OFC Full Form

Opening Frontiers for Convenient Visa Services

OFC Full Form

Opening Frontiers for Convenient Visa Services

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What is the full form of OFC?

The full form of OFC in the context of visa applications is 'Offsite Facilitation Center.' OFC appointments are part of the visa application process for countries like the United States. These centers are designated for collecting biometric information from visa applicants, including fingerprints and photographs.

What is the Role of an Offsite Facilitation Center?

  • OFC appointments are scheduled before the actual visa interview.
  • The primary purpose is to collect biometric data, which is used for identity verification during the visa application process.

How Does the OFC Appointment Work?

  • Applicants schedule their OFC appointment online after filling out their visa application form.
  • During the appointment, biometric data such as fingerprints and a digital photograph are collected.
  • This process helps in speeding up the visa interview process as biometric verification is already completed.

What Do Applicants Need to Bring to an OFC Appointment?

  • Applicants must bring their passport, appointment confirmation, and any other required documents as specified in their appointment instructions.
  • It's important to arrive on time and with all necessary documents to ensure a smooth process.


The Offsite Facilitation Center, or OFC, plays a crucial role in streamlining the visa application process. By handling biometric data collection separately, it makes the visa interview more efficient and organized

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