DIG Full Form

Dedicating Integrity, Guarding

DIG Full Form

Dedicating Integrity, Guarding

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What is the full form of DIG?

The full form of DIG is 'Deputy Inspector General.' This rank is granted by the Indian Police Service (IPS) and is a significant position in the police hierarchy. The DIG is a one-star rank, higher than the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) or Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP). They are supervised by the Inspector General of Police (IG) or Joint Commissioner of Police.

What Are the Duties of a Deputy Inspector General?

  • The DIG assists the IG in overseeing and managing the police force in their jurisdiction.
  • They are responsible for maintaining law and order, implementing policies, and supervising police operations.

What Is the Salary Range for a Deputy Inspector General?

  • The pay scale for a DIG ranges from Rs. 37,400 to Rs. 67,000, with a grade pay of Rs. 8,090.

How Can One Become a Deputy Inspector General?

  • Candidates must first clear the UPSC-conducted Civil Services Exam to become an IPS officer.
  • After training, they are appointed as Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) or Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP).
  • With experience and performance, they are promoted to SP, SSP, and eventually DIG.


The Deputy Inspector General of Police, or DIG, is a key figure in the Indian police force. Their leadership and management skills are crucial for effective law enforcement and maintaining public safety.

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