IQ Full Form

The Measure of Brilliance

IQ Full Form

The Measure of Brilliance

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What is the full form of IQ?

The full form of IQ is 'Intelligence Quotient.' It's a standardised measure used to assess human intelligence. IQ scores, derived from various tests, provide insights into an individual's cognitive abilities in comparison to the general population

How IQ Scores are Calculated and Interpreted

  • IQ tests evaluate cognitive abilities like reasoning, problem-solving, and memory.
  • The average IQ score is 100, with most people scoring between 85 and 115.
  • These scores help in understanding an individual's intellectual standing relative to others

The Origin of the IQ Test

  • The term 'IQ' was coined by William Stern, a psychologist.
  • Alfred Binet and Theophile Simon created the first practical intelligence test in the early 20th century.

The Role of IQ Testing in Society

  • In educational psychology, IQ tests identify specific learning needs.
  • In the professional world, they assess cognitive abilities for job suitability.
  • IQ scores are indicators of potential academic and professional achievements


IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, is a key metric in cognitive psychology, offering a quantifiable measure of human intelligence. Its application spans educational and professional fields, aiding in the assessment and development of individuals

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