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RAW Full Form

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What is the full form of RAW?

The full form of RAW is 'Research and Analysis Wing.' RAW is the primary foreign intelligence agency of India, established following the Indo-China War in 1962 and the Indo-Pak War in 1965. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, RAW's formation was overseen by Rameshwar Nath Kao, its first Director.

Why Was RAW Established?

  • RAW was created in response to the intelligence failures in the wars with Pakistan and China.
  • Its objectives include collecting foreign intelligence, counter-proliferation, counter-terrorism, guiding Indian policymakers, and advancing India's strategic international interests.

How Has RAW Evolved Since Its Inception?

  • Initially started with 250 employees and a budget of $20 million.
  • By the early 1970s, its budget increased to nearly $300 million, employing thousands.
  • RAW has expanded its capabilities, including the establishment of the Aviation Research Center (ARC) and involvement in electronic and technical intelligence.

Who Leads RAW and How Is It Structured?

  • As of 2019, Samant Kumar Goel, an IPS officer from the 1984 batch, is the Director of RAW.
  • RAW operates under the Cabinet Secretariat and works closely with the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA).


RAW, or Research and Analysis Wing, plays a critical role in India's national security and foreign policy. Its intelligence gathering and analysis are vital for safeguarding the nation's interests and ensuring informed decision-making at the highest levels.

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