Why Is PTE Gaining Popularity?

10,50,00,000 results when you Google PTE and another 210000 when you search for PTE Academic! For those who aren’t much aware, PTE Academic is a global level English language test, very much like TOEFL and IELTS. Pearson Tests of English (PTE) is conducted by the Pearson Group and is gaining huge popularity worldwide. So what could be the reasons? And how does this increasing popularity affect you as a student aspiring for global education? Let us examine –

  1. All the major Universities and educational institutions, even the big ones like Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale, accept students’ applications on the basis of PTE Academic results.
  2. PTE Academic is one of the leading tests in Australia and it has been used to prove English proficiency for student visas in Australia for last many years. Recently, the Department of Immigration Border Protection (DIBP) of Australia has validated PTE Academic for granting temporary graduate, skilled, work and holiday, and former resident visa programmes as well.
  3. PTE Academic is easier than IELTS; that’s one main reason for its popularity. While in IELTS, a student is required to speak to a rater which tends to be worrisome for those who aren’t as fluent in English. PTE gives you the benefit of speaking into a microphone so the students have a better chance of scoring high sans nervousness and anxiety.
  4. PTE Academic is totally computer-based. Its results are far more accurate and unbiased. What more, the results are available online within five business days of taking the test!
  5. The ease and convenience of booking the test is another big reason. There are about 200 locations worldwide so a student can find one near to his or her place.  There is a PTE Test almost every day; even timing the test is not a problem for the students.

Last and the most important reason, the cost benefit! While all other tests cost Rs. 10,750 or even more; PTE can be booked for Rs. 9,810 only! This happens when you book PTE Academic online through AECC Global, a Professional Partner with PTE, where you get 10% discount voucher on PTE Academic Test booking.