Master's in the USA for Indian Students

Master's in the USA for Indian Students
There is no end to broadening your chances of finding the suitable and perfect jobs for your professional and personal growth. 

As such, is mastering your preferred education field tops your “goals list” this year? 
Then, opting to do your master’s in one of the most-renowned and economically sound countries like the US, multiply your chances of landing only in high-profile and high-paying jobs. They ensure you everything from recognition, acknowledgement and accolades, overall making you a highly potential and high-demand candidate.

Why MS in the USA?

  • Pursuing education in any higher form in the US is always an advantage that leads us to the most secure place in life.                                                                                                                   
  • Whether for professional or personal growth, earning a professional degree in the US opens doors to the most valuable and wondrous growth opportunities.
  • Enrolling in any higher form of education, such as a Postgraduate Diploma, Master’s or Doctoral degree in the US, sets you apart from others, proclaiming you as the most-eligible candidate for their exclusive roles.
  • Forever be the most-known alumni of elite and top-ranked universities of the USA.
  • Experience one of the best and well-established, and acclaimed education standards.
  • Revel in an incomparable classroom and campus culture.
  • Be a part of an all en-compassing and a globally competitive environment.
  • Promising support facilities for international students for safety, networking and other academic and career benefits.
  • An excellent platform to indulge in research and experience a research-oriented study.
  • Attain valuable professional and life skills.

Top Universities in the USA for Masters

USA, boasting some of the world-class universities with splendid infrastructure and facilities, promises a lifetime study experience for international students. These universities have everything, from well-experienced and supreme-knowledged professors, inspiring student communities, and research facilities to facilities for extracurriculars and sports. 

Studying in these universities, students are bestowed with both personal and professional development skills and knowledge, helping them scale their careers in the most progressive way. 



World Rank

Tuition Fee In USD


Massachusetts Institute of Technology




Stanford University




Harvard University




California Institute of Technology




University of Chicago




University of Pennsylvania




Princeton University




Yale University




Cornell University




Columbia University



Best Masters Courses in the US

  • Master’s in Computer Science - Master’s in Computer Science is an all-time topper when it comes to students’ favourites. Paving the path to enter the IT world and its sub-domains, the degree goes beyond just learning IT. By choosing Computer Science, students can learn about Machine Learning, Cryptography, Advanced DBMS, OOPs design and programming, testing and much more.
  • Master’s in Data Science - MS in Data Science is all about studying of decoding Big Data. Big Data in all its forms, whether structured, unstructured or semi-strcutured, holds a massive amount of information, which helps businesses to serve their customer better. Due to its tremendous potential, firms are in need of prospective Data Scientists who can change the game for them.
  • Master’s in Management Studies - A Master’s in Management is the most-versatile degree, one could opt for. It offers the possibility to students to seek jobs almost in any of the sectors like IT, Health Care, Hospitality, Construction, Business, Finance, etc. Studying MIM, equips students with the most-needed management and leadership skills to run businesses efficiently.
  • Master’s in Biotechnology - As the name suggests, Biotechnology is the study of both technology and bio-organisms to produce bioproducts that helps in the sustained living of living beings such as humans and animals. Along with biotechnology, students are expected to choose a specialisation that fits their career needs.
  • Master’s in Marketing - An MS in Marketing can turn you into a professional marketer who can play with numbers and marketing strategies and turn them into critical business decisions. A strategist marketer is what every firm needs to scale its products and services. This is a handy course for students who love to exhibit their communication skills, have a niche for understanding the current business market and possessing the in-built marketing tactics to promote products.
  • Master’s in Finance - A pure finance degree, helping students to make a career in Finance Industry. Pursuing this course leads students to take up high-profile jobs in the finance industry such as Finance Director, CFO, Accountant, Credit Analyst, Investor Relations Associate, Budget Analyst, etc.

Master’s in USA - Cost

Cost of studying in the USA is inclusive of both pre-departure and post-departure costs. The cost of studying in the USA very well ranges from lakhs to crores, but with wise investment and stupendous academic achievements, the cost can be very well managed.

Pre-departure Cost


Cost in USD

Cost in INR

Application Cost



Student Visa



Health Insurance



English Language Test Application






Post-departure Cost


Cost in USD/Year

Cost in INR/Year




Food and Grocery






Tuition Fee

$30,000 to $60,000

Rs.24,81,240 to Rs.49,62,480

Cost of Living in the USA

Though the cost of living in the USA depends on the lifestyle you choose to live, the major expenses are almost same in all of the US metropolitan cities. For students’ reference, the expenses are tabulated below with both US and Indian costs.


Cost in USD/Year

Cost in INR/Year













Weekend Activities









International Calling Cards



Scholarships for Master's in USA for Indian Students

Studying in the USA, costs a fortune but with an exceptional academic profile, the tuition fee can be reduced to a major extent. With some scholarships offering complete waivers on tuition fees, the studying cost should not be a hindrance to pursue your education in the USA. Other scholarships too offer a considerable amount of monetary fund to subside your financial worries.



Full Bright Scholarship

Fully Funded

Hubert H Humphrey Fellowship Program


Knight Hennesey Scholars Program

Fully Funded

Yale University Scholarship


Bill Gates Scholarship


University of New Haven Scholarship


AAUW Fellowship Program


Boston University Scholarship


Harvard University Scholarship


Google Scholarship


Eligibility and Exam Requirements to study Master’s in USA

Eligibility Requirements

  • Must have 16 years of previous education with an aggregate of 60%.
  • Completed Bachelor’s in the relevant field with a GPA of 3.0 and above.
  • Major universities expect GRE scores.
  • Cleared any English Language Proficiency exam.
  • Work experience, if applicable.

Exam Requirements

  • Must attend any one of the English Langauge Proficiency exams.
  • Clearing the GMAT or GRE is a must.
  • Attend the university interview, if received the offer letter.
Exam Scores
  • TOEFL - Minimum 90 and above.
  • IELTS - Minimum 6.5 and above.
  • Duolingo - Minimum 120 and above.
  • PTE - Minimum 53 and above.
  • CAE -  B2 First, C1 Advanced and C2 Proficiency.
  • GMAT - Minimum 740 and above.
  • GRE - Minimum 330 and above.

Documents Required to Study Master’s in the US

Jobs and Salaries for MS Graduates studied in the US

US is the best destination to kick start your career as it is the top tech hub in the whole world. From flashy IT companies to propitious MNCs and influencing startups, there is no dearth of companies that are capable of offering a promising career. Jobs that provide high-range salaries and highly-enticing professional and personal benefits are very likely in the US.

MS Degree Specialisation

Job Roles 

Average Salary in USD

Computer Science

Software Engineer

Network Architect

System Analyst

Software Developer

Information System Managers


Data Science

Data Scientist

Data Analyst

Data Manager

Data Engineer



Management Studies

Project Manager

Operations Manager

Human Resource Manager

Business Development Manager



Biomedical Engineer


Medical Scientist


Process Development Scientist



Digital Marketing Officer

Marketing Consultant

Product Marketing Manager

Brand Manager

Social Media Specialist

Market Research Analyst



Budget Analyst

Actuary Scientist


Credit Analyst

Cheif Financial Officer




How to receive a Post-study Work Permit after Completing MS in the US?

A Post-Study Work Permit is required if you are willing to stay in the US after your graduation to search for work and to get employed. To apply for the post-study work permit, students must be a F1 visa holder, which allows them to stay back in the US for one year. In the US, the post-study work permit is called Optional Practical Training (OPT), which lawfully allows them to stay back and find work as an immigrant. This OPT should be applied and acquired before 90 days of graduation to legally stay in the US.
Once acquired, students can start their job search. If received an offer from an employer, they can start working as an immigrant for the temporary period of 1 year. Upon completing one year and still want to stay back in the US to continue their employment, they should apply for OPT Extension. This OPT Extension is applicable only to STEM degree holders, who completed their study in either Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics. Another condition is that they must have graduated from an accredited US university or college. So totally they can stay in the US for 3 years after graduation.
For non-STEM degree holders, students can make use of their previous bachelor’s degree, only if studied at any accredited US educational institution.

How to apply for an OPT?

  • Appeal to your DSO (Designated School Official), which is your university or college to place an OPT request in SEVIS (Student Exchange and Visitor Information System).
  • Sign your I-20 form issued by your DSO.
  • Fill in the application for Employment Authorization.
  • Pay the OPT fee and supporting documents.
  • Provide other documents, if requested by USCIS.
  • Receive your approval.

Quality education, outstanding curriculum, multi-diverse environment, and massive opportunities are some of the best benefits that come with choosing USA as the study-abroad destination. Such life-changing decisions must be taken at the right time. AECC will be your best bet to embark on a promising study-abroad journey by receiving expert advice and guidance. Reach out to us now and begin your journey towards a fulfilling career.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The average cost of doing an MS in the USA ranges from USD 20,000 to USD 45,000.
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