and they have the ability to quickly obtain results from large datasets.
    Average salary: $65,470

The issue of Data security has been a major issue in many organizations which can be rectified using data and business analytics. All this adds up to the increasing demand of professionals in Data and Business Analysts. Various universities in Australia, USA, UK, Canada, Ireland and New Zealand are offering globally recognized and job-oriented courses in Business Analytics that will accelerate your career and make you a skilled professional.

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