TRP Full Form

Tracking Ratings, Powering Influence

TRP Full Form

Tracking Ratings, Powering Influence

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What is the full form of TRP?

The full form of TRP is 'Television Rating Point.' TRP is a metric used to measure the popularity of television shows. It assesses which television programs have the highest viewership, indicating public interest and the effectiveness of the content. High TRP ratings suggest that a large audience is watching the program, making it crucial for marketers who place advertisements during these shows.

What Methods Are Used to Calculate TRP?

  • TRP is calculated using a device called a 'people meter' attached to televisions in select households.
  • The data from these meters are interpreted as representative of TV viewership across various demographic and geographic categories.

What Are the Different Techniques for Measuring TRP?

  • Picture Matching Method: This technique uses a people meter to continuously track the part of the picture being watched on a TV set. Data from survey households are used to calculate national ratings.

  • Frequency Monitoring Technique: In this method, a people meter records the time and program watched by an audience on a specific day. The average is calculated over 30 days to provide viewership information for a particular channel.

Why Is TRP Significant for TV Shows and Advertisers?

  • TRP ratings help determine a show's popularity and audience engagement.
  • High TRP ratings attract more advertisers, as they prefer to place their ads in popular shows with a larger audience.


TRP, or Television Rating Point, is a vital tool in the television industry for gauging the success of TV programs and guiding advertising strategies. It reflects viewer preferences and helps broadcasters and advertisers make informed decisions

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