91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad in 2021, regardless of Covid-19

91% of Indian students prefer to study abroad in 2021, regardless of Covid-19

Key Points: Because of the availability of prior healthcare facilities, students prefer to study abroad.60% of the students favoured education loans.The vaccination service provided by the UK government to international students has resulted in a significant increase in the number of applications. The advent of the Covid -19 pandemic put many stude...

Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A Complete Guide

Statement of Purpose (SOP) - A Complete Guide

Table of Content What is SOP? Importance of SOP SOP Guidelines Statement of Purpose (SOP) Format How to Write Statement of Purpose (SOP) Statement of Purpose Sample Common Mistakes to Avoid in Statement of Purpose Statement of Purpose vs Personal Statement Done Statement of Purpose for MBA SOP for MS FAQ What is SOP (Statement of Purpose)? "The man...


Best Indian Restaurant in USA For Indian Students

Indian restaurants throughout the country bring flavour to the eating scene of the United States with a delicate mix of local traditions, hand-down recipes and local influences. If you think of Indian restaurants, the idea of white tablecloth restaurants is the same as in Bollywood, with the background a random Bolivar movie, a dish of creamy chick...

Best Places to Visit in UK for International Students

Best Places to Visit in UK for International Students

Many people wish to study in the United Kingdom, and a few are fortunate enough to be able to do so. You're working hard to succeed. It's a part of life to work hard. The same goes for the regeneration of new energy, which only comes when you relax. The United Kingdom is packed with these places. The UK tourism destination offers a good history, cu...


Best Indian Restaurant in Australia for Students

It is natural that you may be hit by the cravings of Indian food when travelling to a new country. You may get a taste of pleasures such as daal makhani, dosa, pav bhaji, paneer tikka after stuffed yourself with local food. If you're in Australia and have to satisfy your appetite and find yourself in this circumstance, you're lucky. You may not be ...


Best Places to Visit in Canada for International Students

Canada has established itself as one of the world's most desirable educational destinations for students. However, it boasts a thriving music scene and diverse cuisine to please the palates. Canada is not only the second-largest nation for its natural life and experience; there's a postponed nocturnal life and a lovely food scene. Studying abroad i...

Masters in UK for Indian Students

Masters in UK for Indian Students

In the UK, there are some of the world's finest universities famous for their teaching and research quality. The successful graduate degree or masters in UK often takes only a year compared with two-year master's programmes in other parts of the world. This means that you can save time, money and get on with a well-respected postgraduate degree fro...

Exam Requirements to Study in Ireland for International Students

Exam Requirements to Study in Ireland for International Students

Even if you feel that you can achieve your desire of studying in Ireland, the eligibility criteria for the Irish universities must be known. Each university in Ireland has various criteria and conditions for admission, and bear in mind that Ireland's top universities are higher than the averages displayed here. The score criteria and language requi...


Test Requirements to Study in New Zealand for International Students

New Zealand is one of the world's most beautiful and safe places and offers the greatest training to be desired. New Zealand is considered as one of the most successful locations to live and students especially desire to go to New Zealand to study. In order to study in New Zealand, both governments and specific institutions have to fulfill the crit...


What Exams are Required to Study in USA?

Apart from your visa application procedure, you have a few things to consider while intending to study in the USA. You must take specific exams as proof of language and academic evaluation in order to receive admittance from US institutions. These include academic evaluations of admissions to US Universities at UG and PG levels. These examinations ...


Exams Required to Study in UK

The United Kingdom is a popular foreign student choice in much of the globe with 18 universities in the world's top 100 rankings at the QS World University Ranking 2021. While the country has a fantastic cultural experience, international exhibition, and world-class qualifications, you may require standardised testing to complete your university ap...


Entrance Exam for Study in Canada

Planning a College or University of Canada application? You must be aware of the standardised examinations needed to enter Canadian institutions. It is crucial to know what tests you will need to complete in advance to successfully apply. These examinations depend on the level you want to study. Here's a brief list of compulsory tests in a Canadian...


The United Kingdom UK Universities to Cover Quarantine Costs for Indian Students

Our students' health and safety remain a priority, and few of our partner universities look forward to welcoming our international community to their campuses. The university has adopted its preparedness plan COVID-19, which is ready to welcome foreign students and to help them. Over the previous year, Coronavirus has been challenging for everybody...


Australia Entrance Exam for Indian Students

Test Requirements for Indian Students in Australia More than 400,000 international students each year choose Australia for their international studies. These students from all over the world attend university degrees. Students from all backgrounds and nationalities discovered the power of education in Australia, from short-term English instruction ...


Stress Management Tips for Students

Are you a student who has problems with time management? Well, the majority of students nowadays fail to manage their time properly, which leads to decreases in productivity and stress. Time management is an art that not only brings about discipline but also improves the entire growth of a pupil. Every student must thus know how to manage time effe...


Australia has proven its uniqueness and has driven us into all the interesting bits of it; Adelaide has been named Australia’s most liveable city.

Highlights Researchers evaluated and rated stability in 140 cities worldwide.Four Australian cities were in the top ten worldwide, Sydney is also highly successfulThe performance is due to the coronavirus reaction in AustraliaDespite a smaller score for health care, Melbourne was among the largest risers. Adelaide, Australia (94.0) - Ranked 3rd Per...


CBSE Class 12 Exams Canceled: A news which nearly one crore students were waiting to know.

Since March 2020, grades 10th and 12th have taken place online. For youngsters of this age range, it has been both physically and psychologically difficult. The customary method of examinations puts a lot of load on students particularly in classes 10 and 12. Parent protection against Covid has been offered to their students throughout the year, re...


Economic Overview of USA

US Economy  In North America, the United States is a union of 50 states. It is one of the greatest economies in the world and is regarded as a mixed economy. This implies that consumer products and commercial services it works as a free market economy. However, the Government establishes rules even in these sectors to defend the good of everyo...


Economic Overview of UK

The UK has a fiercely autonomous, sophisticated, and worldwide trade economy that was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution in the nineteenth century. The country emerged as a military winner from World War II, but with a crippled manufacturing economy. The United Kingdom is a highly developed country with significant economic, political, s...


Economic Overview of Canada

Canada Economy Knowing and understanding a country's economy will assist you in putting new concepts into context. You'll discover how to analyse your personal spending habits, the Nuances of the profession, how to Leverage Economic Tools, and how to better your job prospects by putting this knowledge into practise. So, If you choose Canada, you mu...

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