MBA in Canada for Indian Students
MBA in Canada for Indian Students

MBA in Canada for Indian Students

Understanding the changing business environment and acting accordingly is the key to the success of any business. Aspirants with management skills are helping many sectors worldwide to taste its success. Yes, management is an art! Acquiring insights and abilities on better management expertise is possible by pursuing an MBA from the right institution. With experienced faculty, amazing infrastructure, appropriate academics, and globally accepted degree, you can carve your career in business Management.

Why MBA in Canada?

Beautiful destination, world’s top-ranking universities, and brilliant quality of life, it’s not too complex to understand why overseas students prefer Canada for their higher education. This is too certain for students who want to pursue MBA. The average annual fee to pursue MBA in Canada ranges from 20,500 CAD to 112,000 CAD which is mainly based on the specialization and the university you select. Great Isn’t it! So what’s special about pursuing an MBA in Canada? 

  • Based on the Financial Times MBA Rankings 2021, around 11 universities in Canada are in the world’s top 200
  • Based on QS MBA rankings (2021), nearly 6 business schools & universities in Canada are ranked in the world’s top 100. 
  • As per the global MBA ranking, overall 20 business schools in Canada are ranked in the top 200
  • Business management programs are in the top 10 subjects in Canada that are most preferred by international students. 
  • Amazing post-study work opportunities for MBA aspirants! The Canadian government welcomes wide SMEs and startups that increase the demand for MBA aspirants.

Types of MBA in Canada

Master of Business Administration is now available through a wide range of specializations. Generally, courses can be selected through some important factors that include the area of interest and duration of the course. Generally, types of MBA in Canada can be widely classified based on the course length. You’ll get a vivid idea in deciding on selecting the right course. 

  • Full-time MBA in Canada - If you want to enter the job market as a leader, a full-time MBA in Canada will be suitable for you. Get an amazing opportunity to understand the diversity of the Canadian workforce. Course duration is 2 years and allows students to pursue it full-time. International students are expected to have decent scores in GMAT and language proficiency tests to get admission. 
  • Part-time MBA in Canada - Super opportunity for aspirants who want to complete their management degree while working. The course duration of this degree may range from three to six years which is based on the university you select. 
  • Executive MBA in Canada - This program is optimized for executives and aspirants who want (senior)managerial-level experience. You’ll need to pursue it for 20 to 28 months.

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Best MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students

Canada is considered as the top 5 preferred places for International students to pursue Management programs. This is mainly due to the excellent history of academic programs from the Leading Universities in Canada. MBA universities in Canada garnered the world’s attention for preparing aspirants to meet the demands of the world's market. Pursuing Management programs in Canada is less expensive than other popular destinations of the world. 

In accordance with QS MBA rankings (2021), 6 business schools & Universities in Canada are ranked in the world’s top 100. We sorted out the Top Universities for you that minimize your time and effort in picking the right one. 


Global Rank

University Rank

Rotman School of Management



McGill University



Robert H. Smith School of Business



Ivey Business School



Schulich School of Business



Sauder School of Business



Alberta School of Business

101 - 110


John Molson School of Business

121 - 130


HEC Montréal

141 - 150


Dalhousie University

151 - 200


TOP MBA Courses in Canada

  • MBA in Finance - International students who want to make their career in accordance with financial reporting & analysis, portfolio management, corporate finance, market finance, etc., Average duration of the course will be 2 years
  • MBA in HRM - Leading universities in Canada offer excellent education on MBA in HRM. You can acquire knowledge and make your career in people management, the process of hiring, training, and employee productivity, in the organization. 
  • International MBA (IMBA) in Canada - International students who want to gain global experience can pursue this program. You can experience international field study, integrated curriculum, global courses, globally accepted graduation. The duration of the program generally ranges from 20 to 28 months. 

MBA in Canada Fees

With the increase in demand by aspirants, a wide range of specializations are now available in management programs. To offer global exposure in the business to the students, top universities are offering top-notch MBA courses to international students. While considering the different factors of course selection, cost components are one among the most important. If you are planning to pursue an MBA in Canada, here is an amazing guide that makes you stay aware of planning financial aspects.

Pre-Departure costs

Types of Expenses 
Expenses (USD)
Application Cost
76 to 136*
Health Insurance
185 to 190
160 to 250
450 to 1400

MBA Tuition Fees in Canada for International Students

University Name 
Average Tuition Fee (CAD)
University of Toronto
MBA at McGill University
Queen’s University
York University
University of Alberta
University of British Columbia

Cost of Living in Canada

Common Utilities 
Expenses (CAD)
Shared flat rents
Share of utilities
Internet subscription
Local transportation
Cinema ticket
Pint of local beer

MBA in Canada Requirements

Document Requirements for MBA in Canada

Generally, there are some documents that need to be submitted to the respective university in Canada. These requirements may vary from one to another. However, we offered you the common documents expected, which are listed below:

Eligibility for MBA in Canada for Indian Students

Studying MBA in Canada is easy if you possess the list of eligibility criteria expected by the universities. Below are some of the basic criteria that help you prepare prior. 

  • International students must possess a bachelor's degree or its equivalent graduation in any discipline from the recognized institutions. 
  • Practical & Experiential learning is an integral part of management courses where work experience will also play a very major role. Get an additional edge over other aspirants by entailing your work experience certificate.

What Exam is Required for MBA in Canada?

  • Universities expect English proficiency tests certificates that include TOEFL and IELTS, which students are expected to have, 
  • TOEFL : 90+
  • IELTS  : 6.5 to 7.0
  • GMAT score is mandatory, where aspirants need to score a minimum of 550.

MBA Scholarship in Canada

Getting a suitable scholarship is easy! Canada has 5000 types of scholarships for international students for any master’s degree that includes Government scholarships, Non-government scholarships and Institution scholarships.

Offered by
Amount (CAD)
MBA Excellence Award
Rotman School of Management
Global Business Leader of Tomorrow
Sauder School of Business
10,000 to 15,000
Ivey MBA Scholarship
Ivey Business School
MBA Entrance Scholarship
Haskayne School of Business
7500 to 11,500
Scotiabank Scholarships
Schulich School of Business
MBA Admission Award
DeGroote School of Business
1000 to 10000
MBA in-course & Entrance Scholarship
DeGroote School of Business
500 to 1000
Hardeep Grewal MBA Scholarship Endowment
Concordia University


Jobs After MBA in Canada

With the global-value degree, MBA graduates from Canada are one of the most wanted professionals for different positions. In Canada, opportunities are massive, around 150,000 jobs are offered by medium and large firms. This is mainly due to the larger participation of SME’s which is the strength of the Canadian economy. Small & medium firms and startups are striving to hire MBA graduates for a good salary. 

  • Marketing Analyst - 51,000 CAD
  • Marketing Manager - 84,900 to 141,400 CAD
  • Manager-Sales and Marketing - 359,160 CAD
  • Marketing Coordinator - 70,000 CAD
  • Senior Human Resources Manager - 105,560 CAD
  • Human Resource Manager - 71,208 CAD
  • HR Coordinator - 47,227 CAD
  • Human Resources Director - 100,000 CAD
  • Human Resources Coordinator - 350,400 CAD
  • Consultant - 85,000 CAD
  • Business Development Officer - 75,000 CAD
  • Business Management Consultant - 69,000 CAD
  • Administrative Manager - 376,680

(Salaries mentioned above are annual figures)

Salary After MBA in Canada

In addition to the large recruiters, the Canadian market is filled with small and medium-sized companies. Hence, the demand for employers in different industries has been high in recent decades. Business management has a renowned scope and it is increasing every year. Moreover, pursuing an MBA in Canada adds exceptional value to aspirants with high-paying jobs. Top paying recruiters are welcoming passionate graduates in different domains that include business management, operation management, human resource, finance, conventional and digital marketing.  

Top employers
Average Annual Salary (CAD)
Goldman Sachs
RBC Asset Management
54,000 to 123,000
54,000 to 160,000
TD Canada
44,000 to 120, 000
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
40,000 to 98,000
Thomas Reuters
Rogers Group Inc

Work permit after MBA in Canada

With the vibrant, multicultural society & increasing demands of business graduates, aspirants love to stay and work in Canada. The Canadian government welcomes graduates after completing their MBA courses. Thus, getting a work permit after MBA is easy and flawless in Canada. Yes, by following some simple and early measures, you can acquire the work permit effectively. 

We sorted out some important information regarding the Work permit policy after MBA, and it is listed below. 

  • International students have 180 days to apply for a post-graduation work permit, after completion of graduation. 
  • An additional advantage of holding a work permit policy is that graduates can work in any company in Canada. 
  • Through work permits, graduates can enjoy 3 years of stay in Canada.

There is no surprise why Canada is the most favorite destination for international students. Getting an MBA graduation from Canada boosts your professional expertise which is accepted globally. Also, the friendly policies and regulations by the Canadian government comfort international students to pursue management programs. Getting the expert’s insight is certainly important to make the right decisions about MBA specialization and the universities. AECC Global is associated with Top Institutions in Canada that help you make a smooth transition. Best wishes to all the future MBA graduates. 


1. What is the Scope of an MBA in Canada?
Believe it or not, no other course is as concise and profitable as MBA that can make you earn higher. The average annual salary of MBA graduates in Canada ranges from 84,900 to 141,400 CAD. With the higher career prospects, international students are actively looking for a Management degree in Canada. In a matter of fact, financial services are the most popular in Canada with an average of 11.6% in the span of 2008 to 2019. If you’re going to study MBA in Canada, it is going to be worth it definitely.
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