PWD Full Form

Building Infrastructure, Enhancing Lives

PWD Full Form

Building Infrastructure, Enhancing Lives

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What is the full form of PWD?

The full form of PWD is 'Public Works Department.' This department is an integral part of the Indian government, responsible for constructing and maintaining public utilities such as drinking water supplies, roads, bridges, and public works projects. Each state in India has its own PWD, with divisions and units spread regionally.

PWD Full Form in Hindi

The full form of PWD in Hindi is "लोक निर्माण विभाग" (Lok Nirman Vibhag), which translates to "Public Works Department" in English. PWD is a government department in India responsible for construction and maintenance of public infrastructure like roads, bridges, and government buildings.

What Are the Key Functions of the Public Works Department?

  • PWD ensures the supply of clean drinking water and repairs pipelines.
  • It undertakes rehabilitation work for government-owned hospitals, schools, and highways.
  • The department is involved in designing and constructing government-led public projects, developing highways, and maintaining public structures.

How Did PWD Evolve in India?

  • Initially, some of these tasks were conducted by the military in India.
  • By the mid-19th century, a specific division of the Indian Civil Service was assigned to public works.

What Types of Projects Does PWD Handle?

PWD's work is categorised into:

  • Construction and maintenance of government buildings.
  • Construction and maintenance of bridges.
  • Development of highways, flyovers, and road safety measures.


The Public Works Department, or PWD, plays a vital role in India's infrastructure development. Its comprehensive approach to public utilities and construction projects significantly contributes to the nation's urban and rural development.

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