PTE Academic Test Day

During The Pte Academic Test Day

Test Day! Inhale. Exhale.  You have prepared hard for this day.  The tests, the timing, pattern, all of it you have encountered during your mock tests.  Be confident, be calm and stay focused.   Also, remember to arrive early in the PTE Academic test site to recuperate.  Coming in late and cramming will have negative impact on your performance.

Speaking Test

  • The microphone will stop recording automatically after three seconds of silence so remember to respond quickly.  You may use fillers such as um, uh, or Let me see, to give you time to think and also avoid silence.
  • Depending on the task given, you will be provided with 10-40 seconds to read and understand the instruction before recording starts.  You do not have to worry too much about managing your time as the computer will control the pacing and the time needed for each task.
  • Remember to speak at a good volume and at a normal pace.  Speaking too quickly or quietly may affect your mark.
  • Make sure that you include as many important points as you can in the time you are given.  We recommend that you use compound and complex sentences in the speaking test.  When you make a mistake, carry on.  Continue speaking to maximize your time efficiently.

Writing Test

  • Ensure that you are mindful in the correct usage of capital letters and punctuation marks, as well as writing in full sentences as it will affect your test score.
  • You will be given 10 minutes for the Summarise Text portion and 20 minutes for the Essay.  Time management is the key.
  • When tasked to summarise text, remember to response with 5 to 75 words as responding less than 5 words and more than 75 words will not be accepted/scored.
  • Focus on the main topic when writing the essay, the word limit is between 200 to 300 words. Write only within the given word count as it will affect results.

Reading Test

  • Time management is needed in this section.  Be mindful of the time you spend in every task.  Remember that you are only given 32-41 minutes to complete all the task in the Reading test.
  • Be careful when answering multiple choice questions.  They may look easy but they are tricky.
  • To help you determine and understand the idea of the text, prompts and text boxes will appear along with the text in every task, make use of them.

Listening Test

  • This test is time constrained so manage it well. Do not spend too much time on a task or you risk failing to answer the other tasks. Remember that amongst the test section, the Listening test has the most number of tasks to complete.
  • It is recommended that you note down the main idea including the supporting arguments when attempting listening test so as to respond precisely to the task to fetch good score.  However, ensure that you use it wisely as you may not have sufficient time to transfer your answers.
  • Check your spelling and grammar at least once.
  • Pay attention to the speakers’ delivery and tone, including the attitude and stressing of the words as it may help you determine the best response to the task.