Study Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

Study Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

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The number of international students studying in Canada has increased considerably over the past few years. The top-ranked universities and affordable learning opportunities have made the country extremely attractive among international students in general and Indian students in particular. The average duration of a Bachelor’s program in Canada is three to five years. You can expect an annual tuition fee from CAD 12,000 to CAD 30,000.

Do you know that over 100 educational institutions in the country offer 1000+ Undergraduate programs?

Now that you have decided to study Bachelor’s degree in Canada let us get into more details. We know that you will be looking for further details like the best universities to study Bachelor’s degree in Canada, the average tuition fees, scholarships etc. You can read further and get all these details here.

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Bachelor’s in Canada: Highlights

Total no. of universities


Top specialisations

Actuarial Science, Agriculture, Biology, Biomedical Science, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Food Business Management, Mathematics, Pharmacy, Psychology etc.

Average annual tuition fees 

INR 20 lakhs

Exams required


Co-Op Option in Bachelor Degree

Most Bachelor’s programs in Canadian universities offer co-op programs. Co-op refers to Cooperation Education Program, which allows students to work while they study.
Co-op students usually shuttle between four months in school and four months at work as full-time employees of an organisation. This helps you in many ways starting from gaining hands-on experience in jobs, attending interviews, and getting job experience while also earning money. There are a few types of co-op programs for you to choose from.

Difference Between Co-Op and Internship

Now, this might be a question that comes to your mind after reading about co-op programs. What makes co-op programs different from internships? Here is what makes them different. Co-op programs are different from internships in a few respects. The table below shows a few prominent differences between co-op and internship.



A joint venture by the university, student and employer

A venture between the employer and student

Mostly paid

Sometimes unpaid

Full-time jobs with breaks from classes

May or may not have a break from classes

Higher salary and responsibility than an intern

Lower salary and responsibility

Top Universities for Bachelor’s Degrees in Canada

Canada is home to some of the top-ranked universities in the world. Several of these universities appear in top positions in several national and international rankings. You can expect an average annual tuition fee ranging from INR 7,00,000 to INR 38,00,000. The table below has a list of the top universities in Canada, along with their tuition fees and rankings.

Name of University

QS Ranking 2023

Popular Course


Average Annual Tuition Fees (in INR)

University of Toronto



4 years

INR 38,95,000

McGill University


BSc in Computer Science

4 years

INR 35,90,000

University of British Columbia


BSc in Computer Science

4 years

INR 28,19,000

University of Montreal


BS in nursing

3 years

INR 8,14,000

University of Alberta


BS in Computer Engineering

4 years

INR 27,33,000

McMaster University


BASc in Computer Science

4 years

INR 26,25,000

University of Ottawa


BA in Psychology

4 years

INR 24,05,000

University of Calgary


BS in Computer Science

4 years

INR 11,04,000

University of Waterloo



4-5 years

INR 41,63,000

Dalhousie University



4 years

INR 9,55,000

Requirements and Eligibility for Bachelor’s in Canada

The requirements and eligibility for Bachelor’s in Canada vary depending on the course and university you choose. As such, it is not easy to come up with a certain set of requirements that all universities demand. However, there are a few criteria that you will have to satisfy in any case.
You need at least 50% marks in your grade 12. You should also have a good English proficiency test score of 5.5 in IELTS or equivalent.

Application Process for Bachelor’s in Canada

The application process for Bachelor’s in Canada may vary depending on the university you apply to. However, there is a general application process that you can follow. The same is given below. You should also refer to the official website of the university to get updated information.

  1. Visit the official website of the university and create an account.
  2. Log in to your account and fill in the necessary information.
  3. Upload all the documents.
  4. Pay the application fee and submit the application.

Tuition Fee for Bachelor’s Degree in Canada

The tuition fee for a Bachelor’s program in Canada ranges from CAD 12,000 to CAD 30,000, depending on the course you choose. Pursuing an Engineering or Medical degree will cost you around CAD 22,000 per year, while a Humanities, Management and Business degree will cost from CAD 5500 to CAD 6500.

Canada Visa Process for Bachelor’s Programs

A student visa is one of the important documents you need to arrange when you plan to study abroad. It is important to have all the documents handy beforehand so that your application will not get rejected. It takes around 12 weeks to process your application, and it is essential to apply early. The Canada study visa processing fee is CAD 150. The process to be followed for the same is given below.

  1. Check the processing time and apply early.
  2. Choose whether to apply online or offline.
  3. Pay the visa processing fee.
  4. Submit the necessary documents.
  5. Submit the application.

Scholarships Offered by Universities in Canada for Bachelor’s

There are several scholarships available for international students to fund their studies abroad. These universities will have varying eligibility criteria and award values depending on the host institution. There are fully-funded and partially-funded scholarships as well. These scholarships will be sport-based, need-based, merit-based etc. We have given a few university-specific scholarships in the table below. You can apply for these scholarships if you study at these universities and satisfy the criteria.

Name of University

Scholarship Amount (in CAD)

Acadia University

CAD 500 - CAD 6000

Brock University

CAD 4000 - CAD 16,000

Kings University

CAD 1500 - CAD 3500

Lakehead University

CAD 4000 - CAD 30,000

Laurentian University

CAD 60,000

Ryerson University

CAD 5000

Trent University

CAD 20,000

University of Alberta

CAD 29,000

University of Waterloo

CAD 10,000

University of Winnipeg

CAD 3500 - CAD 5000

We hope to have covered all details related to pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Canada. If you feel the need to learn more about the topic, you can read our blogs on the cost of living and studying, scholarships available etc. You can also contact our counsellors to get free individualised counselling.

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Why study Bachelor’s in Canada?
Canada is one of the top destinations for international students because of the affordability of education. Additionally, there are several top-ranked universities as well.
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