Mba in Canada for Indian Students


Mba in Canada for Indian Students - Apply now for 2023-24 Intakes

The Great White North is a perfect study destination if you wish to spend all your study years in a vibrant and diverse environment. Canada is one true example of having a diversified population and a thriving student community. The country suits all kinds of students’ financial situations by establishing all types of colleges: community colleges, polytechnic colleges and universities. 

These colleges have set up a minimal and affordable tuition fees, making students’ study-abroad dream a reality. More importantly, students don’t have to worry about their safety as it is one of the most-peaceful countries in the world, ranking in the 12th place in the Global Peace Index.

To provide students with the best study experience, Canada’s universities have set up an excellent curriculum and implemented the best student-friendly policies for immigration and work opportunities. Irrespective of your degree program choice, Canada ensures a perfect study environment, providing all the facilities to help them complete their studies and gain exceptional knowledge in the best way possible.

Why MBA in Canada?

Let us see more of Canada’s alluring highlights, which make it stand out and enticing.
  • In the present-day,Canada boasts a group of top 8 universities, popular for providing the best platform to study Business degrees, each ranking within the top 250 business schools of the world.
  • Among the 8 universities, four rank in the top 100, providing students the best possible education.
  • Business degrees like MBA is ranked as one of the top and most-popular courses to study in Canada.
  • Internation students studying at a DLI (Designated Learning Institute) in Canada are eligible to apply for a PGWP (Post Graduation Work Permit), which allows them to stay for three years after graduation to find a job.
  • Canada boasts some of the best-established and popular organisations to work in and gain a work experience that serves them the best for their future career growth.

Types of MBA in Canada

  • International MBA (IMBA)International MBA is the study of business practices to lead and run businesses in a global market. Both aspiring and established business persons can pursue the program to learn and understand more about international business relations, practices and ethics. The duration of the IMBA in Canada is 2 years.
  • Executive MBA (EMBA) - Executive MBA is purely for working professionals who already have 8 to 10 years of experience in managerial and leadership roles. Executive MBA teaches more about advanced business practices, including learning professional management and leadership skills to run businesses more competitively. The duration of an EMBA is 2 years in Canada.
  • Full-time MBA - Full-time MBA is the traditional MBA which has been in practice since its inception. In Full-time MBA, students learn about the general and necessary business ethics, principles and practices, to run a business efficiently. Like other MBAs, the duration of full-time MBA is 2 years in Canada.
  • Part-time MBA - Part-time MBA is for working professionals who don’t want to quit their day job. In part-time MBA, students can study all about the degree program just like full-time MBA students but for a duration of 3-4 years.

Best MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian Students

Majorly popular for possessing renowned educational institutions, Canada has definitely set itself apart from other countries as a study destination not to miss. With its universities providing a vast number of degree programs and specialisations at an affordable cost and other major benefits, studying in Canada results in many benefits that a student should experience. 

Listing the top B-schools in Canada, which engages MBA aspirants in all kinds of study experiences.



World Rank

Average Annual Tuition Fees


Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto




Queen’s Smith School of Business




Ivey Business School, Western University




Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University




Schulich School of Business, York University




UBC Sauder School of Business




Alberta School of Business




John Molson School of Business, Concordia University




HEC Montreal




Rowe School of Business



Top MBA Specialisations in Canada

  • MBA in Finance - With numerous acclaimed financial institutions promoting the growth of the country’s economy, Canada has become a popular destination for attracting finance aspirants and graduates. A pure study of Finance, students enrolling in the specialisation can perform well in the finance sector and become an asset for the economy's growth.
  • MBA in Marketing - Another well-performing MBA specialisation in Canada is Marketing. In the present-day’s scenario, marketing is much needed for every product and service. Marketing specialists are in high demand to analyse the current market trend and the customers' needs. 
  • MBA in Human Resources - MBA in Human Resources in recent days has become the popular choice of specialisation for most of the MBA aspirants. It is a complete study of effective recruitment and other processes of employee hiring and management.
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management - An MBA in Supply Chain Management is the study of administration and management of flow of goods and the processes of transforming them into finished products. This is an another specialisation that is currently popular, giving a sure return on investment in the form of high-end jobs and handsome salaries.
  • MBA in Operations - Studying MBA in Operations Management gives you a great edge because IT organisations are in need of capable and efficient professionals who can proficiently administer and run their business and ensure its operations run as smoothly as possible. If this is your choice, then you can be sure of having a great start to your career and be that potential candidate every organisation desire

MBA in Canada - Cost

Comparing to other countries, studying in Canada is affordable. A wise investment and savings can make your dream of studying in Canada a reality. By providing generous scholarships, bursaries and assistantships, the country is the best choice to pursue any degree program for a successful career and personal growth. 
To inform students of all the costs involved in studying in Canada, we have categorised them as Pre-departure and Post-departure costs. This information gives a clear picture of the money needed to be invested.

Pre-Departure costs


Cost in CAD

Cost in INR

Application Cost


Rs. 9,206

Student Visa


Rs. 14,424

Health Insurance

$600 to $900

Rs. 36,827 to Rs. 55,240

English Language Test Application

$215 to $310

Rs. 13,196 to Rs. 19,027



Rs. 92,068

Post-departure Cost


Cost in CAD/Year

Cost in INR/Year



Rs. 4,60,340

Food and Grocery






Tuition Fee

$6,800 (UG)

$21,100 (PG)

Rs.4,17,375 (UG)

Rs.12,95,091 (PG)

MBA in Canada - Requirements

Document Requirements
Eligibility Requirements
To study MBA in Canada, students must meet certain requirements set by the Canadian universities.
  • Pursued a bachelor’s program in any stream at any accredited educational institution.
  • Must hold 50 to 60% in the bachelor’s degree.
  • Cleared any English Langauge Proficiency Exam like IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc.
  • Passed the GMAT/GRE with the required score.
  • Must have work experience of 2 to 3 years.
Exam Requirements
  • Taken any English Language Proficiency exam.
  • Attended the GMAT/GRE.
Exam Scores
  • IELTS - Minimum 6.0 and above.
  • TOEFL - Minimum 80 and above.
  • Duolingo - Minimum 120 and above.
  • GMAT - Minimum 550 and above.
  • GRE - Minimum 320 and above.

MBA Scholarships in Canada

Scholarships come in handy if we maintain an impressive academic profile. Canada and its universities are no less than generous by providing deserving students with much-needed recognition in the form of scholarships, bursaries and assistantships. 
We have listed the popular MBA scholarships from esteemed business schools in Canada for students' reference.




Amount in CAD


Ontario Graduate Scholarship

Should pursue a full-time MBA



Rotman School of Management Scholarships

Must be a Rotman Business School student



Sauder School of Business Entrance Scholarship

Possessing outstanding leadership skills and academic achievement



Alberta MBA Scholarships

Must have enrolled in a full-time MBA program at Alberta University



Ivey MBA Scholarships

Showcasing competitive qualities like leadership and academic achievement



Haskayne School of Business MBA Entrance Scholarships

Must be from a not so sound financial background

$1,500 to $20,000


Schulich School of Business Scholarships

Enrolled through Merit at Schulich


Jobs and Salary After MBA in Canada

Jobs are huge in number with many professional benefits like career growth, hefty salaries, insurance cover, PR access and much more, especially in a developed country like Canada. Particularly for MBA graduates, the country is a much more welcoming place, giving them access and worthy benefits to continue their careers and stay in its land. 

With more powerful finance organisations, MBA aspirants don’t have to worry about pursuing an MBA degree in the country. The most-rewarding jobs that can be availed in Canada as an MBA graduate are given below.


Top Employers

Salary in INR

Financial Analyst


Rs. 98,24,948

Chief Finacial Officer


Rs. 1,49,21,640

Marketing Manager

Microsoft, HOYA Vision Care

Rs. 1,28,33,839

Marketing Development Manager

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions

Rs. 1,02,54,790

Chief Marketing Officer


Rs. 1,36,93,522

Human Resource Manager


Rs. 1,09,30,255

Recruiting Manager

McKinsey & Co, Amazon Advertising Canada

Rs. 1,07,46,037

Supply Chain Manager

Capgemini, KPMG


Chief Operating Officer

Prairie Center Credit Union, Vessi

Rs. 1,28,33,839

How to get a Work Permit after completing an MBA in Canada?

To work in Canada after completing your studies, you must hold a valid student visa permitting you to apply for a PGWP, which is also called Open Work Permit. Upon nearing your final year, you are required to apply for a Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) before 180 days of completion of your study. The PGWP allows you to stay back and look for a job for a period of 3 years. Your stay-back period depends on the length of your study program. 

PGWP also allows you to work as an immigrant in any sector of the country, irrespective of the course you chose. As an immigrant, you can work for the period approved by your employer. To continue your stay, you will require an employment-specific work visa, which your employer will arrange for you.

Unsurprisingly, Canada has become the most-favorite destination for international students. Getting an MBA from Canada boosts your work opportunities and provides you with a degree, which is accepted globally. 
To help you reach there, AECC works relentlessly to show you the right path. Through AECC, students can get experts’ assistance, which is certainly important to make the right decisions. Contact us now and experience your study-abroad dream becoming a reality. 

FAQs About MBA in Canada

1. What is the Scope of an MBA in Canada?
Believe it or not, no other course is as concise and profitable as MBA that can make you earn higher. The average annual salary of MBA graduates in Canada ranges from 84,900 to 141,400 CAD. With the higher career prospects, international students are actively looking for a Management degree in Canada. In a matter of fact, financial services are the most popular in Canada with an average of 11.6% in the span of 2008 to 2019. If you’re going to study MBA in Canada, it is going to be worth it definitely.
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