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One of the most crucial phases in determining whether or not to study abroad is to get career counselling. It not only helps you get clarity about what you want, but it also assists you in making the necessary efforts to create a bright future. This is where AECC enters the picture. We understand that obtaining a visa is a complicated procedure, but rest assured you will be under our supervision for a significant period. We offer comprehensive knowledge and problem-solving experience to help you through your challenges. If the visa procedure prevents you from realising your ambition, AECC is the optimal solution. There are specific steps you must take in order to finish your visa application process effectively. Take the help of AECC to ensure that you clear the process without any hassles. When you have someone to help you with the application process, you will have fewer possibilities of making mistakes and being denied.

Study abroad consultancies, such as AECC, strive to provide students with everything they need under one roof. Students do not have to sprint from one consultation to the next to finish the tasks because of this methodology. Going for the IELTS exam through the consultant you need to apply for a study visa will provide you with true sensations of calm and a sense of how much score you will need to get to gain admission to your selected university or college.

AECC has been on a mission to make overseas education accessible since our inception in 2008. We have a global presence in 15 countries and operate in 21 offices across India, with 300+ counsellors helping on your study abroad journey! We guarantee that students who wish to study abroad receive the best education services offered in India. The primary role of AECC is to assist prospective students with the manual work, which includes everything from filling out the application form, a code of conduct in a university, a basic understanding of rules and regulations, booking appointment dates, and paying fees in the bank to presenting passport collection.

At AECC, we take pleasure in being the best abroad consultant to guarantee that your aspirations come true. We ensure seamless applications since our top educational counsellors are well-trained, extremely knowledgeable, and have considerable international experience. We provide experienced guidance at all stages of applying to universities in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Ireland, and many more countries.

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