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DAAD Scholarship in Germany for Indian Students

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD) is one of the largest organisations in the world that offers financial assistance in the form of scholarships to international students studying in Germany. The DAAD Scholarships are offered to students of all levels; Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctoral programs. The scholarship amount and eligibility differ based on the scholarship you are eligible for. 

Did You Know?

Over one lakh DAAD Scholarships are offered to international students every year

The application for the year 2023-24 is now open, and you can start preparing your proposals and essays. Read further to learn more about DAAD Scholarships in Germany, the award values, eligibility criteria, the selection process, and much more.

DAAD Scholarship Germany: Highlights

Scholarship type


Funded by

Government bodies

No. of scholarships

1 lakh




Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst

Application deadline

November 4, 2023

Open to international students


Scholarship amount

USD 888

DAAD Scholarship website link


What is a DAAD Scholarship?

Before you proceed to apply for the DAAD Scholarship, it is important to understand in detail about the scholarship. DAAD Scholarship funds over two million scholars, both German and international. DAAD has offices in 60 countries, which makes it easier for you to locate their offices. You can easily get in touch with them if you need any assistance.

Eligibility Requirements for a DAAD Scholarship

Since there are several scholarships available under the DAAD Scholarship scheme, it takes work to give you a set of specific eligibility criteria. As such, we have given a set of general criteria below that you will need to require in most cases. They are as follows.

  1. English language test score: You need an IELTS score of at least 6.5. It is also good to have German proficiency, but it is not mandatory in most cases.
  2. No Objection Certificate (NOC): If you are applying for a short-term research or exchange program, you should obtain a NOC from the home institution.
  3. Research Proposal/SOP: You should have a well-written research proposal or Statement Of Purpose (SOP) that can be 500-1000 words long.
  4. Academic score: You should have at least 85% or a CGPA of 8.5 or an equivalent score, depending on the degree applied.
  5. Work experience: You should have at least two years of work experience, teaching/graduate assistantship or research work.

Documents Required to Apply for DAAD Scholarship

We have given a checklist of some of the important documents you need to submit when you apply for the DAAD Scholarship. They are given below.

  1. Copy of your passport
  2. Certified copies of your academic certificates
  3. Language proficiency test scorecard
  4. Letter of motivation
  5. Letters Of Recommendation (LORs)
  6. Invitation letter from your German supervisor
  7. Passport-size photograph
  8. CV and cover letter
  9. A research proposal if applying for a research grant
  10. Statement Of Purpose (SOP)/Letter of Intent
  11. Proof of work experience
  12. NOC

How to Apply for a DAAD Scholarship in Germany 2023-24?

You just need to follow two steps to apply for the DAAD Scholarship in 2023-24. We have described them below for your reference.

  1. Step 1: Begin the online application process via the DAAD portal, which opens around six weeks before the application deadline. After you finish filling out the application form, you can upload the following documents.
    1. Online application form
    2. NOC
    3. All academic documents
    4. CV
    5. Invitation letter from a German supervisor
  2. Step 2: You will then be directed to the next page, where you can verify your application package and download a PDF file. You should also mail the following documents to your nearest DAAD office.
    1. A copy of the application summary is generated in the portal (PDF).
    2. A recent reference from your previous university teacher.

All Indian students can post the application package at the following address.

Regional Office New Delhi
German Academic Exchange Service
Regional Office of Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka
c/o DLTA Complex, R.K. Khanna Stadium, 1 Africa Avenue
1100029 New Delhi

Tel: +91(11)/6646-5500
Fax: +91(11)/6646-5555
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DAAD Scholarship Application Deadline

The application deadline for DAAD Scholarship can vary according to the university and course you choose. There are a few scholarships that have 15 July 2023 as the deadline. However, most scholarships have their deadline in November 2023. The application deadline for the DAAD Master's Scholarship for Indian students will be different from that for Doctoral students. For instance, the application deadline for the DAAD Scholarship for students of MSc in Hydro Science and Engineering is October 15, 2023.

DAAD Scholarship: Selection Process

All DAAD Scholarships have a selection committee that will evaluate all the applications. Depending upon the scholarship program, this committee will be established locally (in India for Indian students) and in Germany. This selection process for the DAAD Scholarship for Indian students will be based on the following factors.

  • Academic achievements
  • Research proposal/work experience
  • Quality of the project
  • Duration of research/fieldwork

Grant Details

The DAAD Scholarship is generally offered to students who excel academically but have no means to continue their studies financially. In India, over 25 DAAD Scholarships are offered. A few of them are explained in the table below.

Name of Scholarship


Eligibility Criteria

Award Duration

Bilateral Exchange of Academics

Monthly allowance of EUR 2000 & travel expenses

Travelling to any German institution for a short-term stay

14 days to 3 months

DLR-DAAD Research Fellowship Program

Monthly allowance from EUR 1760 to EUR 2760

Doctoral/Postdoctoral students pursuing courses in the fields of Transportation, Energy, Aeronautics & Space

Up to 36 months

Graduate School Scholarship Program

Monthly allowance of EUR 1200, health & travel expenses, an annual research allowance of EUR 460

Pursuing any PhD project in a German university

Up to 4 years

Development-Related Postgraduate Course

Monthly allowance of EUR 850 (for PG) & EUR 1200 (for PhD), monthly rent, health & travel expenses

Starting a PG-level course in the field of Development with at least 2 years of work experience

12 to 36 months

Apart from DAAD Scholarship in Germany, there are several other scholarships, fellowships, and other financial aid offered to international students by the German government, universities and other private institutions. You can read more about them from our respective blogs. You can also get in touch with AECC's counsellors to get more information on the scholarship deadline, get advice on which scholarship to apply for etc. 

AECC can assist you in connecting to top universities in Germany for your selected course and guide you toward your dream career. Don't hesitate to contact us for free assistance!


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