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2nd Floor, Sree Sankara Complex,
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Thrissur - 680001.

Why register for IELTS tests?

IELTS coaching is a great way to increase your test score to study abroad!

The International English Language Testing System, or IELTS, is a standardised English proficiency test that is accepted by all universities in the world. This test checks the proficiency of students in English, based on which students get admission to universities in English-speaking countries. As such, it is essential that the students get adequate training to ace the test. If you are from Thrissur and want to get a good score on the test, here is a good news for you. You can get IELTS coaching from experts like AECC, which offers one of the best IELTS coaching classes in Thrissur. We offer coaching to our students by charging a nominal fee, which is way cheaper when compared to what the others charge.

Thereby, you give your best shot during the exam and can help shoot up your band scores.

Take IELTS Coaching with AECC Now!

Attending a coaching session and getting expert guidance helps you get a good score so that you can surely get admission to your preferred university in your favourite destination. Apart from offering test guidance and coaching, our counsellors can help students apply to the best universities based on their test scores, based on the probability of getting admission. So, if you are in search of the best IELTS coaching institutions in India, then AECC is the first you can choose.
Here are some of the primary advantages of IELTS Coaching Institutions in Thrissur at AECC:
  • IELTS Coaching in Thrissur is a popular option among students and job seekers, as it is necessary for all universities and colleges in India and other countries to have a minimum score on the IELTS exam to get admission to Universities, Colleges, and Jobs.
  • Suppose you score 8 or 9 on the IELTS exam. In that case, you will be eligible for the most high-level professional courses worldwide and a student visa from the best locations, and we can make it happen specifically for you!
  • With the help of the IELTS Coaching classes in Thrissur, students may easily pass their IELTS exam in a year with the assistance of current teaching techniques and effective study materials offered by AECC.
  • You will be trained to prepare for the IELTS exam ahead of time so that you can maintain a high focus throughout the exam. Our IELTS Coaching centre in Thrissur will assist you in developing a solid command of the English language and how to use it in various scenarios.
  • Our expert tutors will assist you in developing the skills and techniques required to succeed in the test, and our interactive classes will provide you with plenty of practice opportunities as our IELTS Training in Thrissur gives you the best chance of achieving your target test score in the shortest period of time possible.
With experts at your fingertips at AECC, you can feel at ease when you take the test & the enrollment process will be seamless. We will provide you with assistive advice to feel well-prepared and confident when you take the test. There are many benefits to IELTS coaching, but these are just a few of the most critical reasons IELTS coaching is essential for anyone looking to improve their score on the IELTS.
This mock test gives you a perfect chance to learn IELTS in detail and get hands-on experience on how to get an excellent band score.

What do you get?

IELTS specific training

AECC expert counsellors will help guide you in the right direction as per your test performance to increase the band scores at top study destinations.

Listening and Reading

Our mock test covers some of the best listening and reading sections. They will assist you in comprehending the IELTS test format and structure to their core.

Writing and Speaking

The test has ample writing and speaking questions that will help you prepare for IELTS in the best way possible. It will provide you with a detailed overview of what it's like to sit for an IELTS exam and how your preparation plans should look.

We offer training for

SAT Exam
PTE Exam
GRE Exam

Our Successful Students

"AECC expert teachers helped me achieve this score in IELTS. I had access to the best test preparation material and mock tests that helped me analyse my strengths and weaknesses for IELTS. The teachers at AECC are IELTS and other LPT test experts. They make you understand the test format and structure, ensuring your preparation is just right."

"When I came to AECC, I had no idea about IELTS. But with their help, I was able to get a strong foothold on the IELTS test. Their test preparation classes are the best in India. They offer test-specific training with just the right training material and mock tests. I was able to achieve this high score in IELTS only because of AECC." Thanks for the support.

About AECC

We at AECC guide our students with accurate study abroad information, backed by our strong industry expertise and our team of knowledgeable counselors. We provide constant support every step of the way in our student's journey, to make it as seamless and memorable as possible.

Our award-winning team of registered migration agents and PIER-certified education consultants have helped over 55,000 students from over 40 nationalities successfully study with top universities and education providers worldwide.


The significant features of IELTS coaching in Thrissur are that students can attend the classes by paying a nominal fee, and our counsellors can guide students in applying to the best universities based on their test scores.
You can prepare for IELTS within a month, but it is essential that you prepare well and get the best coaching. You should also have a good study plan ready.
The IELTS test cost in India comes to around INR 16,250. However, this is subject to change based on the type of IELTS test you take. Additionally, you may have to pay extra charges if they reschedule the test.
The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS, Barron’s IELTS Superpack, Simone Braverman’s Target Band 7 etc., are some of the best IELTS books available.
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