KRA Full Form

Key Results Achieved, Goals Realized Aspired

KRA Full Form

Key Results Achieved, Goals Realized Aspired

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What is the full form of KRA?

The full form of KRA is 'Key Result Area' or 'Key Responsibility Area.' It is a management concept that defines the specific areas of responsibility and outcomes expected from an employee. KRAs are closely tied to an individual's job description (JD) and are used to assess their performance in a structured manner.

How Do KRAs Influence Employee Performance Evaluation?

  • KRAs identify the essential tasks and goals an employee is responsible for in their role.
  • They provide a clear framework for evaluating an employee's contribution to the organisation's objectives.

What Steps Are Involved in Developing Effective KRAs?

  • Analyse the employee's job description in detail.
  • Identify actions that contribute to the organisation's success.
  • Set measurable and observable goals, including specific targets and timelines.

What Are Examples of KRAs Across Various Departments?

  • Human Resource Management and Development
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Marketing and Promotion
  • Research and Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Financial Management
  • Administration Cell


KRAs, or Key Result Areas, are instrumental in aligning individual performance with organisational goals. They provide a clear direction for employees, enabling them to focus on critical tasks and contribute effectively to the company's growth and success.

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