Study in Australia

Mid-Year Intake

Mid-Year intake now-a-days is a well-established characteristic of the Universities in Australia. All the major universities in Australia offer the provision of mid-year intake or mid-year entry according to their own guidelines. Mid-Year intake refers to the provision to enroll in a course or to shift from one course to another in the middle of an academic year. It allows better flexibility for first year students to choose their area and course of interest. It also provides options like summer semester and trimester so that one can complete their studies on time.

Mid-Year intake has a lot of advantages for students coming to Australia for higher education. Mid-year intake option has become one of key feature of Australian education and is being availed by many overseas students in Australia in scenarios such as –

  • A student enrolled in a specific course may want to change his program of study midway to upgrade to a better course or change his course just because he/she wants to experience something new. In such a scenario, the provision of ‘mid-year intake’ has changed the whole paradigm. Now, if a student desires to change his course, then mid-year intake is an apt and perfect option to shift in to an appropriate course without any further delay.
  • Student planning to take a time off to relax, travel or earn money after completing schooling have an option to avail mid-year intake
  • Many universities specifically allocate extra seats for mid-year intake for students who have missed out on their first preference in the first semester of their study and has to enroll in the second or third preference
  • There are students who would like to enroll in a second course but could not because their ensuing course is not complete in this case mid-year intake is the best option for them.

Therefore, mid-year intake is an innovative feature of the present day higher education system that caters to the flexibility, preference and changing demands of the student community at large. It has brought greater freedom and dynamism along with it in the seats of higher learning.