SSB Full Form

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SSB Full Form

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What is the full form of SSB?

The full form of SSB is 'Services Selection Board.' The SSB is the primary organisation responsible for evaluating candidates for officer positions in the Indian Armed Forces. The Board assesses candidates using a conventional framework that includes interviews, character assessments, and intelligence tests. The SSB process involves both written tests and practical task-based assessments.

What Comprises the Services Selection Board?

  • An SSB board consists of assessors who are members of the Indian Armed Forces.
  • These assessors specialise as interviewing officers, group task officers (GTO), and psychologists.

Services Selection Boards in India

  • Indian Army: 4 Services Selection Boards
  • Indian Air Force: 4 Services Selection Boards
  • Indian Navy: 5 Services Selection Boards

How Does the SSB Assessment Process Work?

  • The SSB assessment process spans 5 to 6 days.
  • It includes a screening test, mental tests, group tasks, and a conference on the final day.
  • The assessment focuses on qualities like alertness, decision-making under pressure, critical and creative thinking, interpersonal skills, and loyalty to the nation.

Who Is Eligible to Apply for the SSB?

  • Indian citizens who have completed higher secondary education, graduation, or postgraduate degrees can apply.
  • There are multiple entry points for commission as an officer in the Indian Armed Forces, including after 10+2, graduation, and post-graduation.


The Services Selection Board, or SSB, plays a crucial role in the recruitment and selection of officers for the Indian Armed Forces. Its rigorous assessment process ensures that only the most suitable candidates are selected for these prestigious positions.

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