NCERT Full Form

Nurturing Curiosity, Enriching Education

NCERT Full Form

Nurturing Curiosity, Enriching Education

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NCERT Full Form in Education

The full form of NCERT in education is "National Council of Educational Research and Training." NCERT is a pivotal organisation in India, known for its role in designing and implementing the curriculum for schools affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The Role of NCERT in Indian Education

  • Curriculum Development: Designing and updating curricula for school education.
  • Educational Research: Conducting research to improve teaching methodologies and educational policies.
  • Teacher Training: Providing training and resources to educators for effective teaching practices.

NCERT's Contribution to Educational Resources

  • Textbooks: Publishing textbooks for school students, widely used in CBSE-affiliated schools.
  • Supplementary Materials: Creating additional resources like workbooks, teacher's guides, and digital materials.
  • Inclusive Education: Ensuring educational materials cater to diverse learning needs and backgrounds.


The National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) plays a crucial role in standardising and elevating the quality of education in India. Its comprehensive approach to curriculum development, teacher training, and resource creation has significantly contributed to the shaping of the country's educational framework.

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