B.Ed Full Form

Building Educators, Shaping Futures

B.Ed Full Form

Building Educators, Shaping Futures

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What is the Full Form of B.Ed?

The full form of B.Ed is 'Bachelor of Education.' This essential undergraduate degree is a cornerstone for those aiming to pursue careers in teaching and education. Known previously as Bachelor of Teaching (BT), the B.Ed program is designed to prepare educators for high school and intermediate teaching roles in India

Eligibility and Duration of B.Ed Degree

  • B.Ed is a two-year course open to graduates from streams like B.A., B.Sc, or B.Com.
  • A minimum GPA of 55% is typically required for postgraduate B.Ed programs.
  • Entrance exams are a crucial step for admission into B.Ed programs

B.Ed Entrance Exams Across India

Various institutions conduct B.Ed entrance exams to select candidates. Notable exams include :

  • Himachal Pradesh University B.Ed Entrance Test
  • Andhra Pradesh Education Common Entrance Test
  • Chhattisgarh Professional Examination Board
  • Allahabad University B.Ed Entrance Test
  • Jammu And Kashmir Board
  • Uttar Pradesh Joint Entrance Test

Specialisations in B.Ed Program

B.Ed students can choose from specialisations such as:

  • B.Ed in Biological Sciences

  • B.Ed in Maths

  • B.Ed in Accounts

  • B.Ed in Economics

  • B.Ed in English

  • B.Ed in Computer Science

  • B.Ed in Social Sciences

  • B.Ed in Sanskrit

  • B.Ed in Information Technology

  • B.Ed in Geography

  • B.Ed in Home Science

  • B.Ed in Arabic

Career Opportunities After B.Ed

  • College professor
  • School teacher
  • Content writer
  • Online tutor
  • Librarian
  • Private or home tutor


The full form of B.Ed, Bachelor of Education, signifies more than just a degree; it represents a journey into the heart of the educational field. This degree is instrumental in shaping skilled and dedicated educators who are ready to influence future generations

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