Best Cities to Study in Germany for Indian Students

Students from India are frustrated with choosing a city to study in Germany. For many students from India, the quality of education is the first thing they look at while studying abroad. The German capital of Berlin is an obvious choice for higher education in Germany. But German students are increasingly heading abroad for courses and degrees beca...

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Why Study In Germany From India?

Every year, lakhs of Indian students choose to study abroad at world-class universities to widen their career prospects. Though too many options are in front of them, they all drop every single option and pick Germany as it offers affordable quality education to non-native English speakers like Indian students. Many countries are striding forward r...

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Part-time Jobs in Germany for Indian Students

International students consider Germany the ideal study destination. It is not just because of their quality of education, infrastructure, and so on, but their appropriate part-time jobs for international students, especially Indian students. Today, part-time job opportunities have become a significant factor in foreign candidates' choosing a study...

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LLM in Germany for Indian Students

Germany is a great place to pursue a master's degree, particularly in research-driven subjects like law and technology-oriented fields. Affordably priced professional choices are supported by German education. Germany offers a wide variety of specialization possibilities for LLM programmes, spanning from international law to finance and legal theor...

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Germany vs Ireland: Which is better for Indian Students?

Studying in Europe is the dream of most students. There has been a long-term debate on Germany vs Ireland: Which is better for Indian Students? The accessible and affordable education offered in Germany has traditionally made it a popular destination for students. Ireland, on the other hand, has long been a significant tourist destination given its...

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