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2 Year Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students


"Healthcare careers are highly sought after, not only in Canada but globally. Nursing is a medical field with significant potential, offering rewarding work and competitive salaries. This makes it a preferred choice for both local and international students. The tuition costs for Nursing programs in Canada are generally reasonable, making it an attractive option for international students. Pursuing a 2-year Nursing program in Canada is advisable, as it allows for a quicker entry into the job market.

Interested in learning about Nursing program fees in Canada or popular Nursing courses?

Studying abroad provides opportunities to attend top-ranked universities and enjoy a higher quality of life. If you're considering a 2-year Nursing program in Canada, you've come to the right place. This blog provides essential information for international students looking to enter the Nursing industry through a 2-year program in Canada."

Types of Nursing Programs in Canada for International Students

There are three types of Nursing courses in Canada, and you can choose the one that best suits you based on your interests and tastes. Based on your qualifications, you can choose to study any of the following programs.

  1. Certification Courses (1-2 years)
  2. Diploma Courses (1-2 years)
  3. Masters Programs (2 years)
  4. Bachelors Programs (3-4 years)

Subjects Covered for 2-Year Nursing Programs in Canada

The subjects covered for 2-year Nursing programs in Canada vary based on the university, level of study, and type of program you choose. As such, it is not easy to give a set of subjects that will be asked in all cases. However, we can give you a general range of subjects that will be covered.

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Midwifery and Gynaecology

Paediatric Nursing



Medical-Surgical Nursing


Health Education and Communication Skills


Fundamentals of Nursing



Personal Hygiene

Community Health Nursing

Top Universities/Colleges for 2-Year Nursing Programs in Canada

There is a wide range of colleges and universities that offer 2-year Nursing programs in Canada. The country is popular for its Medical-related courses, which is one of the top reasons why several students study in Canada from India. Tabulated below are the popular colleges and universities in Canada, along with the cost to study Nursing programs in Canada. However, it should be noted that Nursing fees in Canada may vary, and it is better to refer to the official website of the university for updated information.

Name of University

QS Ranking 2024

Average Annual Tuition Fees (in CAD)

University of Toronto


CAD 35,550

University of British Columbia


CAD 9314

University of Ottawa


CAD 10,473

McMaster University


CAD 8911

University of Calgary


CAD 15,084

McGill University


CAD 22,644

University of Montreal


CAD 20,720

University of Alberta


CAD 10,254

Western University


CAD 31,098

Queen’s University at Kingston


CAD 15,592

Entry Requirements to Study 2-Year Nursing Programs in Canada

The entry requirements to study 2 year Nursing in Canada vary based on the university and study program you choose. Though it is not easy to state a set of definite requirements asked for by the university, we can give you a set of general guidelines. They are as follows. It is also advisable to visit the official website of the university for all the updated information.

  1. For Diploma or Bachelor's level degrees, you must have finished the necessary formal schooling of 10 + 2 with related subjects from a certified school with minimum marks.
  2. For Master's or Graduate Diplomas, the applicant must hold a Bachelor's degree in Nursing such as a BSc in Nursing or some other related one.
  3. The students also require good scores in English language proficiency tests such as IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, etc.
  4. You will also need the Statement Of Purpose (SOP) and Letters Of Recommendation (LORs) in the format prescribed by your university.
  5. You also need to complete a BSN degree and General Nursing courses.
  6. Some universities demand English, Math, or Science as compulsory subjects in your 10 + 2 qualifications.
  7. You must complete the CASPer test.
  8. You need official academic transcripts and a resume.
  9. You must have a year of clinical experience (for Masters).
  10. You need a police certificate stating that you do not have any criminal charges against you.
  11. You also need a valid nursing licence for practice in Canada (for Masters).
  12. You need a curriculum vitae for your Master's.

 Scope of 2-Year Nursing Programs in Canada

Nursing in Canada has always been a preferred career path among international students. Students seek this career because it has a massive scope beyond their imagination; students get an easy ticket into the medical and healthcare sector through Canada's 2-year Nursing programs. We have given a list of possible career scopes after this degree below. However, it goes beyond this list.

Job Profile

Average Annual Salary (in CAD)

Nursing Manager

CAD 85,000

Certified Nurse Midwife

CAD 114,000

Nurse Practitioner

CAD 94,000

Forensic Nurse

CAD 80,000

Clinical Information Specialist

CAD 75,000

Clinical Research Manager

CAD 89,000

Nurse Educator

CAD 90,000

Critical Care Nurse Supervisor

CAD 96,000

Psychiatric Nurse

CAD 88,000

Nursing Professor

CAD 145,000

Nursing is one of the most rewarding career paths in Canada and you are sure to find a suitable job and enjoy a higher standard of living after you complete your Nursing in Canada. We hope that you got all the information related to 2-year Nursing programs in Canada for international students. If you have any further questions or doubts, you can contact AECC. We have trained counselors to assist you on every step of your journey to study abroad, from university applications to visa guidance. Do not hesitate to contact us for FREE assistance!


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