Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication in Germany

Masters in Journalism and Mass Communication is an oft-chosen course in Germany. The scope of the course is endless, and you will surely find yourself employed in top positions in some of the leading companies in the world. There are several specialisations offered for the course as well. There is a reason why Germany has an increased popularity am...

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Data Science Courses in Germany for Indian Students

'Do you want to get a degree in data science? In this blog, you will understand why studying Data Science in Germany may be the best option for you. From free-of-cost education to lucrative professional chances, Germany ticks all the boxes for becoming a top location for your study abroad excursion.'  Data Science in Germany is becoming a popu...

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Masters in Management in Germany

Germany, being home to many world-class Business Schools, is becoming popular among international students who want to pursue a Master's in Management. Scholars aspiring to study management can apply and opt to study MIM in Germany. This course is generally 18 to 24 months long and teaches management techniques. Many top public institutes in German...

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Masters In Civil Engineering in Germany for Indian Students

Masters in Civil Engineering in Germany is a postgraduate degree for students who have completed their B.E in civil or a related field. It is a vocation-oriented degree that prepares students to understand the working of static objects that can help them construct large-scale buildings. Most German universities are public universities that require ...

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Masters In Mechanical Engineering in Germany for Indian Students

Masters in Mechanical Engineering in Germany is one of the most versatile interdisciplinary engineering degrees. It is a 2-year course that covers all the aspects of motion and energy. This program is for students who have completed their Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering or related fields. If you are also planning to pursue a Masters in Mechanic...

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Masters In Architecture in Germany for Indian Students

The Master of Architecture in Germany is an 18 to 24-month professional course for students who wish to become successful architects. A thriving economy with developments in engineering and an impetus rise in jobs and career opportunities makes Germany even more demanding among students.Architecture is a massive field, and it has different sub...

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Masters In Psychology in Germany for Indian Students

Masters in Psychology in Germany is a research and application-oriented degree that helps you understand all aspects of the human mind and how the psyche works. It is a two years postgraduate course offered as MS (Masters in Science) or an MA program. This program allows students to explore various specialisations, such as clinical psychology, psyc...

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Masters in Engineering Management In Germany

The master's in Engineering Management in Germany is the best choice if you are an engineering student seeking a shift in the typical master's subject of study. For engineering graduates who want to study business and advance to a higher managerial position, there is a 2-year degree program available. This degree is a combination of both technical ...

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Masters In Computer Science In Germany

A Master's in Computer science in Germany will help you to explore technological progress in all spheres of economic and social life. With a Master of Computer Science, you will have deep expertise in scientific methodology and are a specialist in at least one branch of computer science. You will enrol for two years to earn a Master of Computer Sci...

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Masters In Project Management In Germany for Indian Students

Project management involves the scientific process of planning, organising and using a company's resources to direct the completion of specific projects within the given time and budget. Every project is different and possesses particular challenges. Tight deadlines and high expectations are some of them. Therefore, project managers need to be skil...

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Top Universities In Germany for Indian Students

Germany has been one of the most sought-after higher-study destinations for international students in the last decade. The country is renowned for its structured education system and top-notch programmes that help students prepare for their future career opportunities. Top universities in Germany offer a student a wide range of opportunities and ac...

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MBA in Germany without Work Experience

Germany is a world leader in technology and manufacturing. Its high-quality higher education has recently led many students to Germany's numerous study destinations, particularly for management studies. Germany's contribution to the business world has made the universities offer dazzling management degrees. But most German universities need student...

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MBA Jobs in Germany

Germany may not be the most popular MBA destination in the world, but its low-cost education, stable economy, and abundance of job opportunities for graduates are helping it climb the popularity ladder. Those looking for MBA jobs in Germany will benefit from the country's stable economy and low unemployment rates. Universities in Germany report tha...

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MBA in Finance in Germany

Germany is frequently referred to as a land of ideas and opportunities. Germany, a major hub for technology, research, and innovation, is one of the most sought-after countries for international MBA students. Germany, an appealing destination for knowledge seekers, places a high value on its educational system. Masters in Finance programmes are ava...

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MBA in Germany Without GMAT

Are you drawn to the enormous employment options that an MBA degree provides? Would you desire to work professionally in marketing, management, business, or entrepreneurship? Do you have appropriate job experience and skills but do not want to study for the GMAT? If you answered yes to all of these questions, you've come to the correct spot. MBA is...

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Cost Of Studying In Germany

Are you planning to study in Europe? Then Germany can be one of the best choices for you. Higher education in this subcontinent is cheaper than in other European countries and most study abroad destinations. .table_content a { color: #fff !important; } Table of Contents Average Tuition Fees in GermanyCost of Studying in Germany: Public Universities...

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PhD In Germany For Indian Students

Germany is a preferred destination for Indian students to do their PhD. About 10% of Germany's international student population comprises PhD students as the country has some of the best research and technical institutions in the world. Usually, state-funded universities in Germany do not have any tuition fees for PhD programmes, while at private u...

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Masters (MS) In Automotive Engineering In Germany

Germany is another famous go-to study destination for international students after Canada and the USA. German colleges and universities offer entire study plans with real-time projects to facilitate the students' practical knowledge. Germany has made its name in technological development and continues to grow further. A top graduate in the automobi...

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Masters In Data Science In Germany

In the tech-savvy era that we live in, we need skilled professionals who can digest and analyse large, complicated data sets. As a data scientist, you apply mathematics, physics, statistics, and computer science concepts to examine raw, unreadable data and transform it into legible metrics that can predict patterns in consumer behaviour. Studying s...

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Masters In Biotechnology In Germany

Aspirants wishing to study Masters in Biotechnology in Germany can do so at a low price of 103 Euros a year. However, some universities in Germany are there which do not charge any tuition fees for students wanting to complete their higher education. A wide band of specialisations are available like MSc. in Molecular Biotechnology, MSc. in Food Bio...

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