What to Do After Reaching Your Destination

Studying abroad is a bold choice, one that has to be carefully planned and strategized. The first week abroad becomes very important as this is the period when a student settles down and gradually gets to know the place and hence, needs to be planned well. Some of the things to be kept in mind are-

a) Be prepared ahead of time and have some sort of transportation waiting to take you from airport to your host school.

b) Enjoy the ride from airport to your institute as you will be getting your first view of a city that you are going to live in for next few years.

c) Approach Help Desks wherever available. People at Help Desks are there because they want to make your experience as smooth as possible.

d) Make it a point to be present for any orientation program that is be organised for new students. Also, there may be one specially organised for international students. Orientation programs generally revolve around class advising and selection. But they also provide a platform for getting acquainted with the social scene, both on- and off-campus. Take full advantage of any festivities. This is where you will meet bulk of your new friends, especially if you live in a dorm or hall and they sponsor an in-house event.

c) Be very meticulous about your expenses. You are probably going to spend a lot of money that first week.

d) Usually in the first two weeks or so, schools organize some type of sports and/or activities fair. Get yourself involved in any activity that you used to engage in at your home. This is will give you a chance to integrate part of your life back home with your life abroad. This is also another area where you’ll meet tons of new friends.

e) Be ready for a different culture and/or society. Make it a point to learn customs and mannerisms of the place where you are going.

f) Get acquainted with the area in and around your school. Find out where classes are held, where the library is and where the local/school shopping complex is located.

g) It’s not a bad idea to try and find a job. Working a few hours a week, even for minimum wage, will probably take care of a huge chunk of your expenses.

h) Lastly, best cure for jet lag is a long night’s sleep, followed by a hot meal when you wake up. Overall, just try to enjoy that first week or so that you’re there. It’s probably the only time you will have zero work, and therefore the best time to fully enjoy your new found freedom in a foreign country.