Study Masters MSc Data Science UK
Study Masters MSc Data Science UK

MSc Data Science in UK for Indian Students

Handling a large amount of information is an art. Managing such data in a proper way and utilizing it in a structured manner will be helpful in many different ways. Yes, we are having a glimpse at the most popular program called MSc Data Science. With the increasing demand of large business sectors around the world, there is a great need for professionals who can handle a wide range of data into useful insights. This is a reason for the great hype and popularity in the field of Data Science. Leading universities from different destinations are striving hard to offer the best programs in Data Science. In recent decades, the UK emphasized its strong presence in providing the best courses in data management. If you want to pursue an MSc Data Science in UK, the complete reading is for you!

Why Study MSc Data Science in the UK?

Many universities in the UK offer MS in Data Science as a renowned course-based program. Generally, the duration of the course will be one year when it comes to a full-time program. In the case, international students who want to pursue this degree part-time, the duration may extend up to 2 years. Commonly, the average annual tuition fees of the MSc Data science in UK will range from 25,000 GBP to 26,000 GBP. This may vary from one university to another based on the duration of the program. In fact, top study institutions will offer a comprehensive taught program that covers computing and informative discipline that helps students to understand the extraction of certain data from a large amount of data. 
Here are some amazing facts that make the MSc Data Science in the UK a most special:

  • Do you know the average annual salary of Data Science graduates? 122,000 GBP! Yes, this is one of the highest-paid sectors for different designation. 
  • In the past 3 years, the need for data scientists and business analysts has improved upto 263%. 
  • As per the QS ranking, top universities in the UK are offering the best Data science program to students from all over the world. 
  • The UK government and the universities of UK offer a wide range of financial aid in the form of scholarships to international students. Undertake the Masters program without worrying about the budget.

Best Universities for MSc in Data Science in the UK

The UK is recognized for its educational excellence over years. Different domain graduates from the leading universities of the UK are getting placed in the top companies around the world. Data Science is not an exception! With the increase in artificial intelligence and data revolutionization, several sectors need a qualified aspirant to handle a large amount of data. In order to gain the perfect education, one needs to pick the right study institution that offers the right curriculum. You may be under some confusion, or you may have some choices or you are now from scratch. No worries, we are here to help you! Our team sorted out the best universities that offer the best MSc Data Science program to international students.

Here is a list to amaze you: 

S. No
List of popular universities that offers MSc Data Science in the UK
University Of Surrey 
Royal Holloway University of London
University of Essex 
Queen Mary University of London
University of Leeds
University of Leicester

MSc Data Science in the UK Cost

Indian students who want to pursue MSc in Data Science may have their own ideas about their spendings. Generally, these expenses are categorized into three major divisions which are based on different factors like destination, the university you choose, the course you select, a city you pick for living. In fact, you don’t need to get confused by making it complicated. Our team with comprehensive research and survey, basic expenses of studying MSc Data Science in the UK. 

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Average Annual Salary (GBP)


University Of Surrey



Royal Holloway University of London



University of Essex



Queen Mary University of London



University of Leeds



University of Leicester


Pre-arrival costs in the UK

When it’s time, you need to kickstart the entire process with the proper planning on pre-arrival. If you are associated with any educational experts they offer some advice or tips about pre-departure sessions and costs associated with that. Many universities in the UK are guiding their international students to get prepared for pre-departure. If you don’t have any ideas about these expenses.

We formulated the entire elements just for you!


Expenses (GBP) 

UCAS Application Fee

20 for each course 

IELTS Registration


TOEFL Registration

160 to 260

UK Student Visa


Flight tickets 


Cost of living in the UK

With the premium and rich cultured cities, you are going to experience absolute fun. However, it is better to overlook the costs that are associated with living. You need to spend a decent amount of money on different elements like accommodation, food, travel, entertainment, etc., With the proper prior planning, you are able to stay ahead from over expenses also with much savings. There are some less expensive cities in the UK where you can have fun and make amazing memories. It includes Aberdeen, Manchester, Glasgow, London, Birmingham, Coventry, etc.,


Average Monthly costs (GBP)



Rental accommodation 


Gas & Electricity 











90 (with pass)



MSc in Data Science in the UK with Scholarships

Have you ever wondered why you prefer to study for a Masters in the UK? In addition to the educational excellence, world-class universities, top-notch courses, and much more: Superior financial aid is one of the main things by which international students are attracted to the UK. Generally, people may think, receiving scholarships in UK is an overwhelming thing. However, it is not such a big deal. With proper eligibility, applying prior, you are able to acquire scholarships in the form of grants, bursaries, financial awards, and loans. Finally getting a scholarship is like achieving your dream. Yes, it is possible! To add more flavor,

Here is the list of universities that offers popular scholarship schemes.



Benefits (GBP)

University Of Surrey

Surrey International Masters Scholarship


Full Surrey Award


Royal Holloway University of London

Royal Holloway Principal's Masters Scholarship

Tuition fees reduction upto 4000 for international students


Bedford Society Scholarship

Tuition fees reduction upto 4000 for international students

University of Essex

Academic Excellence Senior Status Law Scholarship


Queen Mary University of London

Associate Alumni Bursary

20% tuition fee discount

Data Science Jobs in the UK for International Students

With a grand reach of data science across the globe, every country is looking forward to embracing its data-friendly infrastructure, capacity, and workforce. This is more certain in the United Kingdom, where there is an effective raise in the increasing demand for data science graduates. According to the most recent survey around 80% of companies are in great need of data science graduates in the various designation. Even several firms are looking for specialists who are experts in handling data.
  1. Junior Data Scientists: The main job role of the Junior Data Scientists is to associate with different types of projects where they introduce machine learning to several key areas that help to formulate end-to-end machine learning and automated decision systems. 
  2. Data Scientists: Considering a career as Data Scientist is the wisest idea if you are pursuing MSc in Data Science. With the complete studies and training from the leading universities of the UK, the transition to Data Scientists is as easy as possible. Top companies are in great need of Data Scientists aspirants as fresher as well as experienced personals. 
  3. Data Engineer: With gathered and stored data, you will perform complete data processing. Top companies are ready to offer the best salary package for individuals for Data Engineer positions. 

In addition to this, there are other popular roles:

  • Machine language engineer 
  • Machine learning scientists 
  • Application artists 
  • Data Architect
  • Senior Data Analysts
  • Business Intelligence manager, etc.
  • Infrastructure Architect

Salaries after Studying MSc Data Science in the UK

Modern as well as traditional organizations are increasingly collecting and utilizing larger amounts of data to make their process as productive as possible. Thus, there is a greater demand for data science graduates. Students from the leading universities are training students in such a way to meet the demands of the companies with skyrocketing salaries. Generally, salaries may vary based on experience, company, pension scheme, remote working, performance bonuses, and private insurance.

However, for the freshers, there are lots of opportunities for data science graduates. 



Average Annual Salary (GBP)


Junior Data Scientists 



Data Scientists 



Data Engineer



Machine language engineer



Machine learning scientists



Application artists



Senior Data Analysts



Business Intelligence manager



Infrastructure Architect


Once your application processing goes well, universities are happy to welcome you to their campus. What feels right! However, there are some challenges faced by international students. There is no need to overthink that it is an overwhelming process. A proper plan, guidance, and working before guidelines will definitely help you in every aspect. If you are looking to study MSc Data Science in the UK, you’re on the right path. AECC is partnered with the leading universities and assists lakhs of students every year. Best of luck!
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