CUET Full Form

Charting Your Educational Trajectory

CUET Full Form

Charting Your Educational Trajectory

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What is the full form of CUET?

The full form of CUET is 'Common University Entrance Test.' CUET is a standardised national-level entrance exam in India, conducted for admission to undergraduate courses in central universities and other participating institutions. It aims to streamline the admission process and provide a common platform for evaluating candidates.

What is the Objective of CUET?

  • CUET is designed to assess the aptitude and subject knowledge of candidates seeking admission to various undergraduate programs.
  • It replaces individual entrance exams of different universities, offering a uniform criterion for admission.

What is the Format and Syllabus of the CUET Exam?

  • The exam includes multiple-choice questions covering subjects like languages, domain-specific topics, and general aptitude.
  • The syllabus and structure are aligned with the higher secondary level curriculum.

What are the Eligibility and Application Process for CUET (Common University Entrance Test)?

  • Eligibility Requirements: Eligible candidates include those who have completed or are appearing for their higher secondary education (10+2).
  • Application Steps: To apply, candidates must register online, complete the application form, and submit the required exam fee.


The Common University Entrance Test, or CUET, marks a significant shift in the higher education admission process in India. It aims to create a more equitable and accessible platform for students from diverse backgrounds to gain admission to prestigious universities.

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