CISF Full Form

Commitment, Integrity, Security, and Fortitude

CISF Full Form

Commitment, Integrity, Security, and Fortitude

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What is the full form of CISF?

The full form of CISF is 'Central Industrial Security Force.' CISF is a part of the Indian Central Armed Police Force that reports to the Ministry of Home Affairs. Established in 1969, it is the largest industrial security force globally, with approximately 170,000 personnel across thirty-two battalions. The headquarters of CISF is located in New Delhi, India.

What Are the Primary Roles of CISF?

  • The CISF main objective is to provide security to industrial units and critical infrastructure in India.
  • This includes protection of atomic power plants, currency note presses, and power plants.
  • CISF also offers consultancy services to major government and private organisations.

How Is CISF Structured?

CISF is divided into three main branches:

  • The Executive Branch
  • The Fire Service Division
  • The Ministerial Branch

It is further organised into six sectors

  • Northern Sector: Headquarters in New Delhi.
  • Southern Sector: Headquarters in Chennai.
  • Western Sector: Headquarters in Mumbai.
  • Eastern Sector: Headquarters in Patna.
  • North-Eastern Sector: Headquarters in Kolkata.

What Services Does the CISF Consultancy Division Provide?

  • The consultancy division of CISF provides security advice to prestigious clients like NBRI, TISCO, Orissa Mining Co., and IB Thermal Power Plant.
  • It plays a crucial role in enhancing the security measures of these organisations.


The Central Industrial Security Force, or CISF, is a critical component of India's security apparatus. Its specialised role in protecting industrial and infrastructural assets underscores its importance in national security and economic stability.

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