Living in Australia

Expert Guide on Living and Working in Australia

Life Down Under will be vastly different from what you probably experience at your own home or country. Australia is a very cosmopolitan country and boasts of diverse communities and cultures. Once there, your lifestyle will certainly undergo changes and the sooner you adapt, the faster you will be able to enjoy your stay there.

What Life is Really Like in Australia ?


As Australia is a vast country, its climatic conditions vary greatly depending on the area. Australia has a wide array of environmental conditions—from deserts to beaches to coral reefs to grazing lands. Since it is located in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons in Australia are opposite to what you normally experience in Asia or Europe, as such will need a little getting used to.

Society, People and Culture

In terms of people and culture, Australia has a highly varied demographic. It has a plethora of people speaking different languages, practicing different religions, sharing different histories, etc. International students studying in Australia will without doubt experience a wide array of diverse and fascinating cultures that have come to symbolize the melting pot that is Australia.


Finding a place to stay in Australia is not difficult as international students will have a lot of options to choose from. Although some Australian universities do provide their students with hostel facilities, majority of the students prefer to live off-campus in various home stay places, private hostels, or on rent.  Staying in a hostel generally provides international students an opportunity to mingle with other students during their study.


The transportation system in Australia is very large and well maintained as its huge size demands an extremely efficient system. Students can choose to travel by taxis, buses, trains, planes etc.

Cost of Study

Tuition fees for academic programs in Australian educational institutes are generally less when compared to their counterparts in the USA or UK, making it a preferred choice for many intentional students. However, careful budgeting of expenses helps in maintaining an affordable stay in Australia.

Requirements for Visa

There are a number of classes and sub-classes of VISA that the Government of Australia issues to people for studying in Australia. Several requirements need to be fulfilled for a successful grant of VISA for Australia. More information can be found on the government website: