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Kanchan Arora

Study Abroad Expert | IELTS Expert

Kanchan Arora, an award-winning overseas education professional, has been a transformative force in the international education sector for over 15 years. Her journey from a consultant to a leading role in operations demonstrates her deep commitment to creating successful student narratives in overseas education and international admissions.

Kanchan's dynamic leadership and mentoring skills have been pivotal in guiding teams and students alike, helping them achieve their goals within set timelines. Her expertise lies in student recruitment and fostering international educational opportunities, where she has consistently demonstrated an ability to create impactful student experiences.

Her approach to student counselling and overseas education is characterised by a deep understanding of the nuances of international academic systems, ensuring students are well-informed and prepared for their global academic journeys. Kanchan's dedication to the field is not just about guiding students academically; it's about shaping their future careers and helping them realise their international education aspirations.


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